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Justice League Comics #33 Recap

Downtown oregan, the issue begins where the last left off. The chief calls out Luthor’s empty threats and states that he wont hurt him while the justice league watches on. Meanwhile, Jessica cruz awakens and her ring explodes releasing a beacon that is detected by the anti monitor.

Jessica cruz attempts an escape while her ring tells her to burn everything.

Luthor takes her down to attempt a removal of the ring but soon after, the chief takes him out so that HE may remove the ring his way. While the two geniuses go at it, batman steps in and uses his intellect to convince Jessica to conquer her fears. When she finally does this, the ring is removed and she falls unconscious.

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Batman tells Luthor that the justice league did not need his help. Luthor replies, but you will.

The scene jumps to the justice league satellite; Batman suggests that they JL should invite Luthor into their fold. Unfortunately superman and wonder woman are uncomfortable with that idea.

The dark knight suggests that this would be a great way to keep your friends close and your enemy closer. The scene jumps to superman, reluctantly welcoming Luthor into the justice league.


DC Comics Online- Justice League Comics #33 Review

Whats goin on guys , welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the justice league issue 33. I gotta say this first guys, I really enjoyed issue 33. The dialog was so clever and I love the bantering between Luthor and the chief, and then the banter between Luthor and Batman.

Instead of physical action, we get an anti hero genius versus a villainous genius.

This issue makes the chief look very bad. Luthor accuses the chief for poisoning a small town just so that he may create a cure and rescuing its citizens. And then the chief goes and accuses Luthor of being a jealous egotistical maniac that cannot stand it when someone else is smarter than he is. I love this part.

And then my second favorite part is the scene with Luthor and batman. He keeps calling batman by bruce and this clearly annoys batman but Luthor can care a lot less. And then that scene ends with Luthor leaving batman behind in the dust. We don’t get to see that all too often.

Alright so since Luthor burned batman, the dark knight has to do something to keep his badasery image. And this leads into my 3rd favorite moments in this issue. The two geniuses are too busy bantering so then batman steps in and solves the problem by simply talking Jessica cruz into releasing the ring.

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Obviously batman now has to shows us why he is a badass and tells Luthor to piss off.   batman is a dick to nerds. Poor Luther, he just wants to hang out with the popular kids lol.

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Alright so at the end, we see batman playing mind games and now talks the league to let Luther in just so that they can keep a closer eye on him. I love that he did this. He keeps his broody nature and lets the boy scout do the heroic deed at the end by extending the welcome. This tactic is very reminiscent of when batman’s protégé red robin allowed raven to join his team. In the teen titans series, It is revealed that raven is spying on the titans on behalf of her father trigon. Robin deduces this early on and gives raven a warm welcome into his team just so that he can keep his enemies closer. I love how they think so much alike.

Alright guys, so what did you think about this issue? and do you think that Luther is actually a changed man? Or is he just tactically manoeuvring himself into a place of power only to swing a killing blow to further his own personal goals? Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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