Justice League Darkseid War Special #1 Review/Recap

Justice League Darkseid War Special #1 Review/Recap. Myrina Black & Grail Origins


Justice League Darkseid War Special #1 Recap

Gotham city, Mobius and his dark army are in heated battle against earth’s defenders. The justice league rages on because they cannot fail, for if they fail, their loved ones will pay the ultimate price. But in the fractured mind of power ring lies another battle, a battle for control over the body of Jessica Cruz.

She was in darkness but a comforting voice lights her way. The voice tells her that the victims of Volthoom are watching her. These are the souls of those who wore the ring before Jessica.

These are lost souls, their bodies long decayed. But you Jessica, your body is still alive. There is a chance that you can escape this realm and reclaim your body. You only have to get to me and I can get you out.

Who are you, she yells.

Hal Jordan from earth 3 presents himself. He warns Jessica to not listen to the voice. There is no escaping Valthoom. And if Jessica leaves, then Valthoom will come back and he will unleash hell upon his victims. These souls are damned for all eternity but, for a brief moment in time, they get some rest only if Jessica stays here with them.

If you want to save yourself then get to the battery, the voice states. Make a choice Jessica, make it now.

Against Hal Jordan’s begging, Jessica made her choice and she runs towards salvation.

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Elsewhere, in an undisclosed location, Myrina Black returns to her daughter, the offspring of Darkseid, the dark amazon, Grail. The mother recounts the events leading to today. It all started that night when Diana Prince, daughter of the Amazonian queen was delivered. In secret, the dark amazon grail was also welcomed into the world. If the amazons knew about her birth, they would have slaughtered her then and there. So, myrina was forced to abandon her life on paradise island to protect her child. Once off the island, Myrina and her child endures poseidon’s wrath. But despite the chaotic storm, they survived and found themselves in man’s world. They found men slaughtering a village. The men looked upon the amazon with vile lust. But this is myrina black, the amazon’s most revered assassin. Men’s mistake could have costed them dearly. But the assassin spared their lives. Grail did not.


Myrina saw darkness within her daughter. But her love for her child knows no bounds. She would train grail to be a true amazon. She would be the light that would suppress her daughters darkness. Grail loved her mother dearly and hated her father for all the evil he’d done. The darkness would return. Grail found the urge to murder her mother in her sleep. But Myrina survived. She never hit her daughter, she never even yelled. Myrina just held her daughter close, till the darkness subsided. Myrina seek out the help of an old friend for her crusade to slay the dark god. The griffin watched over the mother every single night protecting her…..from everyone.

Justice League Darkseid War Special #1 Review/Recap. Myrina Black & Grail Origins

Their journey led them to the last of the three blind witches. Grail slayed the crone and took the eye of the seeing. With the eye, Grail saw the being powerful enough to destroy Darkseid; The anti-monitor. Grail sought him out and aligned herself with a greater evil for one single purpose, to butcher her father.

Their story has come full circle. Darkseid is dead and grail has obtained the anti-life equation, the source of the anti-monitors power. Myrina is concerned; their mission was to destroy Darkseid. The mission is done. But grail is not finished. With the anti-life equation, she will enact revenge upon her father and the amazons and this man will help her. Steve Trevor. Grail remembers a prophesy from long ago. Trevor was the first man to ever touch the soil of Paradise Island, and as the oracle says, that man will either save the world, or destroy it.

Myrina knows that Trevor was not the first but Grail’s sense of vengeance blinds her to her mothers voice.

Grail, stop this, the mother yells.

But it is too late; the venomous kiss has done its job. The anti-life equation reacts with Steve Trevor’s body.

You taste delicious, Grail exclaims.

She takes a step back to witness the darkness pouring out of Steve Trevor’s Body. What have you done to me, he yells.

Even though the souls caught up to her, Jessica continues to run, not from fear, but she is running towards a purpose, to save her and the league.

They’re right behind you, the voice reminds her.

But its almost over, she is here, at the central power battery. She asks, battery, why are you helping me?

It’s not the battery, Jessica, it’s me. Its cyborg.

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Justice League Darkseid War Special #1 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the Justice League Darkseid War Special issue 1. Now I haven’t had my Darkseid war fix in a couple weeks so I was ecstatic when I found out that there was a one shot issue. This comic book focuses entirely on Grail, her mother and Power ring. Between the two stories, I was a lot more enthralled by Myrina and Grail’s relationship. Again Geoff Johns does it again by giving us more complex villains that we can actually root for. Until now, I thought myrina was just a one sided character that I would forget about when the darkseid war ends. She is still a side character whose purpose was to bring Grail into this war but we see her motherly side shine and I was actually touched by it. Check out this scene: Grail tries to kill Myrina in her sleep but shortly after, grail cries in her mother’s arm. Myrina didn’t yell, or hit or anything. And then this is my favorite BA scene: Myrina acquired a pet griffin and it watches her while she sleeps. So when grail tries to kill her mother again, she gets a big ass griffin starring her down. And again this facial expression says it all. It’s just so awesome. So we now know myrina’s agenda in full detail. Even though she has done sketchy things in the past, she still sees herself as a protector of earth and she birthed Grail as a weapon against the biggest threat to her world. And now she truly loves grail whole heartedly.

So we move onto grail. She is obviously psychotic like her father but she had a childhood with a mother who gave her so much love. I see Grail as a classic case of a battle between dark and light. Obviously we can see clearly that the darkness is winning. So how awesome would it be if Grail was put in a scenario where she had to either save her mother and be a quote unquote hero, or commit revenge on the amazons and have her way with Steve Trevor.

So lets move onto Steve Trevor. We have no clue what Grail’s plans are but we know that she believes this prophesy that the first man who step foot onto Themyscira will either save the world or destroy it. But we now know that in fact, Trevor was not the first man who step foot onto their island. I have never read the wonder woman comic book series so I’m gunna need some help from you guys. Does anyone know the identity of the man who first step foot onto Themyscira?

Ok so before we move onto the discussion on power ring, I just wanted to highlight how gritty and pg13 this issue is. I love the art and the shadowing on these few panels. We get a completely naked Grail looking very evil with tribal tattoos from top to bottom. If I was stranded in an island and found a cave and I saw Grail looking like this, i would think that this is the end, this woman is gunna eat me alive while she violates my body.

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Ok back to serious talk: Power ring! What can I say about power ring? Her story was quite luke warm. There was not much to it. She found out that there is an image of cyborg who promises her a way to get her body back and we find out that the Hal Jordan from three is still kicking it in there. That was pretty much it. I really enjoyed earth 3 Hal Jordan so I actually want him to make a comeback in some way. But either than that, Jessica Cruz isn’t getting much development in my opinion. But I wanna know what you think? Which story did you enjoyed more, grail and her mother, or Jessica Cruz and earth 3 Hal Jordan? Please let me know in the comments below. O and btw guys, I’m quite behind on my justice league coverage. Issue 49 was released last week so that will be my next video and thanks for bearing with me while I get caught up on things. Thank you so much for watching and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe,, and I’ll see you next time in another Darkseid War video.

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