Edge Of Spider-Verse Tie In: Superior Spider-Man #33 Review/Recap

Superior Spider-Man Comics Online Issue 33 Review/Recap On Youtube

Edge Of Spider-Verse Tie In: Spiderman Comics Online Superior Spider-Man #33 Recap

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Earth 2818, the issue begins with the masked spider assassin hunting down yet another Spider-Man. After a stab through the back, Spider-Man is revealed to be a cyborg. Seconds later, the superior Spider-Man and his army teleports in and attacks the masked assassin. It appears that the Spider-Mans have the upper hand but suddenly, two mysterious individuals teleports in and calls the masked assassin by name. We discover that his name is Karn and the two new attackers are his siblings. Their bickering offers a much needed distraction and thus the superior Spider-Man and his army teleports away.

2099, downtown new york, doc ock meets with his army of spidermen. They go over what they have learnt and prepare for another battle. The superior Spider-Man gives each of the members a task that will take them one step closer to defeating their new foe whose name is revealed to be Karn.

After the meeting has ended, the superior Spider-Man pulls 2 others aside. We discover that only these 3 spider heroes have seen the darkness and are capable of doing what must be done to survive. They must kill off this race of creatures that feeds off their spider life essence. Spidergirl Ashley barton states, if we are going to survive this, we’ll do whatever we have to. Weather the others like it or not.

Centuries ago, earth 0, a young Karn witnesses his family on one of their hunts. Everyone is taken out by the spider, including his older brother morlun. Karn comes face to face with his prey. But the spider sees that Karn isn’t the type to take pleasure in death. He does it only to feed his hunger.

This moment of hesitation lead to the spider killing his mother. Eventually, Karn’s father arrives and subdues the spider. But the damage is done. For his failure and disgrace, he wears a mask to hide his shame. Sent out to the multiverse, he now seeks redemption by killing his fill of spider totems until one day, he may return to his family.

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Edge Of Spider-Verse Tie In: Spiderman Comics Online Superior Spider-Man #33 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name Is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the superior Spider-Man issue 33. This is such a bitter sweet feeling for me since I know that it is all over for the superior Spider-Man. There won’t be issue 34 coming out next month either.

So that is it, superior Spider-Man has officially ended with issue 34. Now the thing is, the story has not yet gone full circle. We never saw how the superior Spider-Man got back home and lost his memories of his time in the multiverse. So what happens next? Seeing how the end of the superior Spider-Man coincides with the edge of Spider-Verse, I guess we will need to pick up Spider-Verse issues to finish up the whole story. This makes me very weary though. I wanna see more of the superior Spider-Man and I hope he plays a big role in the main Spider-Verse story arc, not just the edge of Spider-Verse.

So this issue was another winner in my books. Plenty of Spider-Man action and even when things slow down, they were still good.

I love the scene where dock ock speaks to the hologram he calls anna. We gotta remember that this is doctor octopus, one of Spider-Man’s biggest villains. But this scene shows us soo much heart and soul. He truly loves anna maria and really wants to go back to her but he needs to fulfill this responsibility first before doing so or risk endangering her life.

But then we see the darker, more aggressive side of doc ock where he pretty much belittles everyone else. No one is challenging his leadership right now and I love this badassery aspect of him.

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so the new addition to the team is the cyborg Spider-Man. He pretty much resembles the cyborg from DC comics. The design looks awesome, don’t get me wrong. And I love the shock moment when he turns out to be a cyborg. Unfortunately I think cyborg Spider-Man will be a necessary collateral damage so I’m not gunna get too much attached to him. I just hope noir Spider-Man will survive Spider-Verse. Oh and my new favourite incarnation, monkey Spider-Man, I hope this little guy doesn’t die either.

Ok so the issue continues and shows us a ton of information on who the masked assassin is. We even get to see the main villain Morlun for a split second in the flashback scene. I had originally thought that morlun and his multiverse doppelgangers will be the main villain but now we see his family. So if karn is the youngest and can cause this much grief for a small army of spidermen, I can only imagine what morlun will do when he makes his appearance. I also wanna see these two twins go toe to toe with a few Spider-Men as well.

I like the concept of the mask and how it hides his shame. Marvel is trying to make their villains more sympathetic but this time, I think it was done right. The poor guy is like a vampire that does not want to hurt others but because of his actions causing his moms death, all he wants to do Is seek redemption and I love this angle on a villain. Anyway, that’s just my thought.

Spiderman Comics Online: Now I wanna show you this next image for Spider-Verse issue 3. This Spider-Man looks like he is wearing tony stark’s rejected iron man armour painted in classic Spider-Man colors. Im not feelin this incarnation but so far, Spider-Verse has been awesome and I remain excited to pick up the next issue.



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