Infinity Gauntlet #4 Comic Book Review/Recap

Infinity Gauntlet #4 Review/Recap. Death In The Family

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Infinity Gauntlet #4 Comic Book Recap

With the aid of the mind stone, Anwen’s mother takes their group to a city that held its own against the bugs. Anwen never thought she would see a city with people alive in it. the sight nearly brings tears to her eyes. But how can this be? How can a city full of hope, remain standing in a domain infested with bugs? The mother knows – it’s because of him, the man with the soul stone.

Their ship lands and the group is brought forth to meet the saviour of this Forbidden City. He announces himself as Adam and he welcomes them to Magus city.

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I’ve seen you peering into my mind, and I know you’ve felt me in yours, he states as the he introduces his new found guests to his knights of xandar.

You know why we’re here. For the greater good, give up the stone, Anwen’s mother lashes out. but Adam is unswayed by her demands. He tells her that this is his family. he is not a ruler, he is a father to them. by his will alone, he is salvation. As he walks away, Adam changes his tone. I’m sorry eve, you’ve come all this way for nothing. You won’t be leaving with my stone. You won’t be leaving at all.

Those are fighting words and war has been declared. The nova corpsman, with the gauntlet in hand, begins to transform as blue lightning pours out from every direction. The dust cloud clears and Anwen’s mother is now engulfed by the infinity armour.

Adam gives the command and his knights of xandar moves in attack formation and charges towards the novas and their allies. Quill and gamora returns the charge but the father and little sister gets trapped within a wall of fire. The mother, with the aid of the infinity armour bypasses the knights and goes straight towards the king. But Adam moves out of harm’s way. You see, Adam is the protector of the soul stone. What good is the infinity armor when Adam has control of her soul? Her husband, a novice corpsman attempts a rescue but he gets taken out by Adam’s knight. She will not lose like this. She will not yield, her will is stronger. She reclaims her soul and the fight gets taken outside.

Meanwhile, a knight continues his assault on Quill and gamora. Starlord takes the high ground and attacks with range while the daughter of the titan gets close with her melee attacks.


The walls bursts open which heralds the arrival of Drax the destroyer. Show yourself, Thanos! He yells. Unfortunately, starlord is now caught in his crosshairs but his partner manages to take off the knights head only to find out that the enemy doesn’t need it to fight. She gets flung straight across the room where the tree is still in combat with another knight of xandar.

Infinity Gauntlet #4 Review/Recap. Death In The Family

Anwen, her sister and father are cornered. They haven’t been novas for long but this time, a skilled killer who can breeth fire from her mouth is out for blood. But the reluctant father takes out his attacker and zigzag the dog offers a distraction giving anwen enough time to sucker punch their foe.

Outside,  Adam takes the advantage and brings the mother into the soul realm where he is at his full potential. But thanos arrives in time and charges his full might at the self-proclaimed saviour or xandar.

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He continues to pummel the life out of Adam but the mother demands for the stone. We discover that Adam is controlling a monstrous bug within the walls of xandar. But if he is compromised, then that bug will be unleashed and it will kill them all.

Thanos turns with his own gauntlet and gem in possession. I’m counting on it. He turns his aim towards the mother. You are mine, as are the stones.


The power flows out of him causing skyscrapers to crumble in his wake. With 5 stones in his possession, and a dead corpsman at his feet, thanos has finally taste victory.

With the knights of xandar subdued, our heroes along with Drax the destroyer ran towards the epicenter of destruction. The destroyer has finally found his prey but it’s too late. With 5 stones, Thanos has gained untold power and speed which he employs to snap the neck of his pursuer. Meanwhile, without its soul stone leash, the gigantic bug breaks his containment. The once protected city of xandar is about to enter one of its darkest hours and a mad titan has finally achieved victory.

Infinity Gauntlet #4 Comic Book Review

Whats going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and wow what an action packed issue. The infinity gauntlet issue 4, let’s begin. Ok so a few things really stuck out to me in this issue. I feel the sense of dread right when the family got to magnus city. The art spoke more to me than the writing. Take a look at this beautiful cityscape. It reminds me of this image back from issue 1. Even though the people of magnus city are protected, I wonder how great their life can even be.

Staying on the same concept, I love how the art has been consistent ever since issue 1. I was pretty harsh on this series last issue but I see now that it was all build up. This family has gone through so much tragedy and in this issue, anwen and her family lost a lot.

Anwen’s grandfather died protecting her but she gets reunited with her long lost mother only to have her die by the hands of a stranger that they thought they could trust. That is really dark and I feel for her. Even though Anwen didn’t get much screen time, I bond with her the most so im seeing the world through her eyes. That makes it so much more intriguing since I thought that there were too many characters in this issue.

So that brings the question: what purpose did starlord and gamor serve? Or even drax? He came, destroyed a wall, gets in a tumble with novas and then he gets killed by the man he pursues. I know this is supposed to demonstrate how powerful thanos is but damn, marvel, you just made drax the destroyer look like a little helpless child.

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So at the end, thanos kills eve, anwen’s mother. Now he holds 5 gems. That means there is still 1 more out there. This series isn’t one of my favourites but looking back, im starting to like it more and if the conclusion is satisfying, then I would give the entire series an A plus. But now let’s get into speculations.

The 616 heroes and villains were blasted off to random places within battle world. It would be awesome if at the end, we discover that this thanos is indeed the 616 incarnation. Looking back, we never knew what motivated this thanos besides the fact that he wants to kill novas and get the gauntlet and gem for him.

he made no mention of his love for mistress death so it’s still unclear what his motives are. The one reason why I love thanos as a villain is that he is a lot more complexes than that of a guy trying to do bad things because he is evil. I really enjoyed his series thanos rising so Im hoping the writers serve this thanos some justice. But we got to wait till the conclusion in the next issue to find out.


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