Justice League #45 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League #45 Review/Recap. New God Of Apokolips 

Justice League #45 Comic Book Review

Since the day humans looked up to the gods, they have wondered, can a god die? When Darkseid fell there was a blinding red light, a deafening sound, the ground shook, and then all was quiet. And if a god can die, what happens next?

The justice league stands in the aftermath between two warring gods. The anti monitor and his forces vanished soon after Darseid’s defeat. The dark god is confirmed dead by Mr Miracle’s mother box and a new god is born.

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Barry Allen can finally control his body but things aren’t exactly the same. Mr Miracle explains how Darkeid captured death, or an aspect of it, when he first took control of apokolips. But the black racer could only be communicated with by anchoring it to a sentient host. Somehow, the anti monitor took control of the racer and forced Barry to bond with it. Once a host is chosen, they’re bound until they – Im not like the other hosts, Barry interrupts his new ally. And I don’t want to escape death. I want to control it.

The Black Flash races off leaving the justice league behind to clean up the mess. With the Wisdom of Solomon, Shazam suggests for cyborg to track their scarlet speedster. But his head gets crowded with an influx of voices:

Justice League #45 Review/Recap. New God Of Apokolips

I will not give my power to this boy, wizard. He will be my vessel. He will burn, like all the martians. The source wall will not stand for long. Billy, billy listens to me. The new gods call you! Cyborg’s alien tech senses the many voices within Billy Batson but it is too late, Shazam launches himself in the air, too fast for anyone of his allies to give chase. The justice league is now without superman, Batman, the flash and shazam. They are 4 members down and Kalibak knows this. He presents himself with the generals of Apokalips. I wouldn’t worry about them. You have problems of your own. Father is dead. So are you!

Apokolips, Superman is not himself and he gave his nemesis a beating. His super hearing overheard the slave masters gossiping about the death of their ruler, Darkseid. He grabs hold of his old foe and rips his armor to shreds.


The Billionaire admits defeat; he admits that the man of steel could have ended him at any time.

Of course I win. Im superman.

According to Clark, Lex Luthor will not last the night. But if he does manage to survive, he is now banished from earth, for if luthor dares return to their planet,  Clark will make sure that his foe will end up like is armor: Ripped to shreds!

The man of steel grows bored of his toy and flies off leaving Lex Luthor to fend for himself. This will not go well for the newest member of the justice league.

Elsewhere in the multiverse, the news of Darkseid’s death has reached the dark knight. The war is over and Batman can turn his attention back to what’s important. With the Mobius chair, he can finally be the batman that godtham needs. Suddenly, Hal Jordan screams in agony as his ring emits a very familiar face. Batman informs his colleague that without their leader, the parademons are roaming free out there in the universe. And like the insects that they are, they’re drawn to a great place of power, the brightest light in the universe. Jordan can only think of one location that fits that description. OA!

Meanwhile, back on earth, Grail and her mother watches on as the anti-monitor enters is cocoon state. He is changing. He is becoming, Mobius.

Back on apokolips, a captured and weathered Luthor is found and beaten by a small faction of rebels known as the forgotten people. When asked what they want with him, the woman states that on the night of darksied’s death, a human would walk through the ashes of their world. It was written that this human was a great hero from a place called metropolis. He had saved his world many times. He is an orphan, a humble son of farmers: Seeker of truth and the embodiment of justice. When asked if he is this man, Luthor replies: Yes, I am!

The tribe bows down to their saviour but the woman shows her distain.

Why are you bowing before him? She states. He hasn’t earned it yet. She pulls her weapon and knocks the human out cold.

Hours later, Luthor awakens strapped in place surrounded by alien tech. The woman he now knows as his jailor is present. She tells him that with Darkseid’s death, the omega effect has been unleashed and it will return home to apokolips. The forsaken people will contain it, and they will use Luthor’s flesh to do so. If the human is the worthy hero from their prophesy then he will survive. If not, he will die.

