Justice League #46 Review/Recap. The God Of The Anti Life.

Justice League #46 Review/Recap. The God Of The Anti Life.


Justice League #46 Recap

The followers of Darkseid have resurfaced. Their foe, the anti-monitor and his forces are gone. So, they turn their focus towards the heroes of earth. Kalibak Engages wonder woman, while Lashina takes on Power ring.

??? has cyborg in his crosshairs and Kanto can finally end the life of mr Miracle. Kanto begins with hurling his signature knifes at the son of New Genesis. Mr Miracle dodges them one by one but Kanto’s precision is second to none. A dagger makes contact with flesh causing Scott to scream in agony. This is it; Kanto can finally end the life of his nemesis to cleanse his murderous record. But suddenly, A boom tube opens up. Big Barda makes her appearance and she won’t take kindly to anyone who would cause this much grief to her Betrothed.

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Kanto runs his cocky mouth which gives Barda a fraction of a second to raise her Mega rod. She blasts Kanto point blank in the neck.  Steve Trevor, while helping Mr. Miracle to his feet, asks who is that?

Barda finds her next target. She charges directly at Steppenwolf into the brick wall.

Scott Free informs the human agent, that Steve Trevor, that’s my wife.

Barda now turns her focus towards Kalibak. She throws him towards Steppenwolf. It’s like taking candy from a baby. You see, Scott Free and big Barda were on their honey moon. But Scott was thrown into this war. Well Barda will not be left out of their honey moon. She intends that they spend it together.


Darkseid is dead so, Barda propose that both parties should drop their vendetta. But Lashina will not let it go. Barda betrayed the Black Oath of the Furies. For that, Barda and her husband will be forever hunted by the agent of apokalips. Kalibak grows weary of this battle. His true target is the anti-monitor. The anti-god shall die, for Kalibak….but also, for his father, Darkseid.

Justice League #46 Review/Recap. The God Of The Anti Life. big barda

The Rock of Eternity: Metron had escaped from his chains and is now en-route to freedom, back to his chair. But a woman’s reflection haunts his venture. She tells him that he is lost without his chair, and that he traded the safety of the universe for his soul.


Metron wants to be left alone.

Elsewhere, the anti- monitor continues to incubate in his cocoon. His shadow soldiers should have dispersed but no, they still guard their god, even against Grail and her Amazonian mother.

The justice league can finally take a break from battle. Half of the team are gone, too busy becoming gods. But they gained a new ally, Big Barda. But they are up against a powerful entity so they need leverage, they need, the crime syndicate. You see, the anti-monitor had consumed the syndicate’s home earth. If anyone knows anything about the anti-monitor, it would be them. But half of their team is dead. Owlman is MIA, but wait, Ultra man and super woman are held at Belle Reve. But no one has the authority to see this class level zero inmates. Steve Trevor informs his teammates that if they want to have a word with ultra man and super woman, they gotta break in.

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Well, they got a master locksmith on their side and a woman with powers comparable to wonder woman thinking that this challenge will be fun.

The team disperse leaving Wonder woman and Steve Trevor alone for the first time. He notices that she is worried. Well, why shouldn’t she be? This war could rip her planet in half and it all began with an amazon. Diana plans on ending this fight and she refuses Steve’s help.

He now asks, is that why you chose him? Trevor saw the love between Scott Free and Big Barda, two powerful beings with heightened abilities and colourful costumes. He is only human who has feelings for an Amazonian princess. Diana tells Steve that superman and she are just friends.  Ok, more than friends. He leans in. If this is the end, Trevor needs to show Diana how he feels.

I HEARD MY NAME. Superman appears out of nowhere and grabs Trevor by the head. Am I interrupting?

While the power players move into position, while the new justice gods are off world dealing with their godhood, while Wonder Woman takes on Superman, Grail and her mother takes a step closer to the ultimate power. The time has come, the anti-life seed leaves the anti-monitor. The most powerful force in the universe now belongs to Grail, the goddess of the anti-life.

Justice League #46 Review

Whats going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the justice league issue 46 the Darkseid war. So we finally finished 6 tie INS between issue 45 and 46 so finally we can see how the rest of the heroes are doing. Power ring gets a small spotlight treatment as her ring, valthoom from earth 3 finally gets a few words in. I wanna see more of power ring but with a huge cast of the main justice leaguers, certain characters are guaranteed to be left out. The 6 new justice gods got their own spinoff so wonder woman gets her time to shine in issue 46. Buuuut then she gets over shadowed by this woman.

Jeoff Johns did a wonderful job introducing big barda as the cavalry. She takes out everyone and then makes out with her husband. How epic is that. For those who don’t know, big  barda is originally from apokalips, a member of granny goodness’s trained female warriors called the furies. Lashina is of course a member hence their rivalry. Barda, in my opinion, is such an underrated character. Her powers rival those of wonder woman but she is stuck predominately in story arcs that include Darkseid. So I’m glad that she joined the fight but that means we will get less screen time for the other characters. You win some and you lose some I guess.

So let’s take a look at this small scene where kalibak shows a bit of love for his father. this characteristic of kalibak is why I like him as a villain. He was raised to be a savage warrior who will die for Darkseid as part of apokolips’s brainwash training. But kalibak is a character that genuinely loves his father. Obviously this is seen as a weakness on their planet so he can’t show it. instead, he shows the tough savage that he is but again, Jeoff Johns nails it showing us such complicated villains that we can actually root for every once in a while.

So ever since forever evil, we have been waiting for the crime syndicate to return. And it seems like we are getting close to it. Remember guys, all are dead except owlman, who is mia, ultraman and superwoman, who are locked away at belle Reve. The other nearly forgotten fact is that super woman is pregnant and her team left their dyeing world to survive and of course to protect the baby. She is a master manipulator making her teammates think that the baby is theirs. Who am I talking about, well owlman, ultraman and the shazam of their world all believed the baby was theirs. So it’s still unclear as to whose the babies daddy but I’m gunna throw a wild guess here. I’m gunna guess that the baby belongs to the anti-monitor. I have no grounds to back that up so it’s just a wild speculation.

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So finally let’s talk about the ending. It’s a bit strange seeing grail take the anti-life equation. I thought her mother, marina black, was the mastermind. But this scene shows Myrina taking the back seat and grail is portrayed to be the one with the plan. And then when she takes the anti-life equation making her a god, her mother asks why. She then says, death is too good for Darkseid. Well that implies that darksied is still alive somewhere. In the shazam tie in, it’s implied that gods don’t die but they return to the source. So the countdown to darkseid’s resurrection has begun but why does grail harbour so much hatred towards her father?

What do you guys think? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching my review of the justice league Darkseid war issue 46. You can find our entire coverage of the Darkseid war in our website: Link in the description below. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in the justice league issue 47.
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