Infinity Gauntlet #3 Comic Review/Recap

Infinity Gauntlet #3 Review/Recap. I AM GROOT!!!


Infinity Gauntlet #3 Recap

He has gone by many names: The mad titan, the cruel one, simply death.  He has cheated death with the time stone, not to avoid Drax, the man who yearns to be his destroyer, but to defeat the Novas, who, time after time, always best him in battle. no matter how hard he tries, no matter how many stones he gathered, the future becomes futile and he always go back to destroy the fruitless past.  While Thanos schemes, his death sentence, a man known as Drax the destroyer is hot on his trails.

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But this time, Thanos will try a different tactic. He travels back in time when Anwen and her family have not yet been inducted into the Nova Corps.  Arriving at their campsite in central park, Thanos offers a peace offering: his hunt yielded more than his fill, and he says that the family looks hungry. This lie makes his stomach churn but it must be done to gain their trust.

The mad titan wish them luck before he departs. He has filled their bellies, he had begun to earn their trust. Then the bug wave crashed upon them. Family is weakness. Anwen’s father and little sister are running out of breath as a hoard of bugs are approaching fast. But this is when the mad titan makes his move. He jumps right in between the bug and its meal and begins to pummel the attackers. Soon, he will greet the day when he can crack anwen and her family’s bones beneath his heel. But today, Thanos is the saviour.

RUN, save yourselves, the titan yells, and the family ran without looking back. Thanos turn towards the bug and makes quick work out of them. it’s easier than taking candy from a baby. He now runs to meet the family whom he had saved. His heroics have earned their trust. But a new problem arises as Anwen’s mother rejoins her family. It’s going to be a bit trickier to earn HER trust. Thanos presents a Nova pulse cannon accompanied with a story. He tells the Nova corpsmen that he fought alongside her fellow core members: Commander Jesse alexander and his son Sam. The bugs got to them both, but not before they managed to slip Thanos the time gem. In reality, he slayed a platoon of novas to get this, but now, his next move will pain him dearly.   The mad titan offers this gem to the nova as a peace offering and to prove that he is a man that they can trust.

Traveling with his new companions, the titan keeps his hands by his side, for if he slips, his instincts will kick in and the urge to grab them and twist their necks becomes overpowering.

Above the clouds, starlord and gamora makes off with their loot. Among the items they stole is the purple infinity gem. Gamora asks’ what good are gems when there’s no economy? Weapons are the only currency in this world.


Their ship shakes violently. Censors show multiple bogies coming in hot. Gamora takes a closer look and discovers the Nova family along with Thanos are the culprits. They don’t seem very happy that their items were stolen by thieves. The novas continue their assault on the craft but Gamora takes her position and returns the fire. Anwen’s sister is caught in a random blast and begins to fall to certain death but suddenly, Thanos plays the saviour again as he pulls her to safety.  DON’T SHOOT AT MY SISTER, Anwen yells as she angrily rips out the plasma canon.

Starlord prepares to take action but then a voice echoes in his head. Land the plane, or I will land it for you.

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Moments later, the craft is docked and the two groups are ready to chat. The novas demand that the thieves return the gem they stole. And in return, the thieves are allowed to continue breathing. Starlord renegotiates a new deal and he demands for 300 nova stars for the purple gem. He is offered 3 stars. While they continue their negotiations, a swarm of bugs are headed their way and starlord reluctantly accepts the offer.

Before the thieves depart, gamora stops and turns to the novas. She understands their need to defend this patch of land against the bugs, and she wants to join them on their crusade. Thanos offers a warning. They’re thieves, we cannot trust them. He gets a reply. I don’t trust you titan, yet, here we are.

Infinity Gauntlet #3 Review/Recap. I AM GROOT!!!

Moments later and the guardians, along with the nova and the mad titan are in position to take on the bug swarm. With the infinity gauntlet at her control, the mother raises her hands and commands the bugs to halt their attack. they stop moving and are frozen in time. There’s too many to kill so in an attempt to conserve bullets, the new alliance escapes to safer ground.

Hours later, a vision of bugs, destruction and a strange man possessing a gem plagues her dream. She wakes up realizing that it was just that, a dream. The mother is alerted to a stone nearby and she commands her new allies to land their vessel. The team walks towards a ruined forest to search for the gem. Gamora senses a presence and she readies herself for battle. but it turns out that the presence she felt came from a tree. This sentient tree means them no harm. As they discuss where the gem might be within the tree, it begins to move and raises its hand presenting a red gem.

The titan’s anger grows. He can barely hold in his distain. His prize is on the arm of that woman, almost complete. He holds his tongue and re-joins the lambs in the ship heading towards a new infinity gem. but they have a new member, that tree. It matters not because Thanos is a wolf in sheep’s skin. And he will soon kill that tree that won’t shut up.  And the rest will be lambs for his slaughter.

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Infinity Gauntlet #3 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping infinity gauntlet issue 3. Wow this issue is only 23 pages and the writers stuffed in so much information. We start off with a Thanos time traveling back to when Anwen’s family aren’t nova’s yet and he slowly gains their trust. I purposely chose to block off this time travel gimmick because, well, it actually gives me a headache lol. But let’s analyze this time traveling gimmick and see where we end up. I got an advil pill by my side just in case.

Ok so last issue, we see a battle scarred Thanos losing to an unidentified corpsman. He goes back in time with the yellow gem and kills the Thanos of this time. So how many Thanos are there? Is it just this one guy time traveling and killing off different Thanos’s only to take their place to try and kill the novas? Here’s another question: what did the clean looking Thanos meant when he said, I would just have to try harder? How would he know that his future self would come and tell him what to do? And is time linear in this battle world? What he does will affect this one timeline? Or is the multiverse theory coming into play here? Well there can’t be a multiverse because as we may know, there is only battle world. So didn’t Thanos create a time paradox like what wolverine did in the age of Ultron? Ya I’m confused.

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Ok so I originally started this series just because issue 1 was really good. I loved the chemistry between the families in a post-apocalyptic world. But the story strayed so far from the source that its getting confusing. Thanos is an ally, for now, the nova’s all got powers and teamed up with two thieves who I thought was the guardians of nowhere. But nope, they got their own issue and these two are just by themselves. We got drax the destroyer looking like his original 1960s or 70s art design. To be honest, I had no clue that the guardians were until the debut of their movie. So I honestly don’t know much about this incarnation of Drax. And then we got a vision of who I believe to be Adam warlock. The cast is getting way to crowded. I purposely didn’t refer to anwen’s family by name because I had a feeling that the cast would get too crowded and now, there’s more characters introduced. Anwen gets her 15 minutes of fame as she breaks the guardians cannon but I think that’s it.

So as of right now, this series has gone in a downward trajectory for me and its starting to feel more like a chore to review this issue. but good news folks, I plan to soldier through till the end much like what me and Arden have to endure with dc’s convergence. With that being said, I do want to point out 1 good thing about this issue to bring it to a close. Groot was cool and saved the issue. He barely said a word but his facial expression says it all to me. So I’m glad they added him onto the roster.

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