DC Comic Characters SuperBoy/Kon’El Origins And Bio

DC Comic Characters Superboy/Kon’El On youtube

DC Comic Characters Super Boy/Kon’El Origins And Bio

Superboy has lived his whole life merely 3 months in a tube.  The project to create a weapon, for the criminal group called NOWHERE, evidently fails due to there being no heart beat or brain activity from the clone.  Combining DNA from Superman and a human donor appears to be incompatible but just as the scientist prepare to inject cyanide into the clone, His determination and will to live kicks in and the clone accidentally destroys everything before shutting down

but not before whispering that his name is Superboy. We discover that Superboy does not have the same physiology as humans. His consciousness emits through every atom of his body. He does not need sleep or food to survive.

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Marvel super hero superboy kon el

Months later and clone is put through many virtual realities before he can be a weapon of mass destruction for his captives. The criminal group called NOWHERE plans on using Superboy to capture and convert the teen meta human populace and thus they send him on his first mission. To capture the meta human teen named Cassandra Sandsmark. Cassy is no match for Superboy but fortunately for her, she has friends.

The newly formed group lead by red robin called the teen titans throw blow after blow against Superboy but evidently they are no match for his strength. The titans do manage to convince him to question his superiors and thus he flies off to confront the criminal organization known only as NOWHERE.

Superboy eventually meets the kryptonian Kara Zor El aka Supergirl. Through skin contact, Superboy learns to speak kryptonian.  After discovering that he is a clone, Supergirl labels him as Kon el, Kon translated from krypton as abomination and el from the Sigel in his chest as the house of EL. We discover that the clones of krypton, created to be servants, eventually disobeyed and rebelled waging a long war devastating krypton. She unleashes her full powers at him to end his life but during the battle, Supergirl detects sincerity in his voice and leaves him be.


Superboy returns home only to be labeled as a failed experiment. Detained and imprisoned, Superboy eventually escapes with the help of Red robin and his newly formed group the teen titans. Unbeknownst to him the leader of NOWHERE known as HARVEST has built a backdoor into his brain. On command, Harvest can trigger Superboy’s berserker rage but instead of reclaiming his creation, Harvest allows Superboy to live his life with the titans for the time being.

Superboy eventually moves out on his own and without a moral compass such as when he borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bank. He eventually encounters a man named H’el, a kryptonian that exercises’ extreme prejudice against all kryptonian clones. H’el violently scans Superboy out of curiosity but during the procedure, his body became unstable on a molecular level.

Marvel super hero superboy kon el

after which H’El delivers his body to Supergirl and Superman for execution. H’El believes this act will prove his loyalty to Krypton, but it instead triggers conflict between him and Superman, who doesn’t wish to kill Superboy.

During the fight against H’El, Superboy and Superman come to know each other better and develop a feeling of friendship and understanding. Kon-El is surprised by Superman’s heroism and is touched by it.

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Fortunately, superman gives kon’el his kryptonian battle armor which keeps his broken body stable enough to survive through the ordeal. Eventually, Superboy fights through the pain and is able to live without the armor.  Superman, along with his friends the teen titans, would gradually shape Superboy to be the hero that he is destined to be.

After a battle with the Johny Quick during the forever evil story arc, Superboy and the teen titans would find themselves lost in time. We would discover Superboy’s true origins during his time in the future.

Superboy is met with hostility from the future son of superman and Lois lane from a different timeline. Jon Lane Kent has kryptonian and Human dna in his genes which is highly incompatible at a cellular level.

In this alternate timeline, the creator of NOWHERE, known as harvest kidnaps the supposedly dead child of superman and Lois lane. Harvest raised the son of superman as his own

Marvel super hero superboy kon el

teaching him hatred towards any meta human. But in his adult like, Jon once again shown signs of degeneration due to the mixture of kryptonian and human dna. Harvest has grown to love Jon (a meta) as his own son and thus he uses future time traveling technology to travel to present day seeking a cure. After acquiring raw material from Lois lane and superman, he creates the Superboy to hold a potential cure for his dyeing son.


After a quick battle with jon lane kent, Superboy vanishes and reappears along with superman and Supergirl to stop the renegade H’el once again. A powerful being known as the oracle sends Superboy back in time to help stop a temporal tsunami which, left uncheck, would obliterate the time stream.

Superboy finds himself during the last few days of krypton. He succeeds in his task but due to unforeseen circumstances, Superboy, the living weapon, the vessel of a cure for a future villain, sacrifices his life to ensure the safety of all sentient life in the universe.

The story of Superboy does not end here. A mysterious figure is seen to be the new herald of the oracle believed to be Superboy himself.


Superboy is half kryptonian and half human and can simulate superman’s powers through his tactile telekinesis. Because of his unique physiology, even though he enjoys the taste of food, Superboy does not need to eat or sleep but he does so to appear normal.  His body is completely surrounded by an invisible field of telekinetic energy, protecting him from harm and enhancing his physical abilities.  Without his tactile telekinesis, Superboy is rumoured to have the same fleshy weakness as any human. Superboy simulates flight by surrounding himself with an invisible telekinetic force field and with a simple thought; he can levitate and defy gravity unlike superman whom gains his fight powers as a side effect of the yellow suns solar rays.

Superboy’s tactile telekinesis also allows him to stop projectiles such as when he stopped a dozen bullets merely inches from his face. He can create a telekinetic force field around others to protect them from harm. Superboy has only been alive for a short period of time thus he hasn’t truly tapped into his immense powers yet. With enough training and will power, Superboy can also bend light causing him to appear invisible. Defensively, he can raise his TK shield to protect himself from incoming projectiles and can release the shield outward creating a blast that can stun and knock enemies away from him. During his time in the past, Superboy calls upon the entirety of his strength and will power to wrap Argo city in his TK shield and with his strength, the throws the city into space to spare it from a dyeing world.

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Superboy can also learn anything he touches, such as when he learned Supergirl’s life on krypton and how to speak kryptonian via skin contact. This ability also works when he touches inanimate objects shown when he contacts a wall and learns of the building layout and the amount of people currently inside. With his sensory abilities, Superboy is the perfect scout for his team.

His tactile telekinesis only works when he is focused and allows him to sense things beyond human perception. His psionic powers react as fast as a simple thought but when he is not focused, he loses certain abilities and becomes vulnerable.


Whats goin on guys, welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and thank you soo much for watching my origins and bio for the new 52 version of Superboy. So I was quite hesitant and wasn’t looking forward to this new incarnation mainly due to the fact that i love the pre new 52 version

but eventually, this living weapon kid that feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere, won me over. I will always have a soft spot for Conner Kent since he had so much history ever since he was created by Cadmus during the reign of supermen story arc. Most of you guys will also remember him from the highly popular tv show young justice. I also loved this version and was quite excited to watch Superboy and superman grow their complicated relationship but unfortunately the show was canceled.

Marvel super hero superboy kon el

So if you would like to follow Superboy on his solo adventures, please pick up the new 52 Superboy and join his journey after he escapes from the criminal group called NOWHERE to when he joins the teen titans and eventually meet superman and Supergirl.

You can also follow his adventures with his team the teen titans where he battles alongside red robin, wonder girl, bunker, and kid flash.

So i hope you enjoyed my origins and bio for the new 52 incarnation of Superboy. if you would like me to do an origins and bio for a hero you feel deserves one, please let me know in the comments below. I highly recommend checking out my last video for my top 10 incarnations of superman. Unfortunately this incarnation did not make the list since there were just so many to choose from. But never the lest, Superboy Kon’el has developed a large fan following and I’m proud to say that I am one of those fans. So thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and ill see you next time in another origins and bio.

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