Justice League Darkseid War: Superman #1 Review/Recap

Justice League Darkseid War: Superman #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Strength

Justice League Darkseid War: Superman #1 Recap

In the wake of Darseid’s death, several members of the justice league have gained the power of gods, but at what price to their humanity? The last son of krypton is now charged by dark solar energies from the world of apokolips. Corrupted by its influence and empowered by its madness, superman is the god of strength.

Days have gone by and the man of steel remains missing in action. Perry white and jimmy Olson wonders to them, is superman gone for good this time?

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Deep in space, Superman is taking his time coming home. Trouble finds him in every corner of the galaxy. They see the S Sigel and they know who he is. He is superman, the man of tomorrow, the last son of krypton, and the god of steel. They should not test him. The latest being who things he can make a name for himself is learning this the hard way. Superman beats the being without restraint and now, the man of steel charges the being without a name down towards planet earth.


Superman has returned. He breaks through the alien armour and grabs the mercenary by the throat. But the fight is over. This puny alien is not worth his time. Superman throws the alien to the side like the garbage that he is. The alien scrambles back to his ship and launches himself in the air leaving a black residue behind.

Across town, at Melvin’s diner, The god of strength is hungry for some good apple pie. Melvin, the owner welcomes back his friend and loyal customer. You see, months ago, Melvin decided to shave his beard. Cops thought he was breaking into his own diner. But superman intervened. Since then, the hero of metropolis is a welcomed patron to his diner. But today, the hero isn’t in such a friendly mood. He slams the table and demands for his pie.

The daily planet, the crew are still shaken up by superman’s last tangle with an unknown alien. Jimmy Olson discovers the location of his pal supe’s. He jumps on his bike and races off towards the diner. Unbeknownst to Olson, the black residue grows and begins to engulf everything it comes in contact with.


Olson arrives at the diner to see his hero eating alone. He pleads to superman to save the city but the new god will not hear it. Olson continues to talk some sense into his pal but the god throws jimmy out of the window.

Wow, good thing its ground level.

Jimmy gets up and continues to plead to his friend. Olson will not give up on his hero, even though he was just thrown out the window. But now, the black ink has reached the diner and begins to creep up Olson’s feet.

Superman is done with his pie and prepares to fly away to his next amusement. But before that, he tells jimmy that he is only here on this planet for one thing. Jimmy is ruining it for him.

Jimmy will not believe it. Superman is here for more than a slice of pie. He is here because Melvin treats him just like every other customer in the diner. This makes him feel like a normal man.

I AM NOT A NORMAL MAN, superman screams at his onetime pal.

You hear more than our cries for help. You also hear our joyous laughter. Jimmy knows his time is up. The black ink has crept past his chest and is now beginning to engulf his face. Human or not, it doesn’t matter. Jimmy continues to plead to the hero. As long as you’re here, you’ll never feel….alone.

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Superman is the only one remaining in a city plagued by a strange black ink. The civilians of the city screams for help which echoes in his head from every direction. They scream for the saviour of metropolis, they scream for their hero, superman, but he doesn’t flinch a muscle. The silence washes over the city.

Superman: I see nothing moving for miles, except for you, GET OFF. No, don’t go.

Justice League Darkseid War: Superman #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Strength

The god of strength returns to the crash site. The alien thinks he can still beat superman with a weapon he left behind? Well superman is stronger than any weapon. That’s why he’ll do this. That’s why he will save this city. With his god gifted powers, the new god utilizes his frost breath to freeze everything that the ink had touched. A punch from the god of strength was all it took to shatter and destroy the black ink freeing its captives.

Jimmy knows something is wrong but Perry White is confident that their superman is back. Everything is going to be all right, and the world is back to normal. Superman can hear everything. Perry white, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Justice League Darkseid War: Superman #1 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the justice league darksied war superman issue 1.

So I had quite high expectations for this issue after reading the batman Darseid war tie in. Even though this issue didn’t meet my expectations, I still found some redeeming qualities about it. So let’s go over them.

So right at the beginning, we get something we see all too often. Superman being the tank and punches every bad guy that comes his way. Obviously this alien is gunna be a sacrificial lamb if he is fighting superman. We don’t even get a name so we probably won’t be seeing this alien again. So unless superman goes toe to toe with someone on a world destroying level like zod or doomsday, we can bet that superman will do what he does and beat the enemy till he wins. This gets boring but the one thing that always impresses me when I read superman comics is the humanity behind it all. Its not about a god fighting other powerful beings, but it’s a god trying to find his way in the world full of fragile people. That’s why I love the rivalry between Luther and superman. Yes, superman went toe to toe with other powerful beings but it’s Luthor, a human, that poses such a threat to Clark and this is why Luthor remains one of the best villains who ever went to war with superman.

So I got a confession to make, I haven’t read a superman comic in a long while, except for the justice league of course. But this issue reminded me how much I appreciate a superman comic book. His relationship with those around him such as Perry white, jimmy Olson, and a diner owner named Melvin are what makes him such a great hero. I often find myself more enticed by his relationship with these people then whoever he is going up against. This scene is by far my favourite: we got jimmy Olson being covered by this black ink but he doesn’t care. He continues to plead to his hero. That was really touching. Since I haven’t read a superman comic in a while, I have no clue where Lois is so that was one thing I was disappointed at. I would like to see a small bit of how he would interact with Lois lane.

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So the next thing I enjoyed was this small part where Superman sees a pigeon flying away and he asks for it not to go. Then we see a bit underneath the blackness that surrounds his eyes. This obviously tells us that superman is still in there somewhere. I’m gunna assume that this is foreshadowing for later on when superman is about to do something devastating but his humanity will kick in and he will stop himself.

So out of the two tie INS so far, I still rank batman the better tie in. But superman issue 1 was still an enjoyable read. But that’s just my opinion on it, now I wanna hear from you. What do you think about this issue? Please let me know in the comments below. And as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in another Darkseid war tie in.

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