Justice League Comics #35 Review/Recap. Partnership Between Luthor And Wayne?

Justice League Comics #35 Review On Youtube

Justice League Comics #35 Recap

Downtown metropolis, the issue begins at a public conference in front of Lexcorp industries. Luthor offers a heart-warming speech welcoming Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises into a partnership that would benefit the world. Clark and Diana notice the crowd’s admiration towards Luthor. Bruce steps up to the mic and in one heart-warming speech, has regained the crowds admiration.

Luthor welcomes Bruce Wayne and his entourage into Lexcorp. Wayne takes a second to radio his team members asking is everybody in position. Clark and Diana are in the front. Shazam and cyborg are disguised among the crowd in the rear. Barry and Jessica are on standby. But the large crowd draws out Jessica’s fear and the ring begins to murmur.  And Aquaman has the rooftop ready to strike at any moment.

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Luthor invites Bruce Wayne and only Mr Wayne down into his private research and development. They pass the facility where Bizzaro was grown and Luthor admits that he grew attached to the one that Ultraman had killed. Luthor is growing another one. They enter his private facilities where we are introduced to Lena Luthor, Lex’s wheelchair bound sister.

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Aquaman witnesses a suspect jumping off building. Arthur radio’s into the Justice League. Superman is the first to react. But the suspect manages to make contact with his target. The building blows up. Superman gets violently thrown to the pavement. Lena is knocked off her wheelchair and the suspect named Neutron emerges from the dust and rubble in front of Luthor, his kill target. The rest of the Justice League converge on the suspect but Lex races toward something that he holds dear. The comms announce that storage unit X has been breached. Canister VA13 has been ruptured. Exposure to the Amazo Virus Is Immanent. Infection begins now.

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Justice League Comics #35 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping Justice League issue 35. So I thought the issue was great but I can’t help but feel that these few issues are like a prequel to the coming threat of the Anti-Monitor, whom we see at the conclusion to forever evil. Every single issue since forever evil has alluded to a growing threat that only Luthor seems to be taking seriously. Right now the Justice League seems to be busy trying to catch Lex in the act. Obviously Luthor is a high profile villain from the Justice Leagues point of view but aren’t there other crisis that the League can occupy themselves with? Do they really need the whole team at the press conference? Remember when the Doom Patrol was around? That story arc seems to be unfinished. I thought that the Chief and Lex had good chemistry. But we haven’t heard from the Doom Patrol ever since, and what about Owlman’s appearance at the end of last issue?

Ok so that’s all the problems I have with Justice League as a whole. Let’s get into the good parts of this issue. I really enjoyed when Luthor Takes Wayne on a tour of his private facilities. Notice how Luthor refers to the superman clone as Bizarro? Please correct me if im wrong but why would Luthor calls him Bizzaro? If you are a fan of the pre new 52 dc universe then we know who Bizzaro is but this is the new 52 and that creature was a clone of superman code named B-zero. I hope Luthor grows another clone because Bizzaro was one of the best things about Forever Evil.

Ok so the action was kept to a minimal in this issue but the I love the intellectual battle between Luthor and Wayne at the press conference. I think this is my favourite part of this issue. The crowd loves Luthor after his speech but then Batman always have to appear to be a badass. Batman regains the crowd’s admiration at the end. But take a look at Luthors face. He knew he lost. I love these little intellectual battles between luthor and wayne.

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So later on, Luthor brings up the fact that Batman has gone through so many different robins, basically sucker punching batman with how he has such a dysfunctional family. Batman has nothing clever to say on this part so the score is Bruce Wayne, 1 and Lex Luthor 1.

Alright so we are introduced to neutron, a mercenary hired to kill Luthor. So this raises the question: who wants Luthor dead? This is a tough one since I bet he has made tons of enemies throughout his career.

We are also introduced to Lena Luthor. I can’t say much about her relevance to the story so we got to wait and see what kind of role she will play in the overall story arc.

Ok so the cliff-hanger ending is a very controversial subject since right now, the world is dealing with the ebola virus. I don’t know if Geoff johns had this in mind when he wrote this arc. The timing seems very strange. I would normally go onto details on the amazo android that we knew from the justice league unlimited tv series but now I’m actually concerned. I really hope the CDC figures a way to cure the ebola and I hope this amazo virus concept gets swept under the rug in the next few issues.

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