Jane Foster Thor News ROCKS SDCC 2019. Marvel Crushes DC

Marvel crushes Dc in Sandiago Comic Con 2019 when Director Kevin Feige revealed that Jane Foster is Thor in the next thor movie. Director Taika Waititi saves the Thor franchise from extinction and returns to direct Thor love and thunder. All this is how Marvel won SDCC 2019 coming right up!

Jane Foster Thor Is The Next Thor Movie Love And Thunder

Marvel invaded SDCC hall H and we will see Chris Hemsworth reprise his role as thor. Tessa Thompson as the new king of asgard and finally we see the return of Dr Jane Foster.

Natalie Portman becomes Thor and maybe even joins the avengers. No plot details have been revealed yet. Only Taika has read the script and he is a fellow comic book fan that read through Jason Aaron’s run on the mighty thor (CARD) where we see Jane Foster become Thor the goddess of thunder.

Now there reports saying that jane foster thor will be referred to as the mighty thor, but the comic book story and the MCU are totally different so we are left with tons of juicy questions so lets go through some of them.

How will Jane Foster Thor wield Mjolnir?

In the movies, Hela destroyed the hammer so how is Jane foster going to become a female Thor? Will the hammer get reassembled?

In the comics, it was Odin himself who created the hammer as a prison for a sentient cosmic storm that threatens to destroy all life in the galaxy. So will we see a nod to this cosmic storm that would have been unleashed when Hela destroys the hammer in Thor Ragnarok?

Odin  vs cosmic storm
Odin vs cosmic storm

Taika Waititi Brings Jane Foster Thor To life and Saves The Franchise

According to forbes.com for the first week of a marvel movie’s release, thor 1 was the second weakest performing marvel movie ahead of edword norton’s incredible hulk. Thor scored 77% on rotten tomatoes, not too bad in my opinion.

In phase 2 thor the dark world again is the second weakest performing movie and wasn’t well received by critics scoring 66% on rotten tomatoes but in phase 3, santa clause himself Kevin Feige brings in Taika waititi as director for Thor Ragnarok which scored 93% on rotten tomatoes and jumped to the 3rd worst performing marvel movie in its first week.

Now on the surface, it doesn’t seem like that big of an improvement but Taika’s marvel debut brought an amazing and fresh sense of humor and unique style that is fundamental to Disney’s family friendly structure.

Rumor on the set of Thor Ragnarok was that Taika was just an amazing director and he even voiced fan favorite Korg.

Highly Anticipated Cameo In upcoming Jane Foster Thor movie

Thor Ragnarok brought us a highly anticipated cameo of Beta Ray Bill in the form of a statue head commemorating the fact that Beta Ray was at one point a champion in the colleseum on Sakaar. Storm Breaker, his primary Asgardian weapon, has been created and is in use by the Odinson himself. So could we finally see the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill on the big screen?

Thor Love And Thunder – Takeaway.

Jane Foster as Thor is a stroke of Genious by Marvel head honcho Kevin Fiege and Director Taika Waititi. The Thor franchise has been weak since its debut but Taika brought new life into the franchise with Thor Ragnarok. So can he work his magic and create the magic that Jason Aaron did so well in his mighty thor comic series?

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