Justice League #40 Comic Review/Recap

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Justice League #40 Comic Recap

Our story begins in a dark back ally.  Wilson Morgan is taking the law into his own hands and is tracking down a man that kidnapped his neighbours daughter. But Morgan isn’t going in empty handed. He is an amazo virus survivor and he has newfound powers that he thinks will aid him on his vigilante quest. Unfortunately, he isn’t a bruce wayne or a barry allen, he is no hero.


As he lay dieing on the streets,  Morgan sees what he thinks is an angel. But are there such things as angels and heaven? No, instead, the man standing before him is Metron the observer.

You see, Metron has been observing for a long time. His past not clearly defined and he swears allegiance to no one. He witnessed the war between apocalypse and new genesis and he was the one that came to the mad god and to highfather and offered them the deal in order to keep the peace between the two warring planets. The child of darksied would be traded and raised on new genesis and the prince of new genesis would call apocalypse his new home.

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The observer doesn’t truly care for the safety and wellbeing of these 2 princes but rather, he averted a war and his quest to seek knowledge can continue. But Metron could never be prepared for an attack from a being known as the anti-monitor. Metron watched as universes fell. Then he watched as others came together. In the end, sacrifices were made. All that was, imploded. But he was saved. The universes were reborn as one. And for a time, he observed unobstructed, until, recently, reality was remade when the flash battled his greatest enemy, causing time itself to rupture.

justice league #40 comic review recap

Metron now travels to earth 3, the world dominated by the crime syndicate. But because of the anti-monitor’s madness, this world is now uninhabitable.

Metron approaches and calls out to the anti-monitor by a name long unheard.


Anti-monitor shows his distaste and blasts Metron but the observer is un-phased. You see, as long as Metron sits on that chair, the anti monitor’s power will not be effective. He knows this because a time long ago, Mobius sat on that chair. but now, he is the anti monitor, the destroyer, and Metron is the new observer. Metron attempts to reason with the mad being stating that he has ruptured too many universes and the multiverse cannot withstand another one. Because of his actions, the anti-monitor has allowed brainiac to wander the multiverse collecting worlds, unchallenged. But the destroyer doesn’t care. Brainiac will do nothing, he will find nothing, he does not know the truth.

Metron now offers the destroyer a deal. Halt your attack on earth in your efforts to destroy it, and I, I will cease my observation’s. Metron promises to help the anti monitor search for a cure to his curse.



The mad being will not hear it. He has found a way to rid his curse. He will wage a war against apocalypse. Darksied’s death is the key to all of this, and Metron will be forced to bear witness. A hooded woman approaches and states, yes Mobius, death to my father: Death to darkseid.

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Justice League #40 Comic Recap

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and the darksied wars have begun. We are not even done the convergence event and I gotta admit I am so much more stoked over this title then whats happening right now in convergence.

Ok so let’s get into reviewing this issue. I love how they tied the beginning into the previous amazo virus story arc. This Morgan guy is most likely the last person we saw that got lightning powers at the end of justice league issue 39. I love how they touch base on the fact that powers does not make the hero, its bravery, cunning and heart that makes the hero….orrrr a good back story lol.

Ok now let’s get into the fruit of this issue. We are now reintroduced to Metron. Fun fact, he holds the anti-life equation that darksied so desperately desire. He also created the boom tube that allows people to travel great distances in an instant and in this issue, we now know that this Metron has been around ever since the beginning. He bore witness to infinite crisis, zero hour, final crisis and the recent flashpoint, all events that broke and restarted the muiltiverse.

Now this is new, I never clearly understood the anti monitors origin but in this issue, we got a revelation that depicted the anti monitor with the name Mobius, and that he sat on the chair before Metron ever possessed it. so, at one point, the anti monitor was a laid back observer type figure? Cool lol.

So with everything going on in convergence, we get a revelation that beyond telos, beyond brainiac, the true master-mind behind it all is the anti monitor. That kind of makes me feel like convergence is pointless now doesn’t it.

now this is my final thoughts on this issue. I loved it. it feels more like a zero issue than anything. But we got great fan service. New readers can easily pick this up and get a strong enough understanding to continue and long-time readers would love the rich history that this issue portrays.

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