Invincible Iron Man #5 Comic Book Recap/Review

Invincible Iron Man #5 Recap/Review – Doomed!


Invincible Iron Man #5 Comic Book Recap

Mary Jane is totally and completely screwed.  Super heroes.  Again.  Every time.  They show up in her life, and she has to start over.  She put everything she had into this club.  Everything.  She opens the doors, and ten seconds later… this.

Cornered by Iron Man and Doctor Doom, Madame Masque powers herself up.  But something is wrong.


Doom has encased her in a mystical sphere, while Tony has her trapped simultaneously in a technological one.  Whitney Frost swears she will kill them both, but the men warn her that she is meddling with forces that the woman is unable to contain.  Tony asks if Doom can put her down, but the former villain suddenly freezes in place.  Masque has found a way to breach the energy field, and Friday detects that she is trying to breach Tony’s armor as well.  The A.I.’s systems begin to fail.


<FRIDAY> “Gorgonzola”



In one powerful explosion, everyone around Whitney is knocked back.  Madame Masque demands that Tony take off his armor, as she wants to see his smug face while she rips it off of his body.

<IRON MAN> Friday?

<FRIDAY> “Ain’t no party like a Captain Britain party…”

<IRON MAN> Force command.  Full system reboot now.

<FRIDAY> “Warp speed, Mister Sulu.”

Tony gets Whitney to stop.  She’s clearly not in control of these new powers.  He’s seen this before, he knows what happens next.  The human body can only take so much.  It’s math.

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<FRIDAY> “It’s the very best L.T.E. coverage.”

Whitney says Tony is right.  He’s always right.  That’s why they are here.  Tony begs her to stop, but she isn’t listening, and moves to finish off Iron Man once and for all.  She says goodbye to Tony Stark, and wonders if she’ll miss him.  Suddenly, <SFX during> Mary Jane strikes the villain from behind with a microphone stand, knocking the woman’s mask clean off.

With Whitney momentarily distracted, Doom is freed, but Mary Jane is shocked and terrified by what she sees.


<FRIDAY> “And we’re back…”


With his armor restored, Tony pulls Mary Jane to safety, thanking her for saving his life.

<IRON MAN> She looks familiar.

<FRIDAY> “Mary Jane Watson.  Supermodel.”

<IRON MAN> Cool.


<FRIDAY> “Energy fluctuations are off the charts.”

<IRON MAN> I know.  Whitney!


Oh, no.

<FRIDAY> “Symptoms of demonic possession.”

Invincible Iron Man #5 Recap/Review – Doomed!

Tony says he is sorry, shocked that Whitney would go to such lengths.  Slowly, Iron Man’s armor dissolves off of him, and surrounds Madame Masque, trapping her.


With the villain trapped, Doctor Doom says they can exorcise the demon.  Though Tony is nervous, and still slow to trust Doom, Victor says he is the only one that can end this.  He orders Tony to remove the face plate of the armor.


With mystical energy surging everywhere, and Whitney’s body becoming increasingly distorted, Doom tells Tony he must keep her down.

<IRON MAN> Friday, hold her down.

<FRIDAY> “Trying.  These temporal energy readings are too high.  This entire area is in danger.”

<IRON MAN> Inform local authorities.  Call Doctor Strange.

<FRIDAY> “Already have.”

<SFX – Demon roar>

<IRON MAN> Call him again!

As Tony struggles to hold the woman down, Victor suggests that he use the repulsor beams to push her back to the ground.

<FRIDAY> “Good idea.”

<IRON MAN> I would have gotten there on my own.

<SFX – Repulsors; Explosion>

Later, Tony wakes up to find Doctor Doom gone, and Whitney, still alive, returned to normal.  Doctor Strange appears, and says Tony did well today.  Demonic possession don’t always end so easily.  As Stark fills his friend in on what just happened, Stephen is surprised at Doom’s actions, commenting that it is possible he is trying to start over as a better person.  For Victor, that will be quite the struggle, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Stephen wants to take Whitney, explaining that he needs to repair her body before turning the woman over to SHIELD.

Dr. Strange understands that she is a human being, and reassures Tony that she will be taken care of.  Relieved, a disturbing thought reaches Tony, and he asks the sorcerer if these demonic events have been increasing lately.  Stephen confirms they have been, and there is cause for concern.  Stark thanks his friend for helping out, and Stephen replies that he had to.  They’re awesome facial hair bros.  Dr. Strange leaves, and, astonished at the sorcerer’s words, Tony says all of this was totally worth it just for getting to hear that.

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Three days later, Mary Jane sits alone on a park bench.  She is devastated to see Tony, and assumes the hero is here to hit on her at the lowest point in her life, having been used to this sort of treatment for some time.  Tony says he doubts this is really the worst her life has been at, and if it is, he congratulates her on a good life.  But that’s not why he’s here.  He’s seeing somebody, anyway, but he feels bad for what happened to the woman.  His insurance will will cover the club, and Damage Control is already on the case, but Mary Jane says there is no point, as she cannot possibly weather this PR nightmare.  So Tony asks if MJ would be interested in a career change, and offers her a job.

Tony’s life is out of control, and he needs somebody to help organize it.  The important stuff keeps slipping through the cracks.  His charities, philanthropy, and life goals are going to the wayside, and he needs somebody to look out for him.  Someone who is used to the super hero world.  His AI can handle the business stuff.  Tony doesn’t know exactly what MJ’s superhero experience is, but he asked around and her credentials check out.  He asks her to think on it.  The job offer is in her e-mail.  If she doesn’t like the job or Tony, she can always quit.  But she’ll like him.

<SFX – take off>

<IRON MAN> What’s not to like?

<FRIDAY> “Oh, I have prepared a list.”

<IRON MAN> Friday!

<FRIDAY> “You asked the question”

Super heroes.  Again.  Mary Jane remains completely, and entirely, screwed.

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Invincible Iron Man #5 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of  Invincible Iron Man #5.

Well holy crap guys, this was awesome!  I’m sorry, but I had a blast here.  Issue number four set up some pretty interesting stuff and I was excited for this no matter what was going to happen, but here, I got everything I was hoping for and more.

The art is great, the action is great, the dialogue is fun and well done, and the entire comic feels like a wonderful conclusion to the first story arc of this new series.  There’s so much to like from the apparently redeemed Doctor Doom (still not sure what is going on there) to the demonically possessed Whitney Frost, which I felt nicely explained her behavior in this story.  And then there’s MJ, who had a couple of great moments in this story and I’m sincerely excited to see what happens to her next.

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So now, with the story arc over, the question becomes whether or not I am going to continue my coverage with this one.  Honestly, I’m a bit divided on this.  This was so fun to cover but I don’t want to overstay it’s welcome, or ignore other comic series for this one.  I also have a huge backlog of other stuff I want to do that I’d like to focus on for now.  But it was so well done, it’s hard to pass this series up.  So, we’ll see how I feel when #6 comes out.  Regardless, you should definitely check out Invincible Iron Man if you get the chance as it is a truly fun read, featured a great creative team, and is a great Iron Man comic overall.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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