Justice League #51 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League #51 Review/Recap. Enter Robin.

Justice League #51 Comic Book Recap

Five years ago, a monster came to planet earth. He brought his entire legion to bring the world to its knee. But in its darkest hour, heroes arisen and they protected their home. They repelled Darkseid and his army and the world celebrated. The flash, wonder woman, Batman, green lantern, superman, aqua man and cyborg became earths defenders, they became the justice league. 6 months later, the team is joined by Batman’s protégé. The dark knight has never before brought Robin into his team but today may be a good day. The city is under attack by a hoard of robotic dogs and robin will have an opportunity to test his metal. The team converge upon their foe but suddenly, a beast of a man joins the fray. The league puts their full focus on the invaders but Robin notices someone in a distance. He engages the man but Dick Grayson gets taken down. Wonder Woman lends a hand allowing cyborg to help an embarrassed Robin back on his feet. With the help of Robin’s quick analytical skills, Green Lantern Hal Jordan identified a connection between all three rivals: They all exhibit traces of residual bleed energy. These three have recently crossed the inter-dimensional membrane.

Justice League #51 Review/Recap. Enter Robin. dick grayson

It took a few moments but the unidentified man finally managed to decode the English language. He informs the league that he is a scientist from another world. The space time membrane softened allowing random threats to enter planet earth. But the scientist is no villain; he will help the league contain the threat at hand. With the help of their new comrade, Cyborg, with the help of the green lantern ring, managed to create a breach sending these visitors back to their home. The day is won but to Hal, it’s just Tuesday.

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Robin finds himself standing among heroes of the highest pedigree.

Grayson states: why did you bring me along? It was terrifying and I was way outclassed.

Batman replies: your insight gave the team a solution. You’re not a member of the League, dick, but one day you will be.

Robin: I , I’m going to be a member of the justice league one day?

Batman: no, you are going to lead it.

Justice League #51 Comic Book Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the justice league issue 51.

So the Darkseid war is over and we got a filler issue. This issue takes place way before the Darkseid war and Hal Jordan is still with the league so this is before he left his team to join the lanterns in space. It even says that the events taking place is only 6 months after Darkseid’s first invasion. In our time, that was 2011, about 5 years ago.

Justice league issue 51 didn’t really put much development or growth in any of the league members but they shined a big spotlight on Dick Grayson. Well, its no surprise because since DC rebirth, we got the original Teen titans back. The new 52 introduced a new teen titans with the second robin Tim Drake leading the team and even though I enjoyed the new 52 teen titans to a degree, its nice to have a bit of nostalgia back, and Dick Grayson being the founding member of the titans is a great start.

Its not quite often that review a cover art but let’s take a deeper look at it. I don’t like promo cover art designed to sell more issues because it could be misleading. I’ve read a few comic books with cover art that has very little to do with the story inside. Good or bad, it sets an expectation and if that expectation isn’t filled, well, it gets quite annoying for the reader. But this cover art gave us exactly what we could expect from the issue. We got robin looking like he is outclassed while the league handles the threat at hand. This is basically what the issue is all about, Robin being the center focus.

Now, there is an eerie narration from someone who points out that the league is delicious but this someone isn’t strong enough to take them on yet. He sees the events of issue 51 taking place and at the end; this mysterious villain puts a target on the back of Robin. So we assume he will be a center focus for Robin in his own comic series with the titans.

OK so this was a quick issue and I don’t have much more to say about it so I’ll go over some plans I have for this summer. In my last video, I asked if you guys wanted me to continue with apocalypse war or cover DC rebirth. I think its like 80 percent Rebirth and 20 percent apocalypse war. So you guys have spoken and I’ll cover some DC Rebirth titles. But don’t worry I plan on doing a complete story for the apocalypse war when it concludes.

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But right now, over in action comics, we got an armored Lex Luthor and pre new 52 superman running around. It is really interesting and we know that eventually superman will go toe to toe with someone from the Watchmen franchise. So that’s my current direction, I’m going to follow superman, which I’ve never done before on comic island. So I hope you guys are excited for that. I’ll still follow the justice league because this issue seems to always be connected to the main event in DC. Justice league issue 52 is already out so I’ll have that uploaded as soon as possible. Alrighty guys, Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in justice league issue 52.

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