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Whats going on guys welcome back to comic island, my name is joey and one of the most recognizable marvel character is finally back in action after his death in 2015. And by action, I mean very little action. As of this video, we have not yet got any explanation as to what happened and how he got revived or if he ever even died at all but im getting ahead of myself so lets all just relax and rewind back time to the events leading up to his death back in 2014.

Wolverine Losing His Healing Factor

Back in wolverine volume 4, Logan has been hot on the trail of a hive mind virus like entity from the microverse that desires nothing less than the infection of the entire human race. After their first few battles, the entity tried to coerce Logan to become its host by crashing and sinking a shield Heli carrier and infecting various SHIELD agents including director Nick Fury. Logan ultimately saved Fury and most of the SHIELD agents but victory was short-lived. As it departed Fury’s body, the virus entity played its last card, leaving Wolverine exhausted and unable to use his mutant healing abilities.

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At this time during the X-Men timeline, Wolverine had taken over as headmaster of the Jean Grey School for higher learning but due to the loss of his healing factor, he stepped down leaving the school under Storm’s watch. Fellow X-Men beast aids his friend by synthesizing a drug to counteract the Adamantium Poisoning but now, Logan is vulnerable to injury and he will age at a normal rate. And ohh ya, his adamantium skeleton weigh a lot more than regular bones do and every time he extracts his claws, wolverine risks infection due to the fact that the cut in his knuckles will not close up right away.

Meanwhile, word of Wolverines newfound mortality is out. Everyone seems to be after Logan for either the bounty on his head or to go down in history as the one who killed the Wolverine. Arch enemy Sabretooth, who recently took over the ninja assassin guild, the Hand, has put one such bounty on Logan’s head.

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With Kitty Pride’s help, Wolverine tracks down his old nemesis back to Canada but unbeknownst to the X-Men, Sabretooth planned the whole thing in order to bait wolverine back to his Canadian home which turned into a shopping mall. Beaten bloodied and scarred from his battle with Sabretooth, Logan had lost all will to live. But Victor Creed will not give the X-Man the satisfaction of death. Sabretooth spares Wolverine’s life as a way to torment his old nemesis. He wants Logan to live a long miserable life in hopes that Wolverine would take the cowards way out and take his own life at the end.

After being stitched up at the X-Mansion, Logan leaves the X-Men stating that the Wolverine is dead.

Instead of calling it quits, Wolverine accepts a mission from SHIELD. He is to infiltrate a criminal organization lead by a man named the Offer. His mission: win the trust of crime boss Offer, infiltrate his team, and then provide information on the Offer’s masterplan involving a partnership with sabretooth.

Donning a new battle armor suit, Wolverine joins up with Offer’s criminal organization but he was always perceived as an outsider. In order to gain their trust, Wolverine made his leave from the Jean Grey School a spectacle. He Alienated himself from every core X-Men member and he even hunted down Cyclops’s hidden base to threaten the life of fellow X-Men, Kitty Pride.

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Trust has been gained so Crime Boss Offer sends Wolverine and his organization to Madripoor to steal a reality warping sphere before Sabretooth can get his hands on it. But in the process, Logan’s cover was blown by fellow teammate Pinch.

With his cover blown, Wolverine leaves Madripoor and heads to Japan to meet up with martial Arts master Shang- Chi and Danny Rand the iron fist. Here he goes face to face with the fear that he had been combating since the loss of his healing factor – Death comics, wolverine comics

Meanwhile, Sabretooth, with the reality altering sphere in hand, and the full support of Crime Boss Offer, heads toward New York City with ambitions to unleash the sphere’s power. Well, not if the wolverine can help it. After facing his fear of death with Death herself, Wolverine sets out to attack Sabretooth’s New York stronghold but not without squaring things with the X-Men. While on his way to New York, Logan calls in his SHIELD contact. They came along with an Avengers enforcer, Thor Odinson. Logan eventually gets an audience with Sabretooth. They battle to the death but as Sabretooth falls unconscious from too many blows, Wolverine decides to spare his life while passing out as well from his injuries.

