Justice League Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Light!

Justice League Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 Review

Across the cosmos, another war has taken place, on OA. After the death of Darkseid, millions of the dark god’s slaves, his Parademons flocked towards the brightest light in the universe: The central power battery. The entire Green Lantern Corps gathered, they fought, and they were broken. The lanterns fought bravely. Take one down, but more would come. Eventually, the endless wave of Parademons would drown the entire corp. The Parademons couldn’t be stopped, so, they got to the central power battery. They took their mother box, and they merged it with the light. The source of the lantern’s power, joined with theirs.

The mindless drones of Apokolips forced the lanterns to go into their new power battery. They asked the lanterns to become gods. All refused, so they started killing lanterns. The Corp fought bravely, but one by one, they died. And one by one, they rose. Their bodies are turned, and the parademon army grew.

Many years ago, the young Jordan, who would one day rise to become one of the bravest lanterns to ever join the Corp, is praying at a catholic church. He is saddened by the death of his father, Martin Jordan. But a fellow fighter pilot is present. He empathises with young Hal. This man is also a fighter pilot and had heard great things about Martin Jordan. Young Jordan was sent here to light a candle for his late father. but he doesn’t believe in a higher power. If there is a god, wouldn’t he come down to save his father from the plane crash? His eyes tear up and he throws the candle across the room. His father should be alive. What did god do? He just watched. God just watched as Hal’s father burned.

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The man tells the boy that god is not to blame. God’s got no choice but to watch. God couldn’t stop that plane crash. He had to let that happen. Everything he does, it’s all necessary. It has to be. God has to be who he is. He has to do what he does. But god doesn’t have that one thing we have, its will. It’s our own free will he gave us.

Justice League Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Light!

Present day, Hal Jordan, the last remaining Green Lantern has returned, and he is met with his friend Kilowag the parademon. Hal takes out his onetime friend and asks his ring to scan all life forms on the planet. Over 1 million conscious life forms were picked up but only 1 is a green lantern.

We discovered that after Darkseid’s death, his mother box longed for a new user, someone of something of great power. The central power battery fits that description. The box traveled to OA and used its ocean of Parademons to take the battery from the lanterns. But wait, the battery isn’t conscious, its pure unshaped will. The mother box still needs a new user, a new master, a new god!

An army of Parademons have detected Jordan’s activities. They converge upon him but Hal’s got plenty of will power to dish out. Against unbeatable odds, Jordan raged on while his ring counts down the number of conscious life forms on the planet. The ring advises Jordan that he will eventually fail. Jordan replies: just shuddup and count it out.

<Lazer sound / Explosions>

The man never got to fly with Hal’s dad, but you know what? It’s free will that gives us our freedom. Martin chose to do what he does and he loved every bit of it. This is your world Hal, you get to choose. God gets to watch. You think we go to church to worship god? No, the truth is, god comes to church to worship us. This man has been up high, he has seen it all. The stars right up close. Do you know what it looks to him? Just a bunch of candles!

Oa. Jordan is beat. His ring is drained. He is powerless as the Parademons transports him to their power source. This moment clears his head. You wanna know one of the most important things the corps teaches a rookie? Never exceed your authority. Know your limitations; know that you can’t change everything. You are not god. You bleed. But when you bleed, you bleed green. But Jordan was never a cautious one. In this moment, he accepts the box’s offer. He begins to change. The power of the source flows with in him. Jordan sees everything. He finally sees what batman sees. He sees the light. No he is the light. HAL JORDAN IS THE GOD OF LIGHT.

With his newfound godhood, he asks mother ring if he can restore the chaos. Return the corps and send the demons back to apokolips. The ring replies. You are now a god Hal Jordan. Just say the words.

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The deed is done and Jordan requests for his mother ring to count out the life forms on Oa.

There are 7200 lanterns, ten guardians, zero Para demons, and one god.

Jordan is no longer bound by space time. He is the light and he can go anywhere. Hal takes a moment to soak it in. The stars, they are so beautiful. They resemble something back on earth. They look like candles.

At this moment, he realizes that he was that man; he is the fighter pilot at the church. Jordan travels back in time to that day when he cursed the gods.


Life is precious and fragile. Free will is freedom. Mortals are free to choose. Gods can only watch. What is Hal Jordan without his will? No man should have the power of a god. At this time, Jordan commands the mother ring to destroy itself and return him back to Oa.


Ring, count it out. 2701 lanterns, ten guardians, no demons, no gods. Jordan could have done it, he should have done it. He could have made a better world. You want to know why he chose not to? Gods have no will and Hal Jordan from sector 2814 is not gunna give that up.

Justice League Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1 Recap

Whats going on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the justice league Darkseid war green lantern issue 1. So, we have done batman, superman, flash, and the shazam Darkseid wars. So why not do the green lantern one? Heck it’s a given that the luthor tie in will be on its way. I didn’t think I could do all of them but there isn’t any other comic series that are appealing to me right now so I got the time. so, why not?

Alright let’s jump into my review of this issue. at first, I didn’t enjoy it that much BUT I gave this issue a second read and I don’t know how I could have missed that much epicenes that is this issue. The first thing that threw me off was the art. I wasn’t much of a fan of it but it quickly grew on me. The second thing that turned me off was the amount of dialog in this issue during the scene with young hal Jordan. But then once the older figure shows his ring, i had to re-read the issue from the beginning. Obviously we get the signature aviators jacket so we can safely assume its hal Jordan. Once that was clear to me, I read the remaining few pages with so much hype and excitement, and I was not let down.

So let’s go over a few things that stood out to me in this issue. I love how older Hal Jordan gave the talk about gods being jealous of man because of our free will. It reminds me of geek mythology, or at least I believe its Greek mythology, which states that the gods are jealous of humans because of our mortality. Everything we do is that much more precious because it could be our last. The fact that we die makes living that much more enjoyable. Immortality is a curse, not a gift. That made me think of the concept of god in a new light and this issue about gods not having free will reminded me of that and I loved it.

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The theme of free will is once again present in a green lantern story. Sometimes this concept isn’t properly presented but this issue did a great job tying free will with gods and men and that’s another thing that I quite enjoy.

So let’s take a look at Jordan’s fellow teammates. Batman became a quote unquote god by acquiring the Mobius chair, superman is high on apokolips solar radiation, shazam lost his 6 original gods and got new ones, flash became the new host of the black racer, and luthor got struck by Darkseid’s omega energy.  Now we got Hal Jordan becoming a god by merging a mother box with his power ring. This is so far-fetched even for my standards, BUT the progression of the story is keeping me at the edge of my seat so im gunna push my logical brain to the side to continue to enjoy this story. You gotta give it to DC though. Everyone became a quote unquote god in their own way: very creative, DC comics. Oh and for those who don’t know, wonder woman isn’t left out. After Are’s fell from his position, Diana is now the New Greek god of war. so yup, meet your new justice gods. God gifts for everyone.

So since we have already gone through the other tie ins, you can expect the luthor tie in to come sometime soon. But if you are just joining us for the first time and you are a bit lost in the story, then you are in luck. I compiled a darkeid war checklist with clickable links to our coverage on the comic island website. I’ll have a link in the description below.

Now I wanna hear from you. What do you think about the Darkseid war green lantern issue 1? And which one has been your favourite tie in so far? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching my review and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in another Darkseid war tie in.
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