Justice League #2 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League #2 Extinction Machine Part 2

Justice League #2 Comic Book Recap

Hong Kong, the two rookie lanterns made it out of the tsunami the moment their rings came back online. Green Lantern Simon Baz managed to create constructs to get the civilians to safety while Lantern Jessica Cruz fends off the raging tsunami. Baz takes a moment to check on the civilians but they appear to be possessed. But suddenly, the civilians fell unconscious and they drop the floor. They awoke with no memory of the last half hour. The same thing happened in San Francisco but the flash is relieved that everyone is ok.

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Batman calls to the scarlet speedster that he is needed in Gotham. Seconds later, the fastest man alive made his way to the dark knight’s city. Before Batman can finish his sentence, Barry Allen had already taken down the alien swarm and the people of Gotham are safe once again.

Hours later, the justice league regroups at the watch tower. Cyborg informs his group that these natural catastrophes all happened at the same time. There is something, inside earth outer core, emitting gravitational pulses that are increasing in power with each cycle. Earth survived the first one but a second attack is eminent. There is also an alien ship or weapon that landed in Gotham. The swarm is another threat that the Justice League must address. Wonder Woman arrives with a third problem: those possessed civilians are controlled by something called the kindred. Everything must be connected somehow.

Justice League #2 Extinction Machine Part 2 cyborg batman

The watch tower hull is breached. Cyborg identifies over a thousand vessels converging upon their HQ. If it is the same thing that attacked Gotham, then there’s a payload of biological weapons in each one of those vessels. The Justice League has their mission but batman is going elsewhere. Bruce is going to get him.

Atlantis, King Arthur should be dead from the collapsing ruins, but he isn’t. Instead, Arthur hears singing. It’s beautiful, calming, tranquil. Did these stones save the life of Arthur Curry? The king of Atlantis grabbed the stones and proceeds to head back to his city. An Atlantian guardsman finds his king. The guard informs Arthur that those stones are the zodiac crystals that were in the collapsed museum. But enough talk about Atlantean artifacts. The guard pulls King Arthur to an entity that could threaten the entire world.

Metropolis, Batman’s vantage point allows him to witness superman blasting alien vessels out of the sky with his heat vision. He doesn’t know this superman, he doesn’t trust this superman, but right now, if the world is to survive this attack, superman will be needed. Batman has a job for this man of steel, he needs superman to go to the center of the earth.

Justice League #2 Comic Book Review

So here we are back again with the third justice league comic book from Bryan Hitch. Let’s see how it compares to the last two issues that we covered here on Comic Island.

After a turbulent start for Hitch on Justice League, I feel as though I’m getting a bit more use to the story and the art. I love consistency in art and if it REMAINS consistent than I can get lost in the story. So let’s take a closer look at what’s going on: there are three different attacks on earth right now: earthquakes, alien ships, and some mind control. We gotta assume that the new villain is called the kindred. It sounds like a hive queen type of villain to me. If this is true then that means that the League will be facing similar problems like when they faced Starro. So I’m hoping for the best and I hope this kindred threat brings something different to the table.

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Now let’s discuss the two things that worked for me on this issue. We got some nice character development with the two rookie lanterns. It takes great focus and willpower for a green lantern to create a construct but Baz has only been a lantern for under a year and yet, he managed to create a few dozen airships to transport the people to safety? That’s really impressive. But Jessica Cruz barely scrapes enough power to create her own construct to push back the tsunami. It probably won’t happen in the pages of justice league but I can see these two really getting under each other’s skin but like any buddy cop story, they will most likely have each other’s backs when it comes down to doing their job. FYI, in green lanterns issue 1, we discovered that Simon Baz somehow gained an ability called emerald sight. Right now, we don’t fully know the extent of this new power but I like knowing that there is power uniqueness within the earth lanterns’. But or Jessica, it seems like she still has a long road of learning to look forward to.

So they save the best for last. One of the greatest dynamic in the justice league right now is the loss of new 52 Superman and the inclusion of post crisis superman. Bryan Hitch is doing a great job so far by giving us a taste of what we are looking for. I would like to see the relationship between post crisis superman and the justice league explored further but I want it done right so I’m actually glad that Bryan Hitch saved it until the end.

We already had clues as to how Batman feels about this new superman but in these last few pages, we find out exactly how batman feels about this new guy. It plays into exactly who batman is: a paranoid, always prepared warrior. Batman is known to be a master detective, the greatest, some might say. But he never knew about the existence of this second superman till recently. This must be a huge blow to his distrust-ometer. So it is like him to tippy toe and tests the waters around this new superman and I’m loving this new chemistry. But either than that, this issue felt like a nice breath of fresh air compared to the last two from Bryan Hitch. He nailed batman’s behavior and he gave us a bit of the relationship between the League and post crisis superman.


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