Justice League #52 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League #52. Luthor Is Superman.


Justice League #52 Recap

Months after the battle between Darkseid and Mobius, Luthor has returned. He spent time on Apocalypse as its new ruler but earth will always be his home. A lot has changed during his absence. The most shocking is that one of his greatest rivals is dead. Superman died and all that is left is his cape held for display at the daily planet. Luthor wants it, but Perry White will not have it. The cape does not belong to one man, it’s a symbol of hope and it belongs to every citizen of metropolis. There isn’t any other place that the cape of superman should be except at the daily planet, where Clark Kent once worked.

The justice league arrives on scene. Luthor knows he cannot take the cape by force, but he will. Luthor always gets his prize.

Hours later, Luthor found time to think to himself. His greatest rival is dead but somehow, superman still won at the end. The city grieves, the hero of metropolis is idolized, and he will be loved in death more than he ever was in life. Luthor’s Mother Box detects a robbery in progress. This is beneath him but, he will save the day. It’s what superman would have done. Luthor arrives on scene. He takes out the first and second criminal, but the third raises a bazooka and blasts it at the new god of apocalypse. The attack failed and Luthor grabs his assailant by the neck and slams him on the ground. The fourth criminal flees the scene and manages to grab a hostage during his escape.

Lex Luthor halts his attack, but he warns the criminal that if he harms the civilian, than Luthor will make it his personal mission to make this man’s life a living hell. Luthor finds an opening and blasts the robber point blank in the chest. Instead of showing her gratitude, the civilian trembles in fear. Lex Luthor doesn’t have time for this.

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Metro General Hospital, Lex Luthor is by his sister’s side. Even though she planted three bullets in him, Lex still believes that her actions were not her own. It must have been that damn mother box she had. It must also have caused her coma. Lex Luthor triumphed over everything he set his mind to, but nothing he can do seems to be able to bring back his sister, Lena Luthor. Even a small team of highly skilled, highly expensive doctors from around the world cannot supply an answer.

Days later, Luthor returns to the daily planet. This time, he will have his prize. Perry White ran the story given to him from the new owner of the daily planet.

Perry doesn’t know how he did it but, Luthor now owns the building and the planet, which means, Luthor owns the cape.

He did it again, he found a way to achieve victory, but it isn’t enough. He could have been the master of apocalypse, ruler of worlds known and unknown, but his sister would not approve. So, he is doing it for Lena. He will be a better man, someone she can be proud of. When she wakes up, she will be proud of her brother, because Lex Luthor will be known as superman.

Justice League #52 Review

What’s going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the justice league issue 52. So I got quite a lot of review videos ahead of me and today we will get through issue 52. Last issue was a filler prequel starring Dick Grayson but this issue takes place after the Darkseid war. The length of time isn’t mentioned but Luthor got his new armor with the house of El sigil given to him by freedom fighters from apocalypse.

The entire issue shined a big spotlight on one of Superman’s greatest villains but this is the new 52…can I still call it new 52? Anyways, ever since forever Evil Lex Luthor has been on the side of the good guys. His intentions, morals and ethics are always questionable but he never imposes any danger to civilians. Sure he punishes the criminals but it seems like he is just a lighter, friendlier version of Frank Castle, the punisher. Im still waiting for Lex to reveal his big villainous plan but he hasn’t done it yet and in this issue, we discover that his intentions are pure: he wants to be a better man for his sister Lena Luthor, who, from what I can tell, is a new character in the new 52. This is actually a great way to ground Luthor keeping him a likable hero. Without Lena, he isn’t shown to love anyone else except for himself. Heck she shot him a few times and sent him to apocalypse to die but he still has faith that she was brainwashed somehow by Darkseid’s forces. Speaking of Lena, im actually quite glad that they brought her back. she doesn’t peek my interest but she did impact the Darkseid war when she sent her brother to apocalypse. It felt like Lena still has a story to be told so im glad DC didn’t just retconned her or ignored her all together.

So we got a bit of the justice league in this issue. I mean like a very little bit of the League. Im going to call it a cameo, and look, its Aquaman. Where you were during the Darkseid war kal drogo, your team sure needed you. I really like this last comment where batman mentions the pre new 52 superman. Luthor and old Superman will meet in action comic’s issue 957 which I will be covering so I hope you guys are excited for that.

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So lets talk a bit about the new creative team. Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok is no longer captain of this ship, instead, we got Dan Abnett and two artists. Im not familiar with the new writer and artist but they got a huge shoe to fill. The bar was set pretty high with the conclusion of Darkseid war so I hope this new creative team will be able to fill the expectation. But I’ll continue to cover it until the entertainment factor takes a nose dive, but I highly doubt that will happen.

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