Death Of Wolverine

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After returning to the X-Men, Logan decides to leave once again to find some peace. But by now, word of his mortality has reached every corner of the criminal world. A contract was put out to bring the wolverine in alive. All who tried were cut down. The last assassin who tried to collect the bounty failed to do so instead, he revealed that Madam Viper was the one who put out the contract. Arriving on Madripoor, wolverine once again takes on his nemesis Victor Creed who is protecting the green queen.

With Kitty Pryde’s help, Logan stands to fight another day but he discovers that Viper was only brokering the contract on his head. Logan finds Lord Ogun in Japan who he managed to get more details on the person who put out the contract. Dr. Abraham Cornelius.

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Logan traveled across the Nevada desert to find the man behind his Adamantium bonding process. Arriving on location and after chopping down the military guards, Logan discovered that the contract was put out to anyone who has adamantium. Dr Cornelius has been a busy man. He bought up all the adamantium he could find but Wolverine? Well, the malevolent doctor definitely wants Logan’s adamantium skeletons but what he wants more is his healing factor. Cornelius will not be around forever so he had to finish his gift to the world, a military force with Logan’s berserker rage and his indestructible skeleton but without the defiance.

Cornelius begins the procedure on his test subjects but Wolverine stops the Adamantim bonding process which inadvertently covers him in hot adamantium liquid. Cornelius dies from a falling glass shard which pierced his intestines but Wolverine finally succumbs to the liquid Adamantium which had enough time to harden turning the wolverine into a statue of himself.

The fallout of Wolverine’s death hit those closest to him hard. Beast acted as intern head of the Jean Grey School but Storm eventually took over. Cyclops hated Wolverine since the day he joined the X-Men but there is no doubt that he holds a ton of respect for the fallen X-Men. Nightcrawler lost a brother but x-23 lost the only family she had in the world, a man she sees as her father. But the son of Wolverine truly lost his father. After stopping an illegal auction for Wolverine’s body part, Daken killed every participant only allowing 1 man to go. The one man serves a purpose to spread the word, anyone trying to profit off his father’s body part will meet a gruesome death from the hands of the Dark Wolverine.

Following the destruction of the weapon X facility in Nevada, 5 weapon x test subjects, all with unique abilities, managed to escape the crumbling building. These 5 test subjects, while on the run from weapon X operatives, discovered that they had expiration dates.  Lead by Shogun, these 5 kidnapped associates closest to wolverine in hopes of finding a cure through their healing factor. X-23, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Daken and Mystique all agreed to help the 5 test subjects under fear of being killed by a phrase implanted in their head during their time with the Weapon X program.

Their search for a cure lead them back to the Nevada Weapon X Facility in hopes of finding Wolverine’s Adamantium laced body. These Wolverines found more than just that: They came face to face with a deadly X-Men foe: Mr. Sinister took the Adamantium statue as well as convinced 3 members of the weapon X test subjects to return with him to his hidden compound.

The splintered team regrouped and attacked Sinister’s compound in hopes of retrieving the Adamantium statue only to again meet opposition. The X-Men arrived to reclaim one of their own. The statue is now safe where it belongs – with the X-Men.

Secret Wars 2015

The second Secret Wars occurs shortly after these events. After the heroes of earth defeated the god of Battleworld, Earth was reset but it was altered now containing elements from both the 616 and the ultimate reality. Old Man Logan survived and found himself teaming up with these X-Men. He isn’t our Wolverine but he does fill a void left behind by the iconic clawed X-Men. Laura Kinney, Wolverine’s female clone and surrogate daughter, left behind her X-23 code name and, with the blessing from the entire X-Men roster, she took up the mantle as the all-new Wolverine.

Secret Wars #9 Recap/Review – Beyond Doom

September 2017 rolls around and Marvel decides to revisit and refocus on their core Superheroes. That brings us full circle to Marvel Legacy issue 1 where we see the return of the one, the only James Howlet, aka the Wolverine, aka the best at what he does, aka the X-Man Logan.

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Marvel cannot have a legacy event focusing on their core characters without bringing back such an iconic individual so it is expected to happen and after 3 years of being dead, the weapon X is back. No, this isn’t a clone or an alternate version of the adamantium enhanced mutant, this is our Wolverine evidenced by the fact that young Jean Grey went to the cabin housing Wolverine’s adamantium covered body where she discovers the adamantium split in half and the body of wolverine missing.

