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Justice League Comics #32 Recap


In a top secret prison holding cell, the issue begins with superwoman singing a lullaby to her unborn child.

Lexcorp, Captain cold finally meets with Lex Luther. The brilliant businessman offers cold a position within lexcorp. To be his new head of security. Luther tells cold that he will see more money in a week than he’s ever seen in a year. Their conversation gets interrupted by one of Luther’s secretary. She informs him that the justice league is on the move.

Portland oregan, a group called the doom patrol led by (the chief) consisting of elastic-girl, negative man, robot man, and element woman pursue an out of control green lantern. But this isn’t a green lantern from the GL corps. This is Jessica cruise, a human who attracted the green lantern ring from earth 3. The ring takes control and wreaks havoc in downtown Oregan.

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Unfortunately the new team does not see eye to eye.

Power ring flees the scene leaving the doom patrol to rescue innocent civilians in a nearby apartment building. The Chief demands that his team leave the burning apartment and chase after power ring but suddenly, the justice league comes crashing through the building rescuing many innocent civilians. They now turn their focus onto power ring. Shazam stuns her giving cyborg enough time to attempt a shut down. But he got more than what he bargained for. Cyborg sees the origins of this power ring from earth 3.

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We discover that the voice in the ring is volthoom, the first bearer of this ring of power. Volthoom is attempting to set a fire so large that it can be seen across the multiverse and attract the being who destroyed his world onto this universe. But this being needs super woman’s baby.

Volthoom forces cyborg to eject but victor and Jessica falls unconscious on the pavement. The chief races in and attempts to remove the ring for himself but suddenly, lex luthor arrives and demands that the chief surrender or he will blow a hole in the chiefs spine.

Justice League Comics #32 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping justice league issue 32. Before i jump into reviewing this new series here on comic island, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your feedback on my last batman eternal review. Justice league seems to be the clear winner for a replacement for batman eternal. But since batman eternal was a weekly series, giving it up opens up more comics than i initially thought. That being said, im super excited to say that I can pick up another issue series, possible another 2 ta review for you guys.

Super Hero Comics Picture Of The Origin Of Power Ring.

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All right lets dive into justice league issue 32. So the league was such a small part of this series. it focuses predominantly on the doom patrol, whom i don’t really know too much about. At a glance, they remind me of the x-men. A team of social rejects with super powers lead by a brilliant man. Sound familiar?

Well i did some digging and turns out that their leader, the chief, was bound to a week chair pre new 52 as well. But ofcource there are differences. Such as their personalities. Xavior is seen to be a strong force for good but the chief, granted i don’t know him pre new 52, seems to be a selfish a hole who created a team to serve is own personal gain. What his end game is, we do not know yet but I do like the potential villain he can be. That being said, we got another villain, or rather i say, anti-hero in lex Luther who challenges the chief for ownership of power ring.

Now this is what i love most about this issue.

We got so many different individuals and groups that are chasing a prize and everyone wants something different out of it. The doom patrol and the justice league are the good guys that just want the dangerous person or weapon to be disarmed and kept far away from harming people.

Whereas, i believe the chief wants to brainwash Jessica cruise to be on his team. Or harness the powers of the green power ring for him.

But Luther is the one we should all be concerned about. Last issue,  we see him resurrect the watch tower and gave the front door keys back to cyborg and he did this justa ask for a seat within the justice league. Now we see him go face to face with the chief. Is he aiding the justice league, or is he back to his evil ways and wants this new power source for himself?

So i wanna show you this tidbit on the mysterious super woman of the crime syndicate. We got to know a bit of Owlman and Ultraman’s origins but we don’t know much about super woman. So this confirms that she is an Amazonian from earth 3 but she isn’t princess Diana, she is lois lane.

Kinda like an amalgamation of wonder woman and lois lane from the prime universe. So superwoman is 3 months pregnant and the power ring says that the being that destroyed his world is seeking this baby. I can imagine that one day, the anti-monitor will invade the prime universe and the super heroes will have to keep super woman and her unborn child safe.

Alright so the last thing i wanna discuss is who the voice in the ring is. So in this issue, cyborg and Jessica Cruze discovers that the voice is actually valthoom from earth 3. Now we have heard of that name before in the new 52. Last year, in the 3 green lantern issue series, they did battle with the very first lantern named volthoom. We discover that volthoom traveled through time and space during the early years of the guardians and he wielded the very first lantern ring. As far as powers go, he seems to be a normal human but his origin was never explained. He was eventually defeated by the lanterns but ofcource since this is a comic, he could still be alive out there somewhere.


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