Justice League #41 ReviewRecap

Justice League #41 ReviewRecap. The Arrival.


Justice League #41 Comic Review

A woman arrives home from a late shift. She is tired and is frantic as she gets settled in. but a man awaits her return. Shocked, she screams for her husband. The man kills her in cold blood as one of darkseid’s followers enters the room. Lashina states that the deceased woman was not the one they were looking for. The two acolytes of Darkseid now continue their search for a woman named Myrina Black.

When he was seven, his father was told the only way to end the war between new genesis and apokolips was if he exchanged sons with Darkseid. He begged not to be chosen, but he was. While his father welcomed Darkseid’s savage son to the family dinner table and taught him how to use a fork, the prince of new genesis was taken to apokolips and thrown into the slave pits and forgotten. Years of torment and tears later and the son of new genesis would grow to be a young man adept at picking locks. When all went dark, he would roam free and explore this mad world and return before his slavers could figure out that he was ever gone. When he got good enough, he opened his cell every night after, until one day, he didn’t go back. He faced and fought the worst of this world. he allied himself with revolutionaries. He found hope, he saved lives. He even fell in love.

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When he fled to earth, he was given the name Scott free. You may know him better as mister miracle. Years ago, Darkseid was knocked off the top of the food chain by the Justice League. Rumor has it that Darkseid is amassing a new army for some sinister purpose. The mad god is up to something big and Scott needs to find out exactly what. But he won’t be able to stop him alone. He is going to need the help of the people who went to war with Darkseid and won. He needs the help of the Justice League. Mister Miracle finds himself in a chamber with vital information on the Justice League and a woman named Myrina Black. He commands his mother box to copy all of the information but his investigation gets interrupted by Darkseid himself. Scott pre-emptively attacks but his discs are rendered ineffective as it bounces off Darkseid’s chest. The mad god cripples Scott with his omega beam and the battle is over before it even began. He begins to crush the son of new genesis under his boots but Scott had enough reach in him to command his mother box to teleport him out of danger.

Meanwhile, back on earth, after the amazo virus attack on metropolis, Neutron is quarantined and is looked after by Lexcorp. The cancer has overtaken his body and the doctors give him only 1 day left before he dies. Luthor scoffs at Neutron’s dire situation but Superman offers a challenge to Lex stating that he cant cure the cancer and save Neutron. His ego gets the best of him and he takes on this task while Captain Cold gets the best seat in the house as he watches his boss cure cancer.

Across town, cyborg’s tech has detected boom tube activity and the Justice League investigates a crime scene in a house where two people are dead. The green lanterns are busy isolating single hair follicle or skin cell with their rings while flash and batman process evidence from the bodies. With the help of his comrades, cyborg has figured out that the killer is not human, he is something else.

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Hours later, Cyborg has found a pattern to this killing spree. A woman named Myrina Black was found dead 30 minutes ago and another Myrina Black was reported deceased 10 minutes ago. Whoever the killer is seems to be targeting a woman by this name and they are using alien tech. Even the power of the green lantern ring could not get a trace or any form of evidence. While the group radios into ARGUS to start hunting down the 44 other Myrina Blacks in the United States, Barry Allen screams in agony as a pair of hands reaches through his mouth and, in a flash of light, a grey skinned woman appears and declairs that she plans on bringing torment and torture to the Justice League. Batman, the only human in the room, gets to his knees but the Woman takes out the dark knight with ease. She now looks to cyborg and notices that he has a mother box within him. She demands that he give it up, immediately. The woman begins to rip out Cyborgs appendages revealing that victor stone is somehow re-growing his body. Wonder Woman attacks from behind while alerting superman that they are under siege, but radio contact breaks along with Diana’s gauntlets.

Lena Luthor reports the lost signal to superman and her brother Lex Luthor. But the two oversized ego in the room overpowers her voice. Superman berates Luthor as being a common criminal but Lex has had enough of the man of steel’s condescending attitude and blasts the hero with his gauntlet. But then three shots fired and Luthor is taken down. Superman turns to see that the sister has just attempted to kill the brother. She states, don’t look surprised superman. Everyone hates him. She raises a mother box and orders it to send superman and lex to their deaths. The mother box accepts its order and a portal opens behind the two, ripping them out of this world.

The battle rages on in the streets as the two green lanterns enter the fray. Hal Jordan attacks with hi

dc comics justice league #41 review
s mighty will but the woman took his most prised attribute and broke it. She slams Jessica Cruz, onto  a vehicle. We discover that Jessica was the real target. The woman declares that she needs Jessica because she holds a tether to another universe, or rather, her ring does. A burst of green light explodes from the ring forming a tear in reality itself. This immense power is felt by everyone even Ultra Man and Super Woman. When all went silent, the destroyer emerges from the rubble; the Anti Moniter has arrived at last.

Elsewhere in the city, mister miracle reappears in an empty parking lot. His mother box informs him that the deceased woman is named Myrina Black, but she is an innocent, she isn’t the one. Suddenly, out of the darkness, lashina attacks with her razor ribbons. Scott manages to dodge the attack but Kanto, Darkseid’s favourite assassin enters the scene. These three has shared a lot of history and Kanto is eager to end mister miracle’s life. Darkseid’s forces converge upon Scott free. His odds are stacked against him and he cannot win. His mother box opens and mister miracle has escaped another death sentence. He reappears in front of a gigantic griffin and a woman who tells griff to not harm the man. He is not an enemy. Scott asks: Who are you? The woman approaches and declares that her name is Myrina Black and she has spent decades planning a war to kill Darkseid. Wont you join her?

Justice League Comics #41 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is Joey and there’s just too many things I wanna discus so lets jump right into the good stuff. One of my absolute favourite movies when I was young was the first terminator movie. It’s the same type of killing spree when the terminator started killing everyone named Sarah Connor. This issue gave us a bit of that and I loved it. But why kill Myrina Black? Whats her importance? We will get into that at the end but let me go over a few things I love about this issue. Take a look at this page. Wonder woman is basically monologue about her journey into the just league and we see a bunch of images of the members as children with their parent or guardian watching over. We grew up with these iconic heroes and these images reach so deep into my heart and I adored it.

Hal Jordan is back with the league but is he back on earth only to help jessica cruz? Or is he back permananlty? Who knows and who cares, I always thought that the league needed a green lantern and now hes back. And we also got to see Grail using Jessica’s power ring to open a portal to send her master the anti moniter into this reality. So who is Grail you may ask? Well during free comic book day, we discover that Grail was born Amazonian and her mother will do anything in her power to protect her, even kill two Amazonians and running away from paradise island. Now grail claims that Darkseid is her father and by the pigment in her skin, we are lead to believe this to be true. So at the end, we get introduced to the true Myrina Black and her pet Griffin. Damn that just screams epicenes. So who is this you may ask? Well remember when I said grail was born Amazonian? Myrina is her mother which means that she is Amazonian. She was portrayed to be villainous but in this issue, she seems more like a hero. We gotta wait till next issue to see what kind of person she is but right now, let’s get a headcount of the new characters. Darkseid has lashina and Kanto and the Anti Moniter has Grail and her mother Myrina. We also get introduced to mister miracle as well so he will obviously be on the side of the heroes.

This war has two titans battling it out and the justice league is caught in the middle. I can’t ask for anything more. but that’s my opinion. what do you think of justice league issue 41? Please let me know in the comments below. thank you so much for watching and if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and i’ll see you next time as comic island covers the Darksied War. O btw, turns out Lena Luthor was the mastermind behind the assassination on luthor.


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