Justice League #4 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League #4. Cyborg Reborn?

Justice League #4 Comic Book Recap

Somewhere in an uncharted sector of the universe, Rookie Green Lantern Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are doing all they can to destroy these alien ships. But they are fighting a losing battle. There appears to be more of these things than before. Simon Baz can see that they are coming from the planet below. Cruz will hold the line in outer space while her partner heads down to the planet to stop these things from the source.

Metropolis, uptown, Cyborg is doing all he can to repel the alien swarm. After converging upon him, the swarm attempts to rewrite his coding. His body wants to reject him. His DNA is changing. He cannot turn off the signal. Batman shows his concerns but this is a battle that Cyborg needs to win on his own. He focuses on their signal. This is their language. It attracted them. Cyborg can use it. He can turn the table, change THEIR coding and purge his attacker.

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Cyborg won the battle, the swarm falls dead on the floor, but the war is still out there. Batman checks in on his friend. Cyborg states that he knows what is happening to the world and that they are screwed. Cyborg is overloaded with data. Decrypting it is a bit difficult, but what he learned while connected to the swarm is that their alien attackers are called the purge. They have assimilated many other planets in the universe and earth is next. Their plan: to turn humanoid species into something else. The quake machines, that superman is after, are failsafe’s to destroy the world. Cyborg’s brain burns with an overload of information. But he figured out one more thing. The purge has never been stopped before. Superman is down there fighting to save the world but what if he failed? Batman moves onto plan B but Lois Lane demands that they give more faith in her superman. Her superman has saved the world a few times. The justice league never even knew about it. Her husband will finish his mission, he will find a way.

Atlantis, Aquaman’s empire is in ruins and more earthquakes are slowly approaching. The zodiac crystals again sing their song. They tell the king of Atlantis that the world is ending, but they can fix it. The zodiac crystals can fix the world.

Earth’s outer crust, Superman unleashes his full force at the extinction machine, but that barely made a dent. The pressure and heat are unbearable. These things are too strong. Superman cannot use his brute force. But wait, Superman has a plan. He allocates his entire strength to moving the machine from earth’s outer crust towards its inner crust where the pressure and temperature is a lot stronger.

As the machine move closer to the inner crust, the unbearable heat and pressure pounds down on the man of steel. But something is happening. The machine begins to implode under the enormous pressure. Superman has done it again. But that is only one down, two more to go.

Elsewhere, the four entities are surprised that the purge has not yet taken hold. They are aware that the defenders of the earth are holding off the end of the world. They are ready to join together. Their song must be heard throughout the universe. Their song must be sung before earth shatters.

Justice League #4. Cyborg Reborn? The Flash

Meanwhile, The Flash Barry Allen is getting exhausted. He spent the day running all around the world taking out these alien vessels. His job is done here but more vessels just broke the earth’s atmosphere. The Flash now runs toward the crash site. Arriving at his destination, the Flash is surprised to find 4 godly titans observing this event unfold. No time to worry about them, the flash has a job to do so he converges upon the alien swarm. But then the earthquake starts again causing Barry to trip and lose his speed. The swarm converges on the flash while he attempts to call for his friends but to no avail.

Elsewhere, Batman can no longer wait for superman’s triumph. It is time for another plan of action. They need to get superman’s family to safety. But Cyborg informs the dark knight that the whole world is getting pulled apart. They are no safer elsewhere than they are here. Cyborg then receives the flash’s message, but it wasn’t through their comms, it came through the alien swarm. Cyborg reconnects with the swarm to get a strong signal, but he screams in agony then, Victor stone passes out from pure exhaustion.

Within the entity, Wonder Woman floats in limbo. She hears the many voices of the awakened. It tells her that her powered friends are holding the purge at bay, and for the first time since an age long forgotten, the entities can sing.

On the outskirts of the universe, Jessica Cruz is done destroying the alien ships. Simon Baz made a discovery on the planet’s surface. Jessica soon joins her partner but what she sees cannot be explained. An ocean of converted humanoid beings with cybernetic implants resembling one of her most trusted teammates, Cyborg.

Justice League #4 Comic Book Review

This story is getting really good and I’m starting to appreciate writer Bryan Hitch a lot more compared to my first review of the one shot justice league rebirth. The art has remained consistent, the story is progressing quite a bit, but what won me over is cyborg’s time in the spotlight. It’s very hard to give all of the justice league members a time to shine so I get why some members are benched but I always feel that cyborg is always left on the side so DC can showcase their flagship heroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. But in this issue, Cyborg is given quite a lot to do and I especially love it how he has more answers than Batman during their scene at the Kent residence. And then the cliffhanger, oh my god there is a lot to be said there but I wanna touch base on a few other things before we talk about the last page.

The green lanterns get their time to shine so that was awesome. I’m not too sure I completely understand the scenes with Wonder Woman. It feels like she isn’t really required. Let’s take a closer look: She is sucked into one of these entities so she can play the bridge between us and these beings. But they are pretty verbal already. Cyborg, on the other hand, now plays the bridge between this purge and us, the readers. We don’t know much about this alien invasion so it’s important that we find out. Normally it would be Batman being the detective and figuring it out but this time, Cyborg gets to shine.

It’s a justice league comic book so we gotta have Barry Allen the flash as well but his impact on the progression of this issue felt very minimal. But then there’s Superman who was given a suicide quest by Batman to save the world by destroying these extinction machines. If and when he completes his mission, I feel as though he will pretty much get the red carpet treatment to join the Justice league.

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But let’s get back to my favorite justice Leaguer in this issue: Victor Stone, the guy that got promoted from the teen titans to a founding member of the justice league at the beginning of the new 52.

What’s so interesting about this last scene is that it appears that his cybernetic parts are not random. They weren’t designed by his father or given to him by apocalyptian technology, even though that might still be the case. If these sentient beings have the same cyber armor he has then it’s safe to assume that he is part of something larger. This reminds me of that Spawn movie from the 1990’s and how his armor is only one of many spawns from hell.

That being said, more questions are raised now and it’s mainly surrounding the origins of victor stone’s cybernetic armor.

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