Death Of X #2 Comic Book Review/Recap

Death Of X #2. Prelude To War

Death Of X #2 Comic Book Recap (Script)

New Attilan, Capital City Of the Inhuman Nation, The queen of the Inhuman’s hosts the leader of Xavior’s School for gifted youngsters. Storm of the X-men brings forth new found information to Queen Medusa: The Terrigen mist is harmful to all who bares the X-Gene. Some mutants die instantaneously while others appear unaffected. Medusa genuinely shows her remorse. She reaches out to her sister, Crystal, who is on a peace keeping mission for nations whose people are effected by the Terrigen Cloud. Crystal Informs the Queen that there are two clouds over planet earth. One is over the ocean and it will not reach land for another couple of weeks while the other cloud will reach Madrid in a matter of hours.

Medusa gives Crystal a new mission: reach out to anyone who carries the X-gene and keep them away from the Terrigen cloud. Storm will send her best futurist onto this task. Forge created a machine that can detect mutants within vicinity. He will be of help.

Furthermore, Storm states that all the x-men know about this threat, including Cyclops.

Her words wound Medusa. The queen of the Inhuman informs the weather goddess that the Inhuman’s have no quarrel with mutant-kind. The Inhuman’s aim to have peaceful coexistence with everyone on this planet.

Storm knows this now, but she wasn’t so sure when she arrived. But unfortunately for Medusa, storm is not the only mutant that needs convincing.

Storm returns to the blackbird with Forge and Iceman standing by. She gives her teammates the recap of her conversation with the Inhuman nation. Forge is not convinced that the Inhuman’s will help.

Meanwhile, everywhere around the world, every human, mutant and inhuman joins in unison for a message from the renegade x-man. With the help from Emma Frost and the stephord sisters, Scott Summers is able to give the world a dire warning:

Death Of X #2. Prelude To War

Scott: There are two Terrigen cloud in our atmosphere. The Inhuman’s would have you believe that it only effect their alien DNA and that it is benign to the rest of us. Yesterday, one of our own, Jamie Madrox died from an exposure to the terrigen mist. There are two of these Clouds moving around the world bringing DEATH wherever they go. The Inhuman’s released a toxic cloud into the very air you breathe. They don’t care if we live or die. The Inhuman’s Lied to all of you. The X-men will save you.

Magic comes running towards Cyclops for answers but she gets shut down by the man she follows and his second in command.

Madrid, The inhuman vessel manages to arrive first. Due to Cyclops’s message, the people of Madrid are in a state of panic. Crystal orders her team to get down to the city and help with the relief efforts. Crystal has other plans.

Crystal, along with new inhuman Iso travels to the forefront of Madrid. The Terrigen cloud approaches but crystal was assigned a mission to protect mutants from its effects. Crystal cannot evacuate every mutant on Madrid so, with Iso’s help, the Inhuman princess will move the cloud.

The two Inhuman’s give it their all but the force will eventually overtake them. This act of heroism will kill them.

But the weather goddess arrives in the nick of time. Storm unloads a fury of tornadoes that cuts through the mist. Her demonstration of power over nature ensures that the cloud will bypass Madrid ensuring every mutants safety.

Muir Island, more mutants arrive to bury the dead. Amongst them is Piotr Rasputin, the Collosus. He is there for Jamie Madrox but he is also there for his sister. With Colossus at her side, Illiana Rasputin marches into the research facility demanding answers from Cyclops.

Emma Frost is quick to dismiss the Rasputin’s but Scott Summers is finally ready to talk. He informs the X-men that he will not sit by and let the Inhuman’s commit genocide. He has a plan. Cyclops reached out to his mutant allies. Powerful mutants agree with his statement and they now prepare for an eventual war.

Back on Madrid, Crystal and Iso joins their team on the ground. It is chaos down here. People are panicked. The situation appears to be impossible to control. Storm has deployed her team to help with the panicked civilians, but even that might not be enough.

Crystal concocts a plan that requires their newest Inhuman. She radios Daisuke and orders him to use his powers to calm everyone down. The Nuhuman is concerned. He’s only been an Inhuman for a few days and if he is to use his powers, the X-men will be caught in his wake.

Crystal doesn’t have time to find Storm amongst the chaos. She made an executive decision to release Daisuke’s power. Storm will have to understand.

Elsewhere, Emma Frost reaches out to a mutant ally for the upcoming war. She tells her contact that the Inhuman’s and the mutants cannot co-exist. The x-men tried to help but the Inhuman’s responded with an attack. Storm and her team have been taken out. The mutants have to act before it is too late and they need you, Eric.

The master of magnetism replies. Ahh you know me emma. Im always happy to help.

Death Of X #2 Comic Book Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and thank you so much for checking out our coverage of the death of X issue 2. Issue 1 was really entertaining and issue 2 did not disappoint either.

This time, the issue focuses more on Crystal and her team as they try to save Madrid and the mutants on land. Her quick thinking to use the new inhuman’s power to calm everyone down is quite clever but by doing so, she put the x-men into a trance as well. I love how Cyclops and his team use this as another catalyst to start a war with the Inhuman’s. But the question on my mind is how will storm react? Being in a leadership role, I assume storm could let it pass because it had to be done in order to save lives but for this to be a truly Inhuman’s versus x-men story, Storm will have to side with Cyclops and his beliefs.

So this begs another question: How many popular A list Mutants will join Cyclops crusade? We know Beast left the x-men in bad terms and we know he stays with the Inhuman’s after this event, but how about the other popular mutants? Magic seems to be questioning her loyalty so maybe she will be on neutral grounds.

But what about the Inhuman’s? Medusa says that she wants peace but she is willing to win a war to get it. This is probably the best line in this issue. Black Bolt is brought in as a cameo so he will probably be coming back when all hell breaks loose.

Even though Crystal plays a more central role in this issue, it was cyclop’s entire statement that won it for me. Yes, he is very much an anti-hero and he made tensions even worst but that statement was too cool. I couldn’t read Scott’s entire message so I recommend that you pick up this issue to check it out for yourself.

Ok next thing I love about this issue is the fact that it addresses why mutants were never affected by the terrigen cloud before. The two sides still don’t know why now but Storm and Beast believes it’s because the terrigen mist mixed with earth’s atmosphere. I can get behind this.

There was a quick scene during Cyclop’s message to the world where the Stephord Cuckoos were shocked about seeing something during the big telepathy projection. Emma gets very defensive going as far as to threaten the girls if they dare to talk about it. So this throws another wild card into the mix. What did the stephord sisters see and is this why we don’t see the Stephord sisters after the 8 month gap?

Finally at the end, Magneto shows himself. There can’t be a mutant centered story, where mutants are endangered, without the master of Magnetism. I do find it odd that they portray him as being totally evil. I see Magneto as one of the good guys now and this story is making Scott Summers into the antagonist. We don’t need another one. but then there’s that other side of me that wants the Magneto from the brotherhood of evil back. I can only imagine how irate he will be, knowing that the inhuman terrigen mist is killing his people. But then we know that he will survive to play a center role for the x-men during the Inhuman’s vs x-men story line coming this December so we know he won’t be in any form of real danger.

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