Justice League #49 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League #49 Review/Recap. Mobius Vs Luthor

Justice League #49 Comic Book Recap

The time has come for Mobius the anti-monitor to face a new god, a man reborn into the darkness. Darseid is dead and his heir, Lex Luthor, now wielding the omega sanction, is the new ruler of Apocalypse, and he has his sights on his foe, Mobius. With his entire army of Para Demons behind him, Luthor pre-emptively strikes the anti-god with his omega beams. But Mobius is un-phased. He aims to reach the man that stole his chair. He wants Batman dead and the Mobius chair back in his possession and Luthor is in his way. The anti- God sends the full force of his shadow demons to strike down Luthor, but the new dark god explodes in omega energy which burns away the followers of Mobius. Para Demons are sent to flank Mobius but it was like ants biting a god. This moment of distraction gives Luthor the opening he needs. The dark god charges his full strength at his foe dealing a much needed blow to the anti-god.Elsewhere in the battlefield, Superwoman screams in agony causing every glass in Gotham to shatter. The earth trembles beneath her, and Owlman waits. Diana, princess of Paradise Island finds herself alone with the syndicate all around her. They demand for her departure, away from Superwoman. But the princess reminds them of their deal: the syndicate will aid the league. Power ring states that their deal was to help destroy that monster, nothing more. The syndicate has a weapon that will do that job. Diana looks upon her so called comrades, baffled. But the god of knowledge arrives stating that the chair knows. Mobius wants to learn the secret to this weapon the syndicate is referring to: the baby.

Justice League #49 Review/Recap. Mobius Vs Luthor

Their secret is exposed so power ring blindsides the two leaguers with a blast from her ring. But within the mind of power ring, Jessica Cruz reached the central power battery and can once again see through her own eyes. She rescues the downloaded consciousness of Cyborg and the two now embark on a mission to take back control of the body, before the power ring corps catches up to them.

Back at the epicenter of destruction, the earth trembles and cries out in agony as two powerful beings resume their fight. Each blow would crumble a city; each attack would cripple a country, but these beings do not care. They viciously engage on another but Luthor takes the upper hand. The power surges through his veins giving him a level of arrogance he has never felt before. In Luthor’s mind, he has already won. What next? Superman is next. Long live the god of apocalypse, long live Darkseid, NO, I am lex Luthor, I AM LEX LUTHOR.

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His arrogance blinds him to an attack by the shadow demons but Mr. Miracle and Big Barda lends a hand. They have no love for this man and much less love for Darkseid, but an enemy of my enemy is my friend, so they arrive to aid the new god of apocalypse. Barda shows her reluctance. She informs her love that for the first time ever, their home, apocalypse is unguarded. If they leave now, they can open the slave pits and lead the greatest revolt that apocalypse has ever seen. But Mr Miracle will not hear it. He must stay to help the Justice league, he will not abandon his mission and he needs his wife by his side. The Green lantern corps are fighting in a distance to keep the shadow and para demons at bay. Scott Free heads towards another battle with his wife, but.

A boom bube has been opened, and big Barda, is gone.

The trinity has regrouped and are ready to face anyone who would threaten their home, so they charge towards the biggest dog in the yard. The god of strength attacks point blank while the god of knowledge coaches his friends. With the aid of the Mobius Chair, the God of war flanks their target taking him to the ground. Superman is exhausting too much strength causing his cells to blow up exerting more power than the sun. He is ordered to step back to regain his focus, but the rage overpowers the god of steel so, he focuses all the raw solar power directly at their target.  That blast of energy did hurt Mobius but Superman felt it more. Superman, returned to his original form, takes a direct blast from the enemy. Luthor arrives to take a moment and look down upon his greatest nemesis. But the flash, the god of death, informs the two that they all should be afraid. Death is coming.

The silence erupts in explosion and Mobius has resurfaced. He grabs the Heir to Darkseid by the neck. Mobius looks to relish in the pain, agony and regret within Luthor’s eyes before all life fades from his body.

