Justice League Comics #34 Review/Recap

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New Comics: Justice League #34 Recap

Lexcorp towers, the issue begins with captain cold waking up from a bad dream. As he freshens up in the washroom, mirror master confronts him and states how the other rogues are not happy with his new path as Lex Luthor’s chief of security. When asked why are you still here. Captain cold states:  to pull the biggest job of our lives.

Downtown metropolis, Luthor and superman do battle with gorilla Grodd. Meanwhile at star labs, cyborg is under repairs done by his scientist father dr Silas stone. Eager to join the battle against Grodd, shazam insists for cyborg to get ready faster. Cyborg informs shazam that he should go ahead and they will convene later. with those words, in a flash of lightning, shazam disappears to join in the battle against Grodd.

Justice league watchtower, flash attempts to help Jessica cruz control and understand her newfound powers. He informs her that this ring amplifies her fears and feeds off of it. Suddenly, the ring begins to talk while transforming her into power ring. She begins to lose control to the ring from the parallel earth 3. With the flashes support, Jessica cruz manages to put the ring under control. She tells flash that she doesn’t want the ring taken off, but rather to learn how to use it.

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Back on earth, after helping out a tribe with food and supplies, wonder woman witnesses a young girl giving Lex luther a flower to show her appreciation for their heroism. Confused, luther asks wonder woman what he should do. Princess Diana states, just say thank you.

Hours later, Lexcorp towers, Bruce Wayne has done a thorough audit of Lex’s enterprise. But Bruce is unstayed by the clean audit report.  Bruce states that Lex is no different than those in Arkham. Lex brushes off mr Wayne and leaves the room while stating that he is needed at a press conference  for his induction into the justice league. While alone, Bruce Wayne radios to superman stating, he took the bait. We are set, tomorrow, we arrest Lex Luthor.

Later that night after his public induction into the league, Luthor relaxes by the window of his Lexcorp penthouse. A mysterious figure enters the room. Luthor informs the stranger that there will be a great threat coming their way and that he will need the strangers help. He turns to stranger and states, so do we have a deal, owlman? Owlman states: as long as you deliver superwoman’s child to me luther, we have a deal.

New Comics: Justice League #34 Recap

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping justice league issue 34. So we are still feeling the aftermath of forever evil shown in the last page of this issue but before I get into that, I wanna discus the other factors that made this issue great for me. Shazam and cyborg were not as interesting and the battle with Grodd didn’t have a proper ending. Poor Grodd, he probably won’t be used in a big story event for a while. I always thought Grodd was a c list villain but for his fight to not have an explanation or proper ending, well that’s just cold DC forshame.

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Alright so captain cold appears to still be a devious villain from the looks of it. I am actually super happy about this. I can’t imagine captain cold without his rogues. I started paying more attention to him after how he destroyed Johnny quick’s leg with his freeze gun and with the flash TV series coming soon, I’ve never been more excited to read about mirror master, weather wizard and of cource captain cold. So it looks like cold will double cross luther soon but remember all of the medical exams Luthor had cold go through? I wonder what Luthor will do with those dna samples. Maybe Luthor is gunna build his own captain cold clone one day.

Alright so the last few issues have been prodiminately about Jessica cruse and her ring of fear. I always wondered if she will be a hero or a villain down the road but it looks like she will be keeping the ring and hopefully she can remain a hero. I would like to see her struggle with the voice inside the ring, from time to time. I haven’t been reading green lantern issues in a while but from what I remember, the red lanterns have seized control of sector 2814 and only simon baz is authorized to stay on earth. Considering the yellow ring seeks whoever that can instil great fear in others and the power ring who seeks people who harbour great fear, I would love to see sinestro and Jessica cruze meet for the first time. That would make for some great chemistry if done right.

Ok so lets take a look at the final page. This ending still does not incriminate Lex Luthor as being a villain. He even states that he needs help to fight a force that he cant handle on his own. At the end of the day, Luthor is a business man and it would be bad for business if the earth is destroyed. I love what dc is doing with this new 52 version of luther. I seriously cannot figure him out. He can be an ally to the league acting like their black ops department taking care of situations that are too immoral for the league to handle. Kinda like x force to the x men. Or is luther just placing himself into a check mate position while playing both fields? I honestly have no clue.

The last piece of mystery is this baby that superwoman is carrying. Who is the baby’s daddy? Last time we see supergirl, she says that the dad is the shazam of her world but she also told ultraman and owlman the same thing. Anyway, all of this mystery feels like it is building up to something big and I can’t wait to see what it is.

O btw did you notice that the flash said all will be well? This is a huge allusion to the blue lanterns since these 4 words are like their main catch phrase. As far as I know, the new 52 flash has never met a blue lantern so I love this little nod to the pre new 52 flash when he actually was a blue lantern.

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