Invincible Iron Man #6 Comic Book Recap/Review

Invincible Iron Man #6 Recap/Review – The War Machines stars here!

Invincible Iron Man #6 Comic Book Recap

The Stark Tower of Osaka, Japan has recently suffered a break-in.  Fortunately, the War Machine is on the case.  With Friday backing him up, on loan from Tony, James Rhodes begins his investigation.  Rhody isn’t sure what he’s doing here, but Stark replies that he couldn’t go himself as he’s in the middle of something very important.  As far as both men can tell, there was nothing in this building that Madame Masque felt worth stealing, nor would there be anything to justify the presence of the mysterious ninjas Tony fought earlier.  Nevertheless, it seems like both parties were definitely involved with this break-in.

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Rhody offers to check out some contacts in the city to see if he can find anything else.  Tony is grateful, but he wants to get back to his work.  James realizes Tony is with somebody, and comments that it’s stuff like this that makes everybody hates Stark.  Tony turns his attention to Amara, who is visiting and curious abut this conversation.  Stark explains how it was Rhody, his best superhero buddy of them all.  With the day now free, the two agree to go get some breakfast.  Tony doesn’t want to talk about his work, as it is too frustrating, so Amara instead talks about her efforts to cure Alzeimer’s using mangetic resonance.  The genius couple happily gets into the the merits of the treatment, when suddenly their meal is interrupted by Victor Von Doom.

Invincible Iron Man #6 Recap/Review – The War Machines starts here!

Tony is understandably upset to see his super secret best friend, but Victor brushes off Stark’s usual concerns.  They need to talk.  Meanwhile, over in Japan, Rhody bribes his way into a club, promising the bouncer not to start any trouble.  A woman named Yukio greets the War Machine, and though Rhody swears that he is here alone, he needs to know about the tech-based ninjas.  Yukio agrees to tell James the right person to contact, but makes him agree not to pursue the man within the club.  She points out a man dancing with two women, and Rhody is astounded at the person’s size, asking if he is mutant, or inhuman.  Yukio replies that these days she’s stopped asking.

Amara wants to know what Doom wants, but Tony says that these days, he’s stopped asking.  Victor explains that he has changed his ways, and wants to prove it to Stark, in spite of the fact that he has Iron Man armour has two repulsor beams pointed right at him.  Pointing out that he can easily ward off these attacks, Victor is unafraid, and simply asks if he has seen any otherworldly activity since their fight with Madame Masque.  Stark hasn’t, but he still isn’t happy with Doom being here.  The man could save the world from Galactus, Thanos, and ATM fees, and it STILL wouldn’t make up for all the things this man has done as a villain.  Doom looks at his companion, and simply retorts that of course it would change things.  Victor decides it is best for him to leave, saying he was just trying to check in and make sure everything was okay after their last encounter, even though Tony promises that the next time they meet, things will get violent.  Victor wished Amara a good day, and leaves, and even though Tony is apologetic, the woman is left fascinated at the encounter.

Meanwhile, the man and his dates leave the club, only for Rhody to grab their car and takes them to a nearby rooftop.  The man is outraged and attacks his captor, but the War Machine armour easily repels off the man’s gunfire.  Rhody begins his interrogation, when suddenly… <ENERGY SWORD>

The women chide the War Machine.  This sexist American didn’t even consider that they might have been the real threat.  Shame on him.  Rhody replies that in his defense, he was given bad intel.  The women attack.

Invincible Iron Man #6 Comic Book Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Invincible Iron Man #6!

So when we were last with Iron Man, I mentioned how I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to continue covering this comic.  Well, that changed pretty quickly as you guys very much wanted more of these, and I can’t blame you.  This comic is always fun to do so it wasn’t too hard to justify covering this story.  This issue also marks the very beginnings of content leading up to Civil War 2, so this issue and the series on the whole feels more than worth covering.

And yes, following the first story arc of this comic, which I really liked, things have more or less stayed on track.  The art style has changed as we have a new artist named Mike Deodato, but I still enjoyed the comics style.  That being said, I’ll need to see the man’s drawings a little more, particularly with some action scenes before I make any real judgment about his work.  Still, what I have seen is promising, and art is always particularly subjective.

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This is a pretty quiet comic, just the same, mostly featuring a few conversations and a set-up for Tony’s new status, as well as some indication of what to expect out of this new chapter in the story.  I still like this comic.  It’s clean fun, and man, if this is the new status quo for Iron Man, with Amara as the love interest, Mary Jane and Friday as his support staff, and Victor as his reluctant ally, I’m pretty sold on this.  If Doom really is trying to be a better person and wants to work with Tony, that’s awesome.  It’s been so fun thus far and he makes for a great foil to Tony.  They’re a fun mix of reluctant allies and heated enemies.  They’re frenemies!  And it’s great, so far.  I really want to see more of this development and thoroughly enjoy the entire premise for this new direction with Doom.

Interestingly, Mary Jane didn’t appear in this issue, but I think it’s because Bendis seems to be pacing himself, using the various characters in this story as he sees fit rather than forcing them into every single issue.  For example, this is the first time we’ve seen Amara in a couple issues, and I do like her as a character and how her relationship has continued with Tony Stark off panel.  So I’m sure we’ll see more of MJ sooner rather than later.  I’m also not really sure what any of this has to do with Civil War 2, but I assume there is more going on here, and things will be leading to Marvel’s next big event soon enough.  Not that I really mind, as the comic is good enough it really doesn’t have to get all into this event nonsense so quickly.

Anyhow, it was a good comic, and one I do recommend.  You should check this issue out for yourself, and let me know what you think in the comments section below.
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