Justice League Darkseid War Flash #1 Review/Recap

Justice League Darkseid War Flash #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Death

Justice League Darkseid War Flash #1 Summary

In the wake of Darkseid’s death, several members of the justice league have gained the power of gods, but at what price to their humanity? The fastest man alive has become the host of the mysterious and deadly entity called the back racer, a cosmic grim reaper drawn to those on the eve of their demise. Empowered by its darkness, the flash is the god of death.

Darkseid lies dead on the ground and the Black flash tells his friends that he doesn’t want to escape death, he wants to control it. But in a fraction of a millisecond, a familiar voice presents itself. Oh my sweet darling Barry. This interruption allows Barry Allen to see with clarity. He is the flash once more.  He is the fastest man alive and he can outrun death.

You are wrong; the black racer voices his opinion. Everything that has ever lived has had exactly the same thought. You must consummate our union. Become the black racer. And to do this, you must only take a single life.

The racer shows its new host an image of Mrs. Allen, Barry’s mother. The image breaks his concentration. His forward motion falters. The flash takes a tumble and finds himself at his mother’s gravestone. The black racer arrives and informs Barry that if he doesn’t accept death, the entire universe as we know it will end. The Black racer raises his scythe to take more lives so Barry, the hero of central city, stops the racer. But his actions are in vein. Central city lies in ruins. Everyone is dead. Everyone he had ever saved ever cared about. Even those he’s fought. No matter what he does, they are all going to die.

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Unbeknownst to the flash, the cosmic being sheds a tear. Life is brief and precious and beautiful because of this. The being states. The black racer must run. This has to happen for the universe to continue, Or all life will end. One life!

He didn’t think of Patty Spivot, but rather, his thought goes to iris west. Barry appears in front of Iris. He tells her that he has been chosen to be the black racer, the grim reaper of the cosmos. And he now must take a life. She consoles her friend and tells him that he must fight this thing. We can fight this, together.

Oh iris, that’s not why I came for you. The racer takes control of its host and raises the scythe of death. But Barry refuses to take a live so dear to him. He’d rather see the whole of existence fall to pieces rather than take one life. The racer taunts his host stating that he will choose another tether: The reverse flash? Or maybe Grodd would like to have this cosmic power.

Justice League Darkseid War Flash #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Death

It’s just one life that Barry has to take. So he does the unthinkable. He grabs the cosmic scythe and now, the flash will kill the black racer. Barry runs for a purpose. He’s gunna save central city. He runs to save the lives of everybody. Barry is close enough and swings the weapon of death thus, ending the life of the cosmic being.

He did it, he outran death, and he beat the black racer. But his victory is short lived. No, Barry didn’t win, he beat no one. All he did was released death. Death is free for the first time. Without a tether, it will spread uncontrolled, and there will be no life in the universe. Not even gods will escape death.

Barry can’t allow that to happen. In order to save the people he cares for, one life has to end.

What happens when a god dies? New gods are born. The speed force and the power of death combined. He is the black racer. Now and forever.


What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the justice league Darkseid wars the flash issue 1 tie in. damn that’s a long name for a title. But anyway, let’s jump right into my thoughts on this issue. So out of the 3 tie INS so far, I got to rank the flash as the least interesting and I’ll get into the reason near the end. But let’s go over a few things that stood out in this comic.

The best part of this issue for me is this black racer entity. I don’t know much about him but there is this scene where he shed a tear while explaining how death will balance the world. This scene was pretty touching. Imagine a bad villain that you love to hate, then you find out that said villain does what he does for a greater good. That creates so many layers of complexity to a character and I loved that.

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I loved this scene where the black racer shows Barry images of two of his greatest enemies, the reverse flash and gorilla Grodd. Out of all the comics available to us, I never had the opportunity to lean towards a flash comic except when he is in the justice league issues, but one of my favourite tv shows right now is the flash so I’m picturing the actor Grant Gustin fighting Harrison well’s portrayal of the reverse flash. And it’s also super cool that gorilla Grodd has been introduced in season 1.

So near the end, we got the flash turning the table on the racer and when he chooses to kill the entity of death. Obviously flash realized that he did something devastating which is a cool twist. But then the ending really ruined it for me. It’s all in his head. We actually saw this already in the justice league issue 45. The story didn’t progress any bit at all. I’m starting to see a trend with these tie ins. The batman tie in shows us how he abused his powers to scare Joe chill, and all superman wanted was his pie. Goddamnit guys, give the man his pie. Lol. These two issues progressed the story a bit but the flash tie in didn’t progress the story at all. The only good thing I can say is that we now know that Barry had an epiphany and welcomes the power of the black racer. Oh and Barry is dead.

Now I can rant on for another couple minutes about killing off heroes and bringing them back but marvel probably knows how we feel about that subject. So yes, Barry will be brought back to life before the Darkseid wars come to an end. So the fact that Barry had to die to accept the powers didn’t move me at all. But that’s just my opinion on this issue, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments below. As of right now, I believe the green lantern and Shazam tie in is out so I’ll try my best to cover those, but I also got Thors issue 4 to cover as well. That’s right guys, over at marvel, secret wars is still going on. Ok that’s enough out of me, thank you so much for watching an as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in another comic island video.
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