Infamous Iron Man #2 Comic Book Review/Recap

 Infamous Iron Man #2: Ben Grimm on the prowl!

 Infamous Iron Man #2 Comic Book Recap (Script)

In the Latverian Embassy, the Thing has forced his way inside.  He’s looking for Doctor Doom, and insists the staff here know where Victor is.  The ambassadors claim that since Doom gave up control of the country, they haven’t heard from him, but Ben refuses to hear it.  One by one, he begins destroying priceless antiques housed in the embassy, much to the outrage of the staff.  Ben demands to know where Doom is, or he’s going to eat this entire place and force them to watch him poop it back out.

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Over in Bolivia, Julius, the Mad Thinker enters his secret lab.  He looks over his latest creation, before he realizes something is amiss – his robot’s processor is missing!  Victor greets the villain with an offer – he’ll be taking this processor for examination.  In return, he’ll spare Julius’ life so long as the Thinker cleans up his act and creates something of value to humanity.  Julius can’t believe what he’s hearing.  The rumours are true.  Dr. Doom has sold out.  He attacks Victor which obviously fails.  Doom gives him a chance to reconsider, but Julius only activates a squad of robot drones.   It’s a shame.  So much potential.  Gone to waste.  Victor leaves, watched by two boys outside.  He advises them to stay away from what remains of the Thinker’s lab, and vanishes.  One of the robots crawls out of the Thinker’s lab, but Doom reappears and destroys it.  He apologizes to the kids. He’s still new to making sure nobody innocent comes to harm.

Infamous Iron Man #2: Ben Grimm on the prowl!

In England, Dr. Perrera is approached by Victor in the streets outside of her home.  Alarmed, she shoots him in the shoulder.  This surprises her, as she figured that couldn’t hurt him, but he didn’t expect her to do that and thus, wasn’t prepared.  It’s no matter though, and he easily heals himself.  Amara brings Doom inside, insisting that she wasn’t carrying a gun because of Doom.  She tells him that some people from SHIELD were asking questions about him, and was worried.  Doom realizes this is trouble, and apologizes.  He has to leave now, and can never return – Too late.  The Thing is happy to greet Doom.  He’s been looking everywhere for him.

Infamous Iron Man #2 Comic Book Review

So this was… alright.  Last issue was kind of hard to enjoy due to the spoilerly nature of it.  This comic was, on the whole, a far easier pill to swallow without it.  This does show the fun of Doom being Iron Man.  I like him being a “hero” but still being in character.  The Mad Thinker doesn’t go to jail this time, Doom just dispenses with him like he’s nothing.  Does this begin a rampage through Fantastic Four’s rogues gallery now that they’re on the out?  Who knows!  Marvel is really capable of anything these days.

But this issue was pretty fun.  We get our first taste of this new Iron Man and that was pretty cool, and next up will be a big fight against Ben Grimm, which should prove interesting.  Ben Grimm was written much better in this comic and closer to his usual fun self, which is a huge plus, and Victor’s character is always a treat.  I liked how this comic also shows Doom is not immortal.  He took a bullet from Amara simply because his guard wasn’t up, meaning he is vulnerable and can still be hurt.  But they don’t take this too far, either.  He’s still Doom.  He still healed himself almost instantly.  This comic strikes a nice balance between these two concerns and does it well.  Doom is powerful but not infallible, and that will go a long way to making him a great protagonist.

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That being said, some of the problems are still there.  This all feels a bit repetitive, given Superior Spider-Man and Iron Man, and even the current Cap, these events and this comic which feels like it should be a big deal does kind of venture into mediocre territory.  So I liked this comic, but it wasn’t the best.  If you think you’d like it you should check it out for yourself, otherwise, there’s probably better stuff out this week.

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