Jon Kent Superboy Titans Member no more? End Of An Epic duo!

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne are hands down the best new dynamic duo since rebirth and just like that, they are no more. But before it ends, lets take a look at the Super-sons new cave of Solitude, or Fortress of the Batcave!!!

Jon Kent and Damian’s New Fortresss/Cave

After a few short months of allowing their sons to team up, Superman and Batman finally decide to give Jon Kent and Damian Wayne their own hide out. At this time, Jon is not a full member of Damian’s Teen Titans team so he cant hang out in titan’s tower any time he likes. Damian also refers to Jon as his student and that he is only here to train the rookie. Their current meeting spot is mainly in Jon’s bedroom where Damian pulls a classic Batman move and comes unannounced and surprises Superboy. But now, funded by Wayne Enterprises, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne finally have their very one headquarters. It is located under water under Morrison bay, somewhere between metropolis and Gotham city. Created with the help of the justice league’s tech expert, Cyborg, Superboy and robin’s new HQ comes equipped with just about everything that they need to take their heroic antics to the next level. There is even a two-person pod meant to zip the heroes to either Gotham waterfront or Metropolis bay in under a minute.

Their schooling life is about to change as well. Before, Damian would impersonate the bus driver and a teacher to tail Jon but now, since Jon and his family decided to pack up and move to Metropolis, Bruce sent a generous donation to a private school to get Jon and Damian in. Damian was homeschooled by Alfred which means he has a bit more freedom for extracurricular activities but with the new school in Metropolis, he has Alfred helicopter him to school every morning.

Super-sons Of Tomorrow

In the events of Super-sons of tomorrow, a future hardened version of Tim Drake escapes Mr. Oz’s prison, battles it out with the Bat family, loses and returns for round 2. Future Tim successfully takes out Batman AND Superman and this time, he won’t let anyone get in his way to save his future by killing Superman’s son Jon Kent Superboy. You see, in Tim’s future, a grown-up Jon Kent went supernova and released his solar flare ability which killed millions of people. Future Damian in turn killed Jon in a matter so gruesome that Tim have stated that he wants to kill Damian on the spot for doing what he did to Jon. But before that, he needs to terminate Jon before Superboy’s solar Flare can kill anyone else.

Tim Drake infiltrates the Titans towers easily due to the fact that he is Tim Drake, same biometrics, DNA, everything. Jon was hanging out at the Tower discussing his membership status till Drake attacks. He put so much pressure on Jon that Superboy went nova for the first time. The aftermath of a small super flare from Jon Kent resulted in a heavily damaged Titans tower, the teen titans all passed out and Future Batman’s bat suit heavily damaged. So, Tim Drake scavenged the titans armory for a new suit. He is now Savior a new kind of threat and he is still on a warpath to kill Jon and maybe even Damian as well.

Jon Kent’s First Solar Flare Ability

The final battle takes place in the arctic. Jon and the rest of the titans arrive and witness the aftermath of Superman’s clash with Savior. But superman is still stuck in a red sun prison. Jon can’t get to his father and begins to lose control entering some kind of trance. He is about to go supernova. When superman went super nova, he survived because he is full Kryptonian. Jon is about to go supernova and being a human hybrid, Jon might not survive the aftermath.

The future Titans, Tim Drake’s team arrives to save their friend from the pull of hypertime but after witnessing the danger they are in, everybody decides to work together in order to stop Jon Kent Superboy from unleashing a blast that could kill most of these heroes. Tim sees his best friend Conner telling Superman that he failed Jon once and he won’t fail him again as the titans of tomorrow lend their powers to the rescue effort. The selfless act finally triggered Tim to find another option. He is being pulled by Hypertime again so Tim uses every bit of tech remaining in his suit to absorb Jon Kent’s Solar Flare into him while he allows Hypertime to take him once again.

Future Tim is lost to Hypertime but Jon is saved. This is also the first time we see a future clone of Superman, Conner made contact with the past and meet Jon Kent for the first time even though they don’t share a panel.

Moments later, Superman has a chat with Damian and Jon. Before this point, he thought it would be a great idea allowing Jon to do minor missions with Damian for his development but the aftermath of Future Tim’s attack, and knowing that Damian will be the one to kill Jon in a possible future, a father can only go through so much. But this time, Damian defended his stance on being there for Jon and for the first time ever, Damian calls Jon a friend. Damian will not allow anything to happen to Jon. Jon says the exact same thing. The two convinces Superman to allow them to continue their missions. Superman also welcomes the titans to the Justice league watch tower where they held a vote if Jon should be a full fledge member. Batman and Damian voted for but unfortunately, the rest of the team voted. Jon Superboy Kent, this version superboy was never a member of the Teen titans. That membership seems to be reserved for Conner Kent AKA Superboy.

