Infinity Gauntlet #2 Comic ReviewRecap

Infinity Gauntlet #2 ReviewRecap. Time Travel In BattleWorld


Infinity Gauntlet #2 Recap

The multiverse was destroyed and all that remains is battleworld, a massive patchwork planet composed of fragments of worlds that no longer exists, maintained by the iron will of its god and master, victor von doom. A family in one such domain has found themselves scrounging against the odds to find food and shelter in a land overrun with bloodthirsty alien insects. Their long lost mother, a member of the nova corps, is their only chance for survival. Anwen’s father and sister found safety at their rendezvous point only to notice that after a blur of blue lightning, the bugs are gone. Anwen and a Nova corpsmen is coming their way, fast. Landing on location, Anwen and her father embraces each other in their arms, and the mother has finally returned home.

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The mother has brought gifts her daughters and at the behest of her husband, she gives Anwen a gift of power. Anwen always hated that star. She blamed her mother for choosing it instead of her family. But Anwen realizes that her mother didn’t wear the star because she wanted to, but because she HAD to. And now, Anwen, a Nova Corpsmen is the newest recruit to join her mother in their crusade. The mother offers the same power to the youngest daughter but instead of accepting that power, she gives it to their dog.

This in turn transforms their K9 to the very first dog type nova corpsmen to join their ranks. Moments later, the entire family has been inducted and their first training session is to learn how to fly. While in flight, Anwen shows her mother the blue stone she had found inside a bugs nest. The mind stone, the mother replies. But their conversation is interrupted as a hoard of flyers are heading straight for them. The next step in training is target practice and thus, the family forms a circle and begins to unload everything they got at the flyers.

With his new powers, Zigzag, the dog is holding his own against their current threat at hand. Before, they would see the bugs and run. Heck they even got good at it. But now, equipped with a nova’s power, they can fight, and they can win. But the hoard of flyers keeps coming like an endless raging waterfall. Then hope arrives in the form of a blue mind gem. Anwen’s mother holds the gem high and a burst of blue explodes. This, in turn, causes the hordes of flyer bugs to retreat back from where they came. While they retreat, Anwen’s mother states that the first rule of a nova is the never, spare a bug.


Their threat has been immobilized and the group now flies towards a nova compound. But arriving on location, what they found was a ravaged, destroyed bunker. 30 nova’s are lost and this was their last base of operations. The bad news does not end there as the mother realizes that this last base harbours something of great value: The other stone. The group rushes towards the chamber to find that the stone is indeed gone and what’s left is only the gauntlet.

This gauntlet can carry the stones and will protect the user from the destructive powers of the 6. But the bugs couldn’t have known about this. no, someone else had to have known. The mother discovers foot tracks leading away from the gauntlet, which could only mean one thing: someone used the bug attack as cover to steal the stones.

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Elsewhere, starlord returns to his ship greeted by fellow teammate Gamora. He has been to the Nova base and his trip was not in vein. The possession of the purple stone now belongs to the guardians of nowhere.

Sometime in the future, thanos is in a death battle with an unknown Nova Corpsman. Possessing two stones, the Nova takes the fight to the mad titan. Thanos cannot win and uses a stone to teleport away. Returning to the present, the mad titan is furious: Again, the same damn outcome again, he screams.

He heads down through the wreckage of the old world only to be greeted by none other than himself. two mad titans, one, not from this time. I will just have to try harder, the new mad titan states, but the battle scarred thanos raises his hands and blasts a whole right through his other self. The body falls to the floor and the surviving thanos picks up another orange stone. He states, it’s time for a new strategy.

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Infinity Gauntlet #2 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the infinity gauntlet issue number 2. So we had a great opening with issue 1 and I was hoping that the momentum would build from there but, nope, it did not. This is an average issue and there were quite a few things I found great about it but of Couse no comic is without sin so let’s go over the bad and then we can end it on a high note.

The dialog felt off to me. It was nothing special and I felt borderline bored in a few scenes. And then when my boredom was peeked, I found grammar and typing errors. Damn I was disappointed. So when I got to page 18, I believe, I stop to realize that I don’t know who I should be rooting for and bond with. Issue 1 did a great job connecting us to Anwen and the side characters aka her family. And I felt something when the grandfather sacrificed his life to save Anwen. Now we got the mother back and her character felt bland. So when the family got nova stars, I was like, this is going to be awesome. We got 1 battle with the bugs and it felt like filler. I didn’t sense the danger and panic whereas issue 1 made me feel that.

Infinity Gauntlet #2 Review/Recap. Time Travel In BattleWorld

There’s 5 nova corpsmen fighting a herd of mindless bugs, even though only the mother was trained, I didn’t feel that sense of panic that I felt in the first issue where the family had no powers and had to run from the first hoard of bugs.

So with all that said, I don’t know who I am supposed to be rooting for. I feel nothing for the mother, and Anwen felt like she was pushed to the side in order to give the mom more screen time. The father and little sister are only supporting characters, and then we got more introductions to an already crowded cast. We got the guardians of….nowhere? With starlord’s introduction, I was more confused than happily surprised. This is getting too crowded.

So let’s get into what worked for me in this issue: thanos being thanos. There is now time travel involved. I’m on the fence on this fact. Time travel, if done right, is one of the best gimmicks in any story but more often than naught, I see this plot twist used in a very bad way that would screw up continuity and raises a ton more unanswered questions than anything.

But what the heck, I’m a sucker for this mad titan always chasing after the infinity gauntlet and the stones like a fat kid and his cake. So for that, I give this issue a pass.

So now I want to hear from you, what did you think about this issue, please let me know in the comments below. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in another secret wars tie in.

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