So now we know why he came back but how did he come back? Was he even dead to begin with or was he merely in a coma? Maybe 1 cell survived the adamantium encasing and he managed to regenerate from that. Well let’s take a look at how tough this mutant ability really is. It is well known that his mutant healing factor is immensely powerful. He once survived a point blank explosion when the mutant Nitro literally blew up in Logan’s face. This event led into the first Marvel Civil War. Logan was not a key figure in the civil war itself but the fact that Nitro blew up in his face gives us an idea of how powerful Logan’s healing factor really is. Nitro’s explosion is reported to have an impact of about 1000 pounds of TNT which is about a kiloton, give or take. Not as much as the explosion hitting Hiroshima and Nagasaki from back in world war 2. These massive explosions were about 15 kilotons each but even though Logan took only 1 Kitoton of explosion, he took it right in the face, which resulted in the baking and blast cleaning of all of his flesh. And yet, the Wolverine walked away to fight another day.

Age Of Ultron

A similar incident happened during the age of Ultron event where two carriers collided on most of the superhero community. Wolverine wakes up with one leg devoid of all flesh. He passes out from the pain and wakes up in 5 days to find that his leg is fully recovered. But in this same event, through the magic of time travel, the same wolverine goes back in time, stops his younger self from killing Hank Pym thus theoretically saving the future. But the paradox is that now there are 2 of them so to correct this, he allows his younger self to kill him. The action happens off panel so we will never know how one wolverine kills the other. All we can see is one of the wolverine walks back to Sue Storm with his claws out drenched in blood.

Punisher Kills Wolverine

In the popular punisher kills the marvel universe, the punisher stuns Logan by using his own adamantium claws to stab himself. Then he throws Logan into an electric battery which fries his skin right off leaving only his bones behind. This event is set in an alternate universe so we take it with a grain of salt but as we have seen; our main wolverine can probably take the punishment and regenerate himself after a week or so.

Deadpool Kills Wolverine

When Deadpool kills the marvel universe, he offs wolverine by using a carbonadium blade which renders wolverine’s healing factor useless. Deadpool cuts his head right off which theoretically should kill Wolverine. We don’t see Wolvie again but if he was to survive this, Deadpool would probably hook Wolverine up along with his son and clone, set the flame throwers up to burn the 3 of them whenever skin starts to regenerate which basically leaves them in a constant flux of coma state regeneration.

Marvel Legacy. Return And Rebirth Of The X-Man, Wolverine

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There are tons of examples that we can bring up but lets move forward with the subject matter on Wolverines return. Back in Marvel Legacy, Wolverine stops a Frost Giant sent from Loki to acquire a secured case. Wolverine opens the case to find a blue infinity gem. The gems went through a small change in color and power but blue is traditionally the color of the mind stone. So now wolverine is in possession of a stone which means that he will cross paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy who are on the hunt for these precious objects. What makes this scene interesting is that Wolverine doesn’t seem too surprised that he found a stone. Could he have known what was in the case before he even opened it up? This also hints us as to how he got out of the adamantium statue. A popular theory is that someone aided Wolverine out of his imprisonment and this someone maybe even jump start or revived wolverine from the dead. With the infinity gems involved, this someone might just be a powerful cosmic being.

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So now that brings us full circle. Wolverine is back in action but what does that mean for the 2 other wolverines currently running around? Old man Logan joined up with Storm’s faction of the X-Men and we got Laura Kinney Wolverine running around with the young X-Men.

To make things even more confusing, Daken isn’t wolverine’s only son running around the main universe. Jimmy Hudson arrived from the Ultimate universe and is now running with the Young X-Men. He hasn’t met old man logan or the All New Wolverine yet but what happens when he finally meets the main man Logan? Or how will Daken handle the fact that he has a brother from an alternate timeline?

Alrighty guys so with that being said, im super excited to have our beloved Wolverine back in the lime light and it looks like we are set to see Wolverine travel in space and get tangled with these infinity gems. But wolverine isnt the only legacy hero to come back: Bruce Banner’s Hulk will make a return and there’s whispers that the original Phoenix Jean Grey will be reborn as well.

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