Death Of X #3 Comic Book Review/Recap

Death Of X #3. Who Instigated?

Death Of X #3 Comic Book Recap (Script)

Madrid, the aftermath from the New Inhuman’s power knocked out everybody except individuals carrying Inhuman DNA. Daisuke, the new inhuman receives a warm reception from his fellow teammates. His awesome powers saved the day even though it did knock out the X-men.

Gorgon sees the danger. Daisuke just made himself a whole lot of enemies. Who knows how the X-Men will react to this attack. Crystal claims responsibility. It was on her orders that Daisuke released his awesome power. Crystal will wait for Storm of the X-men to wake up. She believes that storm can be reasoned with.

But Emma Frost of the X-Men thinks differently. Frost continues her plans with the master of Magnetism. She wants Magneto to contain the inhumans in Madrid while her uncanny x-men take care of the rest.

Death Of X #3. Who Instigated?

Yorkshire England, the Stephord sisters are on a mission: to add another mutant into their ranks. They arrive at the residence of Thomas Jones aka the mutant Alchemy. One more mutant for the upcoming war!

Back on Madrid, the rest of the populace begins to wake up. Iceman points out that the only group unaffected by this attack are the inhumans.

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Elsewhere Crystal makes plans to head down to street level to prepare for the x-men’s awakening but The Angel arrives followed by the rest of the X-Men.

Storm wants answers for this blindsided attack on her people. But iceman is not so diplomatic. He provokes the inhuman but Flint will not be bullied. Tensions begin to rise so Forge cocks his weapon.

Daisuke can fix this. All he needs to do is to activate his powers and everyone except the inhumans will go back to sleep.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Magic emerges from her teleportation disc, knocks Daisuke unconscious and vanishes as quickly as she arrived.

Enraged, Flint demands to know where his new friend has been taken. Iceman doesn’t have an answer.

A steel beam crashes down near the group followed by another and many more. The master of Magnetism and his team has arrived at last.

Magneto moulds a wall around the inhumans blocking them from escape.

You’ve crossed the line, magneto, Crystal states.

Magneto: Oh, I know I have. Now the question is, what are you willing to do about it?

Elsewhere, Magik sends her X-Men right in front of the Terrigen Cloud. They brought a new recruit. Scott Summers convinces the young mutant that he needs to make a decision. By helping the X-Men, he will save countless mutant lives. He will be a hero and he will be an X-Men. If he doesn’t, then they all will die.

Thomas reluctantly agrees to help Cyclops. He will be an X-Man and he will save the world.

Death Of X #3 Comic Book Review

Comparing this issue to the last 2, would rank this one to be the weakest out of the 3. Yes we got a bit of fireworks when the X-Men woke up and the arrival of Magneto is highly anticipated but everything in this issue basically sets up the next big story arc with is the inhumans vs x-men. There is only 1 issue left and I assume we would get a bit more action than this. What I mean y this is I assume Cyclops would have engaged the inhumans by this point. We know he died when he went to war with the inhumans but as of right now, he is basically the puppet master sending big time mutants such as Magneto to engage the Inhumans. Emma states that they have Sabastian Shaw from the Hellfire Club on their corner so I would like to see more of that. Throw in more heavy hitting mutants so we can get even more amped up for inhumans vs X-Men.

But am I being too picky here? This issue feels more like the road leading up to the big event. If that is the intention of the death of X story arc then I guess that’s ok. But with the title and what we know so far, I expect cyclops to die by issue 4.

BTW I wanted to point out one really awesome and crazy fan theory pointed out to me by you guys from the comment section in the last issue. The theory is that Cyclops is actually a walking corpse controlled by Emma Frost. This is backed up by the Stephord sister’s devastation when they linked minds with Emma to boost her powers allowing Cyclops to send a message to the world.

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This could also make sense because we know Cyclops died during Secret Wars. But then this is a new world so if we can believe that he is recreated then we can believe that he is still alive. But let’s take a trip back to issue 1. Cyclops coughed and had a nose bleed. Then later on, he passes out again. The next scene he is shown to be ok with Emma standing behind him. If the theory is true than we can assume that cyclops got exposed to the Terrigen cloud and died on Muir Island. Issue 2 is when the Stephord sisters saw something that shocked them when they linked up with cyclops and Frost. And ofcourse in issue 2, Emma never left Cyclops’s side. At the end, it was Emma who calls to Magneto for help, not cyclops.

But issue 3 kind of debunked this theory when Emma speaks to Cyclops alone about some bigger plan that has yet to be revealed. If cyclops is truly dead then it is Emma who threw his corpse at the inhumans which ignited a war between the two races. But what do you think about this theory? Please let me know in the comments below.

So let’s discuss a few more things that stood out to me in this issue. I think the biggest challenge this series has is the lack of interest in the inhumans. I’m sorry inhuman fans; I’m going to nit-pick a bit here.

Daisuke is the new Inhuman that has the ability to put everyone to sleep or in a trance. Those powers are cool but why give him such a strange costume that exposes his entire chest?

After he gets praise from his fellow inhumans, he names himself Downer. Iono I think that’s a pretty lame super hero name.

The other problem is that this entire story arc will be compared to 2012’s Avengers VS X-Men. The reason why that story is so successful is that at that time, the avengers were gaining a lot of popularity due to their success in the moviess. X-Men were always a fan favorite so you could be rooting for either side.

This time around, if you are an Inhumans fan then you will know Crystal and Gorgon of the Inhuman royal family. But honestly do you know who the rest of these guys are? I have read the uncanny inhumans and the all new Inhumans comic series and it was ok but I don’t feel any bond to these characters. My allegiance is to the X-Men and by the looks of it from last issues review; you guys are on board with me.

Last thing I wanna mention is the inclusion of a very minor mutant. Before this issue, I had never heard of Thomas Jones aka the mutant Alchemy. All this tells me is that he will probably die same goes for new comer Daisuke. They already killed of Jamie Madrox who got a bit of success on  X-Factor so these two minor characters are probably gunna bite the dust sooner rather than later.

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