Justice League Darkseid War #47 Comic Book Recap/Review

Justice League Darkseid War #47 Recap/Review. Return Of The Justice League Gods 


Justice League Darkseid War #47 Recap

Gotham city, after a night of saving his people, batman finds himself at Ace chemicals. Green lantern hal Jordan finds his friend brooding as per usual. The two leaguers engage in casual conversation but suddenly,

Something is wrong, its superman. Hal asks, is he in trouble? No superman is the trouble.

Elsewhere on earth, in a test of might, Superman, the god of strength engages his teammate wonder woman. But she isn’t there for a fight. it’s clear to her that her friend isn’t thinking clearly. Batman gained the Mobius chair and the flash merged with the black racer: Now this?

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She continues to defend while talking some sense into her attacker but Diana gets caught with an eye blast which throws her towards a vehicle. But this will not be enough to stop the princess of Themisciera, the new god of war. Diana shrugs it off end re-engages the god of strength.

Diana has the upper hand. She caught superman in her lasso of truth. Even with his ultimate strength, the new god cannot break the lasso. She asks who you are. He replies, I told you, I’m superman. WHO ARE YOU? I’m, super, I’m, Clark, I’m Clark Kent.

Justice League Darkseid War #47 Recap/Review. Return Of The Justice League Gods

The dark night and the green lantern have arrived. Batman informs his team that superman went through a transformation back on apokalips. That’s also where Luthor is residing at the moment. Superman’s mental capabilities might have returned but his new found powers are only temporary. As a matter of fact, the apokaliptian solar energies are breaking down his cellular structure. Superman, you are dying.

Meanwhile, the apokaliptian amazon bathes in her new godhood. She’s gunna make her mother so proud. The war is not over. The anti-life has a secret, and grail will soon share it with the world. But wait, she needs the first man that step foot onto paradise island, she needs, Steve Trevor.

Belle Reve prison, power ring, cyborg and mister miracle prepares to enter the prison. Cyborg prepares to disable the perimeter alarms and the motion sensors but wait; mister miracle had already taken care of it. Now there are those pesky ARGUS guards they have to deal with. Wait, mister miracle informs his robotic friend that his wife is already on top of that.

Moments later, mister miracle is the first on scene to have a little chit chat with the kryptonian from earth 3. He asks, what does the anti-monitor want? Even in his current malnourished state ultraman can feel the anti-monitors arrival to earth, and he wants to kill every last one of us. It’s what he lives for.

Elsewhere within belle Reve, cyborg and power ring finally found super woman’s prison. The Overzealous, cyborg begins to break open the security doors. But power ring feels reluctant to do so. You see, the ring belonged to another member of the crime syndicate. The ring IS a member of this evil team. And its excited that it is being reunited with one if its team members. Jessica feels the fear in her and her control over this power fades. The ring begins to emit green energy and in a flash of light.

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Jessica cruz is gone, Volthoom is in charge now, and its time that the crime syndicate was reunited.

She blasts cyborg right into super woman’s cell. Power ring informs her teammate that it is time. But superwoman interrupts the evil lantern. Superwoman demands that everybody stays silent, for her baby. Bathed in madness, she begins to sing a lullaby. Cyborg attempts to reconnect to the ring but his attempts backfire. Victor stone is gone, and the Grid is back online.

PING. Batman is notified on the crime syndicates movement and the anti-monitor is finally ready to leave his cocoon.

Mobius is back, and he wants his chair. Miracle and Barda has regrouped and is ready for a fight but superwoman blasts them with her laser vision. Die already, she exclaims.


The walls crumple down welcoming another familiar face. Owl man has resurfaced. And he informs his teammates that in order for them to survive, the justice league and the crime syndicate must work together.

Justice League Darkseid War #47 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is Joey and we are back with another really awesome issue of the darkseid wars. Justice league issue 47, let’s get rolling. Ok so first off, if there was anything bad in this issue, I totally overlooked it. There’s just so much awesome overshadowing any lame parts. So let’s dive right into the review.

Steve Trevor looks like he will have some relevance in the upcoming story. Grail wants him and we don’t know why. But he gets shafted as always. Last issue, he gets blocked by superman when he tries to make a move on Diana and in this issue; he doesn’t even make an appearance. I feel bad for the guy.

But moving on, power ring gets the lime light treatment finally. I totally forgot that the ring itself is a team member and the evil hal Jordan was only in it for the ride. So the entity within power ring named Volthoom has taken control of jessica cruz and now there’s another member of the crime syndicate back from the grave, kind of.

That leads me into another member called the Grid. Another member of the syndicate I thought to be dead but he is also back. I always have a problem with certain heroes and villains finding their way back from the grave but how Geoff Johns portrayed power ring and the grids resurrection was spot on. i loved it.

And Jason Fabok the original artist is back as well. that, my comic book friends, is the cherry on top of this issue. The art is beautiful. Every panel looks like its poster material, something I can enlarge and hang on my wall. take a look at this image of super woman. If there was any question of how evil and demented she is, this image has to be proof. She looks bat shit crazy. The fact that she kept singing a creepy lullaby makes it that much creepier and I loved it.

The anti-monitor gets a panel and a half and he stole the show. The design looks so good. Thank you Jason fabok, you are awesome.

So when I saw Mobius revealed to us, I thought it be the end of the comic. But wait, there’s more. the final reveal is owlman. And he says that the two teams have to work together in order to survive. So, guys, who else is hyped for issue 48? I know I am.

So the only thing I found that could have made this better was if they included a sneak peek of the flash and luthor. For one issue, they cram in a lot of characters, but im on the fence on this one. Maybe its better we don’t see flash and luthor? Maybe its better if these two guys get their time to shine on the next issue. what do you think? Please let me know in the coments below. thank you so much for watching my review of the justice league darkseid war issue 47 and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in the justice league darkseid war issue 48.
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