Infinity Gauntlet #5 Comic Book Review/Recap

Infinity Gauntlet #5 Review/Recap. Thanos Rising.

Infinity Gauntlet #5 Comic Book Recap

It’s over, again. This can’t be happening. Anwen lost her mother once already. But this time, it’s all because of this being called thanos.

But wait, the mother is still alive. Eve is stuck within the soul gem, and if this reluctant family of heroes can stop the mad titan, then they can have their mother back. But thanos vanished into the chaos. they can’t find him but they have a good idea where he’s headed. Zigzag the dog picks up the scent of the 6th and final infinity gem. The family now has their first lead.

Infinity Gauntlet #5 Review/Recap. Thanos Rising. guardians

Elsewhere, thanos soaks up the victory. He’d never come this close. But 1 stone eludes him. Suddenly the skies open up welcoming a future incarnation of him. The future titan charges at his past self while demanding for the gauntlet. He knows where the last stone is but the villain won’t have it. He will not give up his prize that he worked so hard for.

Meanwhile, Anwen’s family is stuck within the walls due to the carnage and chaos created by the behemoth. Peter Quill concocts a plan. He plans on using his ship to distract the creature giving anwen and her family enough time to chase down the titan. But that’s not all. Quill finally gets a chance to use the nova stars. Quil gamora and Groot are now the newest members of the nova core, and they have a suicide mission to look forward to. The guardians lift off and charges towards certain doom allowing their new teammates time to escape the city. They now move onward towards the 6th stone.

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Elsewhere, thanos bickers with his future incarnation. He acquired the 5 stones himself. He will not give it up even if it’s his future self who is asking. Finally, the future titan accidentally slips the location of the 6th stone. This is the moment thanos was waiting for. He uses the powers of the 5 to destroy his future self. The family is on route to the 6th and now, so is thanos.

Mount terizi, anwen and her family arrived first and acquired the final stone. Thanos is too late, but his ego washes over and he will not stop till he reunites the infinity stones.

Thanos pre-emptively strikes the family but the father creates a barrier strong enough to stop the assault. With the reality stone, the nova breaks thanos apart on a molecular level. But this attack is not good enough when the titan time travels out to safety. He charges directly at the nova’s but Anwen takes control of the stone and creates another barrier which absorbs the impact. The result of Anwen’s imagination combined with the reality stone created a errrr…..megazord..okayyy…

Thanos begins to grow in mass causing a gravity field sucking in everything within a 2 mile radius. But even this effort is not good enough as thanos overpowers his prison. He charges at the er…megazord… taking a more physical aggressive approach.

The nova’s are losing, so, in a last ditch effort, they command the stone to push thanos out of this reality.


Something unexpected happened. Anwen finds herself on the floor with the stone, alone. Seconds later, thanos appears standing tall while her family lays unconscious. The titan demands for the stone but Anwen is relentless. She will not give it up without a fight.

But wait, in a change of heart, she realizes that she doesn’t want the reality stone. as a matter of fact, such power scares her. Anwen offers the 6th stone to thanos on a silver platter. In exchange, thanos agrees to allow anwen and her family to live out their pathetic lives in peace.

He finally did it, thanos the mad titan reunited the 6. Time, mind, space, soul reality, all his, he controls everything.  Infinity belongs to…no. ..thanos was tricked. His flesh begins to decay. And just like every thanos before and after him, he dies before a nova.

We discover that Anwen never gave up the reality stone. but intead she gave him a new stone she created, a death stone. And with the titans death Eve, her mother has returned….again.

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Infinity Gauntlet #5 Comic Book Review

What’s going on guys, welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the infinity gauntlet issue 5? OMG this went on for 5 issues? Damn. Lol. As you guys can probably guess from my sarcastic tone, im not happy with how this series ended. It started off great. Issue 1 was the highlight of this 5 issue tie in. But at the end, nothing matters because, well, it doesn’t technically tie in to the main series. The only thing this series had going for it was the use of thanos and the infinity gauntlet.

As for the ending, yes the story wrapped up nicely, BUUUT, if I had to put this story chronologically, the annihilation wave and the zombies are heading towards doom gard or they might be already there fighting the real fight. So, as a self-contained story, it was ok. But I was hoping that this series tie directly into the main secret wars story. Looking back, I should have picked up the Shield. Out of the entire tie ins, I think this story is the most relevant. I could be wrong of course. This 2015 event had a lot of reading material. I compiled a reading order checklist on the website and wholly cow there is a ton of comics to read.

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Ok so that’s enough venting out of me. let’s get into a few things that stood out. The mother’s death is a total cop out. I thought the death of the mother would bring us back to the gritty depressing nature of this family’s dynamic. Buuuuut nope, she is still alive. So right when I read that part in the first few pages, I was like, oh snap, this isn’t going to be good. And then they created a power rangers megazord. I think I had one eye looking out the window at cars passing by and the other eye skimming over the dialog. So then I rushed towards the end. Thanos dies because anwen created a death stone?

My god, marvel, forshame, forshame. But, let’s get into some of the good things about this comic. The art was consistent and…its over!! Lol ya sorry guys, this story is not for me. If you enjoyed it then all the power to you. Everyone is entitled to their own decision and I respect that. But this story was not for me. maybe that’s why I took so long to upload it. I had a choice to do the darkseid war tie ins or this one and Im glad I chose the darksied war. but that’s all for me in this video. now I wanna hear what you think? Did you enjoy it? If so, please let me know in the comments below. thank you so much for watching and, as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you guys in another darkseid wars video….thanks right I said darkseid wars!!!!

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