Invincible Iron Man #2 Comic Book Recap/Review

Invincible Iron Man #2 Recap/Review – Tony goes to the zoo!

Invincible Iron Man #2 Comic Book Recap

Iron Man still can’t believe what he sees.  By all accounts, Dr. Doom stands before him, unmasked and looking unusually handsome.  Victor says this is the new him.  But Stark knows this villain, and unleashes his repulsor beams.  However, Doom is still not without his defenses, and he easily blocks the attack with a magical shield.  Tony is not sure what to do.  Victor is the most dangerous man on the planet, and here is is, just standing there and smiling at Tony.

To try and convince the man it really is him, Doom talks about how he and Iron Man once traveled back in time to Camelot and had a rousing adventure together.  Victor says he always looked back on that memory quite fondly, though Tony reminds Doom that he tried abandon and murder Stark.  But Doom points out that just because he remembers that time with affection, doesn’t mean that Tony has to.   Frustrated, Tony activates his Hulkbuster mode and attacks, but Doom’s magical barriers easily hold the futurist off.

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Victor calmly offers to explain to Stark what is going on, and Tony reluctantly accepts.  Doom brings up Whitney Frost, also known as Madame Masque.  He believes her and Tony have a history together, though Stark is reluctant to admit the truth about that.  But Victor doesn’t really care.  He goes on to state that this Earth is a crossroads of inter-dimensional energy.  As the result of many incursions and dimensional rifts, many items have found there way to this planet that don’t belong here and do not follow the rules of physics or biology.

Doom takes Tony to one such item – the Wand of Watoomb.  Or, more accurately, a Wand of Watoomb.  While Dr. Strange possesses one such artifact, this is Doom’s.  A similar wand from another universe.  This is what Madame Masque tried to steal very recently, but she fell for a decoy Doom had set up long ago.  Victor willingly gives it to Tony, who is utterly shocked at this move.  He asks what is going on, and Doom explains that from here on out, these two men are going to help each other.  But the only way that is going to work is if Tony can learn to trust Victor.  So he wants Tony to have the wand.  It’s better that Stark has it over some maniac like Whitney, or perhaps even Victor himself.

Invincible Iron Man #2 Recap/Review – Tony goes to the zoo!

Friday then detects more rebels closing in on their location.  Doom insists on handling his people alone, and when Tony tries to stop him, Victor won’t have any of it.  Doom says he doesn’t want his kingdom back.  He’s ruled already, and now Victor knows he is meant for more.  Doom goes on to state that he’ll share more when Stark starts to take Victor seriously, and teleports Tony away.

In spite of his protests, Iron Man reappears in the Bronx Zoo, terrifying some visitors and leaving Tony both agitated and confused.  Friday and Stark try to make sense of this conversation, but Doom is long gone.  Instead, they agree to try and track down Madame Masque.  As Stark wonders what all this means, Friday suggests that maybe Tony has a new bestest buddy and they have a lot in common.  He is not amused at this.

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In Monteal, a couple arrives in their hotel room, only to find Madame Masque waiting for them.   Whitney is furious.  The wand she found in Doom’s castle is a fake.  Before her informant can explain herself, Frost shoots the couple dead.  Whitney then has a shower, washing off the blood.  But when she gets out, she finds the bullets in her gun are gone, and Tony is waiting for her on the bed.

Frost demands the return of the mask, and though Tony tries to talk to her, she refuses and begins to freak out over it.  Stark gives the woman her mask back, and reprimands her over the murders.  Whitney defends herself by pointing out the couple consisted of an ex-HYDRA assassin and a whore, but Tony doesn’t care.  These people had families, too.  But that is not why Stark is here.  He asks about what is going on between her and Doom, and though Whitney denies everything, Tony can tell that everything Victor said is the truth.

This makes Tony come to a horrible, earth-shattering conclusion – that it is actually possible Victor is trying to do the right thing.  Suddenly, Whitney strikes out at Stark, only to be easily deflected by a personal shield.  He is still wearing his new armor in stealth mode.  I mean, it’s pretty standard with all the new models.  And now her hand is broken in three places.  Tony asks her to calm down, and accept the situation.  She needs help.  She’s under arrest.  There’s no reason this can’t be civil.  But Whitney responds by touching Tony’s armor, and Friday detects an energy fluctuation.  Stark cries out in pain, and a massive field of energy begins to build up around them…

Invincible Iron Man #2 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Invincible Iron Man #2.

And we’re back… really early, actually, as it has only been two weeks.  But that’s okay, because I really enjoyed this comic.  It was a lovely little comic that largely focused on dialogue.  But it was good, interesting dialogue, that promises a pretty good story.  I have no idea where this story is going.  Has Doom really turned a new leaf following Secret Wars?  What’s Madame Frost up to?  And what’s up with her new powers?  I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but I expect the answer will be entertaining and worth our time, and as a result, I’m pretty excited for the rest of this story.

This is a solid creative team.  Coming over from Ultimate Spider-Man, both Bendis and Marquez seem to be a good fit for an Iron Man comic.  I liked everything here, from the new armor doing some cool stuff like going Hulkbuster on Doom, to the way Whitney reacted when Tony took her mask, there’s a lot going on here.  Each of the characters brought into this story have so far proven to be quite compelling and I’m really curious to see what happens next.

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I recommend this issue.  So far, Iron Man is worth your time and money.  But let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.  And don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.
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