Justice League Darkseid War Shazam #1 Comic Book Review/Recap

Justice League Darkseid War Shazam #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Gods!


Justice League Darkseid War Shazam #1 Comic Book Recap

South Philadelphia, the cloudy skies open up welcoming the thunder. Shazam is seen racing towards earth. He crash lands in the middle of the street. The hero rose but the voices in his head continues to echo in every direction, multiple voices. They are clearly not the original 6 that gave him his powers. These are new gods, some are welcoming but others are not so nice. Billy begs them to stop yelling but to no avail. He takes flight but his original powers are gone. It was Mercury who grants him the powers of flight. Well mercury is gone along with Solomon, Hercules, atlas, Zeus and Achilles. These new gods are the ones from antiquity, the ones from the legend of legends and they dare him to scream the words. Billy relents.

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Within a split second, Billy, in his human form is brought to an unknown place. One god is present. Her name is ANAPEL, one of Billy’s new pantheons of gods. She tells the boy that the energies from Darseid’s death created a shockwave which disrupted Billy’s connection to the gods chosen by the wizard. Desperate not to leave the boy powerless, the wizard gathered replacements. But before he could finish, tragedy struck. ZONUZ Struck.

Who is Zonus billy asks. Well, you see, zonuz was an ancient, putrid force of evil, the first to wield the torment sanction, the original god of evil. He is a butcher, the primal inspiration for suffering. He wreaked chaos for ages, but after an era of anguish, zonuz fell before his equal in cruelty, his own son. In defeat, he returns to the source, but now, he would use Billy’s power to escape to continue his violence across reality. Billy is but a boy, he cannot stop zonuz, but these new gods can help.

Justice League Darkseid War Shazam #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Gods!


Billy now finds himself in new surroundings. He stands before Sivaa, the god of destruction, and he brings the gift of strength. You think Hercules had strength, he is but a knat compared to the god of destruction. The mighty god tells Billy that they intercepted his lightning in order to advise the boy. But right now, the wizard is in a battle not only for his survival, but the survival of all reality. Zonuz seeks to take the living lightning staff from the wizard. If he achieves his goal, there will be no stopping the god of cruelty.


The destruction god is gone and another god presents herself. Ate is the goddess of impulse, bravery and instinct. Billy will need her when he goes face to face with zonuz. Young Batson is not impressed and demands that he be brought to the next god.

<Lightning> The molten flames causes his skin to crawl but the light nearly blinds the young avatar. H’RONMEER, the god of fire, art and death stands before him. The fire god tells the boy that he has their gifts. Shazam is a vessel for their might. They are with him, they believe in him. But if he fail, he forfeits his gifts and they will go to another.


Billy is brought to witness the wizard in heated battle against the god Zonuz. The god of cruelty takes down the wizard and now, he possesses the living lightning.

He turns towards billy: The staff is mine, along with the power of shazam. I will harness the power of four gods to bolster my own. I will punch a hole in the very source. I am zonuz, father of darkseid. I will reclaim my late son’s throne, and from darkseids seat, I will better his work.


The god thinks he can strike a boy with lightning and win? He rose toward planet earth but billy is not down for the count. You see, its not a lightning staff that the cruel god stole, it’s a lightning rod.


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And the cruel one doesn’t know the first thing about shazam. The boy is gone and the hero arrives. The cruel one wastes no time and strikes shazam with his sword. But with his new found power of strength, he defends against a devastating blow from the sword of anguish and cruelty. With his free arm, shazam throws an earth shattering punch which obliterates the weapon. The second punch stuns the cruel one and with the words of shazam, he brings forth the thunder and lightning.

Darseid fell and now his father shall share the same fate.

The battle is over and Billy checks on the safety of the wizard. After regaining his strength, he tells batson that the 6 old gods are gone. 4 gods are secured but Batson shall have 6 gods. The 5th is named mamaragan, a god of thunder of the dreamtime. He took a seat on the council of eternity with a new name: Wizard. The wizard is now more connected to Billy than ever. He is now part of batson’s pantheon of gods and he brings the gift of thunder and lightning.

But wait, what about the 6th god. Well, the 6th god is laying right there. His might is slave to your whim, the wizard replies. Penance for an eternity of sin. Batson’s new journey has just begun, the true battle begins for the brand new SHAZAM!!!!

Justice League Darkseid War Shazam #1 Comic Book Review

What’s going on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and this is my review of the justice league darkseid war shazam issue 1. So, can we even call it the darkseid war anymore? He died like 1 issue into the actual war and the anti-monitor won. Lol. Since the anti-monitor is still roaming around, why don’t we call it the anti-monitor war? lol. Naww that doesn’t have a good ring to it. Ok, the darkseid war it is.

So let’s get into reviewing this issue. I gotta be honest guys, I loved this issue as much as or maybe even more than the batman tie in. We got action, adventure, and an education on the mythical world of gods in the dc universe. I love myth and lore and I love reading about these things in comics. It’s a shame that billy lost his greek gods but he gets 6 new crazy gods that probably have a few good stories to tell. The first 4 gods are basic enough but I love the reveal that the wizard that grants shazam his powers is now among his pantheon of gods. And I actually had chills when it is revealed that zonuz will be one of the 6. So let’s talk about this god. He is called the god of cruelty but what does he bring to the table? How will he help billy batson? But before we get into Billy’s new power sets, I wanna make sure we are all on the same page. Billy’s old power set are from Greek gods. He had the Wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of atlas, the lightning power of zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed and flight powers of mercury. But now, he’s got the lightning of the wizard, the boldness of Ate, the strength or sivaa, fire powers of hronmeer, the compassion of anapel, and finally the source manipulation of zonuz.

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These new powersets are quite strange. As far as I can tell, billy cant fly. His flight powers are granted to him by mercury. But none of these gods seem to exibit any flight powers. But he gets fire and lightning powers. Throw in some earth and water and we get Ang the avatar lol. Naw shazam is a lot more unique than 4 elemental powers. He’s got the power of 6 gods. But zonuz offers the power of the source manipulation.

Ok this is one of the strangest concepts to me in all of comic books. You guys know what im talking about: The source wall. it’s a wall that covers the entire dc universe and only a few manage to travel beyond and return. Anyone or thing else that touches it turns to stone. In this issue, the goddess anapel says that Billy is in the source which looks like a peaceful forest village. And near the end, the wizard said that gods don’t die, they just return to the source. So unless im totally wrong and they are referring to a different source, I am seriously confused about this whole concept of the source wall.

So the only thing I wanted was for this tie in to extend to maybe 3 or 4 issues. It felt very compressed; we covered a lot of backstory for 1 comic issue. This tie in has the makings of a really good story involving darkseid’s father. I would hope that we get a longer, more epic fight involving more than just 1 member of the justice league. He gets taken out too fast in my opinion. but the great thing is that this issue is a must read for any new 52 shazam fan. If these gods are here to stay then everyone will be asking, who are these new gods of antiquity and why is the wizard part of billy’s panteon?

We also got a very clear understanding as to what happened to billy when he got bombarded with voices in the last justice league issue. I felt that we didn’t need to read the batman, superman or the flash tie in to continue with the darkseid war but this issue IS a must read in order to understand billy’s evolution.

But that’s just my opinion on this issue, what do you think? Please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in the justice league issue 46.
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