The grid detects the return of Myrina Black, the griffin, and the new god of the anti-life. But he also detects a fourth entity with them. The god of death knows what’s coming. He cannot move but he can warn his friends: You should run, all of you. A second later, darkness is felt through the entire league. Batman knows what it is, it is here, it’s a boy.

Myrina – Grail, what are you doing?

Grail – having fun, do it trevor.

Trevor- Diana, help me. AHHHHHHH

The battlefield changes, Mobius is dead, and a new threat is born.

Justice League #49 Comic Book Review

What’s goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and that’s what a cliff-hanger ending should be like. Wholy cow every issue of the Darkseid war is basically on ecstasy, high octane, and full of twists and turns. Its safe to say that the slow quiet scenes are over. This issue is basically sprinting till the endgame. Remember when I said that this shouldn’t be called the Darkseid wars because Darkseid died soo fast at the beginning? Well forget about whatever I said, this comic book can be called justice league gone on vacation and I would buy it and still die from nerdgasm. Its been such a good read so far that I cant even see a flaw in this. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had this much fun with a justice league comic. If I had to guess, I would say the forever evil story was awesome but, new is always better and the Darkseid war is just too good to be true.

So let’s go into a few things that stood out for me in this comic. A few characters had their time to shine but I didn’t feel anyone took center stage. This series has over 7 or 8 core characters so it’s tough giving certain characters their 15 minutes of fame without neglecting another character, but Geoff Johns does it again with allowing the core characters their time in the spotlight. Let’s name a few of these characters:

First we get the epic awaited fight between Luthor, the new god of apocalypse VS Mobius. This fight was not disappointing at all. We got this great scene were Luthor is monologue’ing and he accidentally says ‘I am Darkseid’. It’s noted that Darkseid is dead but I think it’s a safe assumption that Darkseid, being a god, is not actually dead but his physical form is gone. So could the omega sanction itself be Darkseid, and that his consciousness is seeping through Lex Luthor? Darkseid will return but could he actually take over Luthor’s body? This doesn’t look good for the future of Lex Luthor.

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Ok next character: Superman unloads his entire energy onto Mobius so he essentially got rid of the poisonous solar energy he got from the pits of apocalypse. So we have 1 god down and 4 gods remaining. Too bad Hal Jordan didn’t keep his god of light powers. He could have been really useful during this fight.

Ok Next character that stood out: grail’s return. It’s clear that she is losing herself to the anti-life and she brought her new toy and used Steve Trevor to kill Mobius. I love this scene where Diana sees Trevor and he trembles a plea for help right before he kills Mobius. I’m not much of a fan of Trevor and Diana as a couple but this small scene was done so well that it makes me have a bit of love for their possible relationship.

Now onto Miracle and Barda: I had guessed that they would be left benched in this crazy highly occupied storyline but again, Geoff Johns gave them a bit of spotlight and it works for me. So we assume that Barda returned to apocalypse to lead the revolt which is very noble of her, but she had to leave her husband to do so. I love scenes when good characters are placed in a dilemma like this and they chose the harder path. It adds so much to their calibre and my interest in that character grows by just that much.

Ok so let’s end it with the death of Mobius and the baby. To be honest, the baby looks quite normal. I actually was expecting something creepier like how grail was born. Or maybe a marking on the baby that could clue us into who the father is. Well batman knows who the father is so hopefully we can figure that out next issue. Mobius has reached his climax so he got pushed to the side to allow a new evil to rise. so, originally, the league has two obstacles: Darkseid and the anti-monitor. Well those two are dead and the new evil are the syndicate, this baby, and grail with Steve Trevor. This is just so good and I can’t wait for the next issue.

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But I wanna know what you think, how did you enjoy the justice league Darkseid war issue 49? Oh, and btw, what happened to aquaman? He was present during the last justice league story arc, the amazo virus, and now he is just gone. What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another Darkseid war video.
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