Robin’s Mother Tries To Kill Superboy’s Mother

In a story titled The parent trap, at school Jon Kent and Damian Wayne were approached by the daughter of the demons head, Damian’s mother, Talia Al Ghul. She has a mission for her son and says that he is a weapon for war. It is shameful what Batman has done to her weapon and that he needs to exercise his skills or let it atrophy.

Damian refuses the mission and, with conviction, he says that he knows his place in the world and that is beside father. Talia departs but not before leaving a sword as a parting gift, a sword that was used to kill last night.

Talia’s visit to Damian’s school left him shook so later that night, the super-sons pay a visit to Gotham city. After gaining intel from one of Talia’s assassin, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne discovered that Talia’s mission is to kill Lois Lane, Jon Kent’s mother.

The Super-sons race into action and finds both their mothers in the nick of time. Talia prepares her sniper and she has Lois in her cross hairs. (GUN SHOT)

Jon Kent Superboy arrives in time to block the bullet while Damian Wayne engages his mother. Damian scoffs at Talia stating that missions like this should be beneath her.

Well you see the Event Leviathan is still ongoing and this mysterious organization crippled all Clandestine organizations in current operation. None of them are safe. Cadmus, Argus and even the League Of Assassins got hit, so Talia replies – what do you think an assassin does, dear? This is our bread and butter.

But upon closer inspection, we discover that she wanted this mission even more when Damian refused her offer to once again join her operation.

Damian has in his hands the sword his mother gifted to him hours ago. He breaks it in half and returns it to his mother while stating ‘Father is all the family in need. And I have friends now.

This story ended without Lois noticing anything and Talia Al Ghul returning to the shadows.

Jon Kent And Damian Wayne Versus The Justice League (Kid Amazo)

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne were tested a few times but one of their biggest test came from Kid Amazo a human who got the amazo virus and stole the Amazo suit from Lex Corp. this corrupted kid was getting help from Luthor’s medical team but it turns out that his psyche was so much in sync with the armor that the armor grew sentience and destroyed the body after taking whatever was left to fuel itself.

Of course, being previously busted by Jon Kent and Damian Wayne, his first mission was to neutralize the justice league and then Kid Amazo attacked Superboy and Damian’s Hq. Cyborg arrives shortly to help but the battle ends at an empty tanker where Kid Amazo proudly displays the League chained up. The boys execute a plan we have seen multiple times before – Superboy plays the bruiser while Damian hacks into Batman’s Batsuit to find his contingency plan if he ever had to take down a league member. Damian distracts cyborg enough so that Kid Amazo takes over Cyborg’s programming. With the Trojan horse in place, Damian gave Cyborg a super computer stroke. The pain gets passed onto Kid Amazo effectively knocking him out. The league is safe. Jon Kent And Damian Wayne has effectively taken down a villain with the powers of the justice league at his finger-tips, and for now, this will be the very last adventure Jon Kent will take with Damian Wayne.

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne Comparisons

What makes or breaks this series is the connection between Jon Kent and Damian Wayne. Here you have a 10 year old boy who grew up somewhat normally and acts like how a 10 year old should act. Loving parents and one of them is the walking symbol of hope. Then there’s the 13-year-old who has been training to kill ever since he could walk. He talks with a condescending tone and pushes his feelings to the back seat favoring the brutish, strong will survive mantra but at his core, Damian needs the father figure and friends that he has compiled through the years.

Then we see the differences between the two and how they deal with it such as when Damian’s mother picked up a contract to kill Jon’s mother. 1 kid has a mom with a regular reporter job and the other’s mom is the princess to the league of assassins. These trained killers, at first glance at Damian shiver in fear calling Damian the pinnacle of the line of Al Ghul, the bringer of blood, the hunter of men carrying a million deaths in his hands. That last line is certainly true due to Damian’s knowledge of hitting pressure points in the forehead with only 2 hands which can knock out the victim or, if done slightly different, could kill the victim.

What you don’t get is the amazing father son dynamics Damian once shared in the pages of Batman and Robin and of course, due to Brian Michael Bendis’s actions, Jon’s innocence is wiped as he ages up about 7 years. The countdown to the end of one of the best teamups in my opinion is coming to an end but we are not done yet.

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