Justice League Darkseid War #48 Comic Book Revew/Recap

Justice League Darkseid War #48 Revew/Recap. Uneasy Alliance.


Justice League Darkseid War #48 Comic Book Recap

The Crime Syndicate has resurfaced and they now meet with the new justice league. Owlman needs his teammate Ultraman to regain his strength so, they must feed him some good old green kryptonite. But wait, this alien mineral is extremely rare. Fortunately for the kryptonian from earth 3, the league has some available. The two groups must team up in order to defeat Mobius. The syndicate seeks retribution and vengeance and the league seeks a way to save their home. Diana demands for the Syndicate to release cyborg and Jessica Cruz. Owlman informs the warrior god that they can have their cyborg back after Mobius falls. But they must offer a new body for the grid. One of Luther’s armour should do. But the ring has already chosen its host and Jessica Cruz is gone. No one can release her from the power ring, no one, except death.

Owlman demands for an answer, or he and his team will leave, and there will be no way of tracking them down. Diana relents. She gives the order and superman relinquishes his hold of the green stone to his doppelganger from earth 3.

Justice League Darkseid War #48 Revew/Recap. Uneasy Alliance. superman

With the access codes from Lex given to Owlman, the grid is able to utilize Luther’s satellite to triangulate the location of Mobius. He finally got a fix on the anti-monitor’s location, and Ultraman has finally finished consuming the Kryptonite.

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Gotham, the entire city is being engulfed by a white energy source. Shadow demons are also out and about to torment and murder the innocent civilians. People are panicked, forced from their homes and fearing for the worst as they run from certain doom, but hope has arrived. The Justice league has returned. They do everything they can to help the civilians. Shazam screams to the grid to lend a hand, but the cybernetic syndicate member informs billy that these people are not their concern. Mobius is their target, not these people.


A sudden energy burst brings forth the Anti God himself, Mobius. He looks directly at the god of knowledge, and he demands for his chair.

<Missile barrage>

Green lantern Hal Jordan has arrived and he launches a barrage at Mobius. Power ring is close behind and the two light wielders work together in harmony, good and evil, black and white, side by side fighting for one single purpose, take down the anti-monitor, Mobius. Power ring is fuelled by hatred, something she has in abundance. This burst of anger hits critical mass and power ring unleashes everything she’s got at the followers of the anti-monitor. But Hal will not be outclassed. He may not be fuelled by hatred, he he’s got something his doppelganger doesn’t have: Backup!

The full force of the green lantern corps crash upon Mobius like an ocean of green thunder.  But the anti-god retaliates with his might causing the death of dozens of lanterns.

The two princesses of Themyscira is up to attack Mobius. With their lasso of truth and submission, they attempt to subdue their foe. But Mobius is done with subjugation, and the truth is, he is enjoying every bit of this war. He overpowers the lassos and brutally punishes his attackers.

Within a fraction of a second, Mobius gets blindsided by two Kryptonians. Ultraman wants this victory for himself and he smashes Superman far out of the battle.

You destroyed everything I had, my world, my city, Ultraman screams as he pounds down on his foe. He continues to relentlessly punish the entity who took everything from him but Mobius overpowers and subdues ultra man. Mobius had killed millions while he was a god looking down from above. It’s all so isolating. Killing untold amounts of life feels, so unsatisfying. But down here <Electricity> Killing is much more fun. Ultraman begs the God Of Death to save him, but the flash cant move. He’s trying to but he cant stop…..death. Ultraman died today but the war is not over yet.


Lex Luthor, the god of Apocalypse has returned home with his ocean of Parademons willing to torture, murder and die for him. Luthor is next to challenge the anti-monitor, Mobius. Meanwhile, Grail has finally found her target, Steve trevor. He is subdued looking upon the dark amazon holding the anti-life equation. What happens next will not bold well for the human ARGUS agent. Elsewhere on the battlefield, Wonder Woman has recovered from Mobius’s punishment. The sounds of war are deafening. People are dying everywhere around her. Chaos and disorder surrounds every inch for hundreds of miles. And yet, superwoman smiles and laughs. The cold empty look from superwoman can bring hopelessness and despair to the most courageous of souls. She states: the baby is coming.

Justice League Darkseid War #48 Comic Book Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, I have the honour of reviewing and recapping the justice league Darkseid wars issue 48. If this was a movie, then I would be at the edge of my seat the entire time. it felt like forever since the last issue which came out early January. So having to wait till the end of February is such punishment. This series is by far the most highly anticipated comic that I look forward to. And issue 48 did not disappoint at all. The one constant with most comic books characters is that they don’t die for long or it’s too much like a pg13 rated movie.

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Well in this issue we got a dozen or so green lantern deaths. I was floored by that. But before that even happen, I could never have guessed that Jordan would unleash the entire corps at Mobius. Damn im getting a bit ahead of myself again. We were talking about deaths. Ultraman is the first to fall to Mobius. And this time, I feel like DC might be killing him off permanently. I don’t have anything to back this up but my gut instinct tells me that Ultraman is gone. Buuuuut then there’s this DC rebirth thing that’s around the corner so… lets take Ultraman’s death with a grain of salt. I gotta give credit to Ultraman’s highly entertaining personality. It was extremely entertaining watching Ultraman hide behind owlman while he demands for his fix.

And then we get to see this image of Ultraman telling owlman to just take the kryptonite from the league. Its just soo amusing watching owlman be like this. and I still gotta give a ton of love to artist Jason Fabok for bringing the characters to life with his beautiful art and facial expressions.

Another part that stood out to me is the flash trying to control the black racer. But then when Ultraman is on the brink of death, the flash froze and couldn’t move. He tells us that he cant stop death. so he is in the same boat that Jessica Cruz is in except it seems like Cruz has lost her battle with Valthoom for dominance over the body. O ya one more thing, I wanna point out that we got a small dialog box from Jessica stating that there is someone else in there with her. We don’t know anything yet but the first thing that came to my mind is either Hal Jordan from earth 3, or a guardian. I know evil Hal Jordan died in forever evil but this is just me speculating again.

We got some great action in this issue but the war isn’t over yet. Grail has Steve Trevor for reasons we don’t even know yet and Super Woman’s baby is about to pop which will probably add another plot twist to this epic story arc. I still think its Mobius’s kid. Nothing to back me up on this, I’m just speculating.


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