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A flash of red light signals the return of the omega effect. Luthor feels fear. His knees begin to tremble. As the blinding red light comes ever so closer, the man from earth cursed the world. Death has arrived. The light crashed upon his flesh overloading every sense in his body. Fear turns to anger. Anger turns to darkness. Darkseid is dead, long live Lex Luthor. Long live the god of Apokolips.

Justice League #45 Comic Book Recap

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the justice league issue 45. Ok so if you guys have been following my comic recaps then you will remember how much I disapprove of the change in art within one story line. We had 4 issues with beautiful consistent artwork. I praised this in my last justice league coverage. But then now we get a radical change in art style. Now I do want to mention that this art style is perfectly fine, nothing is wrong with it. I can get into it. But the original artist Jason fabok is gone and we got a new artist taking over. This takes me out of the story a slight bit especially when I thought the art from issues 40 to 44 was just superior to issue 45.

But that’s the biggest negative thing I can say about this issue. Besides that, I love where the story is going and we also got a very good cliff hanger ending. But as always, let’s go over a few other things before discussing the juicy ending. So Barry Allen the flash merged with the black racer, aka the embodiment of death. From what I understand, this is the first time we saw the black racer in the new 52, or DC you according to DC’s new branding. So, moving on, the black racer is pretty much like the grim reaper or an avatar of death. He travels around on skis and carries two scythes resembling ski poles. We don’t know how Darkseid manage to capture the black racer or how the anti-monitor managed to manipulate it to merge with Barry Allen but it happened and now, Allen is considered to be a god, and oh man he’s going through an attitude adjustment much like batman and superman, and of course you got the black with red outline speech bubbles to highlight that. Oh btw, I love how they introduced Barry Allen as the god of death, Superman as the god of strength, batman as the god of knowledge, shazam as the god of gods and finally we got luthor as the god of apokolips. That was presented in such an epic manner and I loved it.

So there is one thing that confused me about this issue. when Batman told Jordan that the Para demons are flocking towards the brightest light in the universe, Jordan believes that they are heading towards oa. Wait wait wait, even though I haven’t been religiously following the green lantern comics, I remember relic destroyed Oa after the wrath of the first lantern and the rise of the third army. The lanterns should be still using Mogo as their new HQ. right now, I believe Hal Jordan left the lanterns grew long hair and became an outlaw. So this statement confuses the heck out of me. Oa should still be in ruins and if anything, shouldn’t Jordan have long hair? As long as we are on this subject, didn’t superman loose his powers and batman is believed to be gone with only the Bruce Wayne side still alive? Didn’t the red lanterns earn the right to protect sector 2814 after they helped the greens defend against the third army? Damn this continuity thing gets confusing lol.

Ok so let’s finish this off by discussing the big reveal at the end. So if anyone thought Darseid was faking his death, this issue should throw those doubts out the window. And the ending tells us that Lex Luthor is the new god of apokolips. I love this twist, mainly because it now adds a new dynamic to the rivalry between superman and Luthor. There has been a ton of friction ever since Lex Luthor joined the league. And as far as I can tell, he is a good guy. He hasn’t done anything wrong ever since forever evil and superman is seriously urked because of it. And then superman goes darkside and gives luthor a beating. Then he leaves Luthor to die. That’s pretty cold. Lex should be pissed. So he does what any pissed off guy would do and pretends to be the hero of a prophesy.

Obviously things went south when he was captured and beaten. But then he gets gifted with Darkseid’s omega powers. So lets recap: we got a dark superman high on apokoliptian pit radiation and his nemesis Lex Luthor with, what I believe, the powers of Darkseid. We know superman will return to the status quo but what about Luthor? He’s been a quote un quote good guy since forever evil so its going to be exciting to see if he continues that hero streak or will he finally return to his villain role.

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I honestly hope he would use his powers for good with a sprinkle of evil and I want to see Luthor give superman a beating….wow, I can’t believe I said that lol. But I wanna hear what you thought about this issue, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching my review of the justice league issue 45 and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in the justice league issue 46.
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