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Justice League Comics #37 Recap

Downtown Metropolis, Batman and Superman have stumbled upon patient zero. We discover that this infected individual is a Lexcorp research pathologist named doctor Armen Ikarus. The doctor witnesses superman’s heat vision and evolved that ability which he uses to blast the two heroes. Shortly after, because of superman’s flight powers, the doctor grows a pair of wings and flies away.

Across town, Lex Luthor informs his worried sister that he has everything under control. He explains how Meta humans are the major threat of personal safety in North America and that no jail could ever hold them for long. These escaped Meta human convicts would go on and continue their criminal activities. There has to be a hero to defend the weak and defenceless. It isn’t the justice league; it is himself, Lex Luthor. But lena Luthor knows her older brother well. She knows when he is lying. She demands the truth as to why he created this virus.

Justice League Comic Book #37 Cont!

But her questions fall upon deaf ears as Lex kisses heron the forehead and makes his way to the exit doors where captain cold is waiting. Cold inadvertently accuses Lex of the virus and all of the chaos it has wreaked which results in Luthor grabbing Cold and putting him in his place. Cold works for Luthor not the other way around. And snarky comments like that will not go unnoticed.

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Suddenly, a violent explosion blows cold and Luthor unconscious. A new mercenary named bullet is here to pick up the bounty on Luthor’s head. Before anyone could recover, this new mercenary aims his firearm at Luthor’s head and, takes a shot.

Dc comic books justice league 37 review

Lex Luthor side view

During their pursuit, batman and superman manages to track patient zero to an abandoned building. Without notice, patient zero appears out of the shadow and attacks. Luckily for them, wonder woman was hot on patient zero’s trails and finally manages to chase him down. The two goes at it with superman flying in to help. During the chaos, Batman gets blasted by patient zero’s heat vision. After shaking the cobwebs from his head, the dark knight discovers that he has now been exposed to the virus.


Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the justice league issue 37. Ok so first off I just wanted to say that I am extremely late in reviewing this issue series. I think it has been a month or so and I only discovered that it was released by noticing a thumbnail of another youtuber reviewing it. So that being said, let’s jump into my extremely late review of justice league issue 37 so lol.

Much like last issue, I love the overall feel of this new story arc. The dialog is done very well. my absolute favourite is the beginning intro where batman briefly explains what is going on. We get to see images of all flights being cancelled and people running in deep fear. And then on the next page we jump right back into the action where batman and superman squares off with patient zero. So you guys remember that amazo android from back in the justice league unlimited tv series? Whatever powers he sees, he learns. Let’s say he watches superman flies, he then learns to defy gravity. But then this Amazo virus exists more in the realm of believable science fiction. I know Im going nuts for saying this lol. I love the attention to detail when the patient zero couldn’t just defy gravity like superman but rather, he grows wings to do so. But then now I wonder what other powers does patient zero have?

Dc comic books justice league 37 review

Batman exposed to the amazo virus

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Alrighty so this issue continues the trend of trying to give us the run around on Lex Luthor’s true intentions. On one side, we can make the argument that Luthor has turned over a new leaf and has gone hero. He proves this by snapping at captain cold. But then his sister lena Luthor has said that there is something going since she knows her brother so well. DC is playing a very interesting game by changing a well beloved villain into a hero. I personally wouldn’t want Luthor to go heroic. He is one of the best villains in superman’s rogue’s gallery and I don’t ever want that to change. Right now you got the distrust amongst the team and we are lead to believe that Luthor has something up his sleeves but the question is, is he a changed man? OR is he stills a diabolical villain much like his pre new 52 counterpart? So that’s my question for you? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

O and btw, let’s take a look at the cover art for this issue. This is one of my minor pet peeves where the cover art is very misleading.  Take a look at this image: I would expect to see superman going coocoo for cocopuffs by attacking Luthor with batman and wonder woman being the voice of reason. Obviously given Luthor and superman’s history, I can see that happening. But then Luthor and superman never even meet in this issue. So I was quite disappointed in that.

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