Justice League Darkseid Wars Batman #1 Review/Recap

Justice League Darkseid Wars Batman #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Knowledge

Justice League Darkseid Wars Batman #1 Recap

In the wake of Darkseid’s death, the dark knight has gained godlike powers, but at what price to his humanity? Batman has acquired a cosmic artefact of power, the Mobius chair. Overcome with the answers to every question and the solution to every problem, Batman is the God of Knowledge.

Gotham city, the war is over and Batman has been busy protecting his home. The Bat signal lights up the dark night. It is redundant but batman answers the call. Jim Gordon is a friend, someone who believes in all of the good work that the dark knight does, a true comrade in his war against crime. But tonight, Jim isn’t in such a friendly mood.

Gordon informs the dark knight that every single criminal that got placed behind bars by Batman after he acquired the chair, had been sent free. The justice system cannot prosecute individuals who haven’t committed the crime. Batman disagrees. People are resting in peace because those criminals are behind bars. It’s because of him that a husband still has his wife. Parents can hold their child at night and that mother can still watch her son go to college. There is no maybe, the chair sees the future. The chair knows everything and those perps deserve to be locked away.


The chair signals and batman leaves his friend behind for more pressing issues.

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Across town, a crime is about to take place as a car full of criminals prepare their weapons to rob a club. If someone wants to be a hero then they will get a shotgun to the face says a gang member. Suddenly, the god of knowledge appears and thwarts their robbery that hasn’t even taken place yet. The justice system will not hold them so Batman takes measures into his own hands. He boomtubes the gang to the southern tip of Antarctica where it is rarely below minus 40 degrees. . They are miles away from the closest town and they are stepping on very thin ice. But not to worry, a navy ship will be arriving in a few hours. Batman suggests that the gang members use this time to reflect upon their life choices. Oh and they can use the parts from their vehicle to start a fire. It’s kind of cold.

Elsewhere in Gotham, a man drunk on alcohol returns to his ex-wife’s home. He grabs a kitchen knife but Batman intervenes. We discover that this man lost his home and wife because he physically abused the woman he married after a hard day’s work. He also gets physical after a night out with the boys. But tonight, He planned on ending his ex-wife’s life. Not if the dark knight could help it. Batman teleports the man to the island of Themyscira where the Amazonian woman fears no man. When asked who the scrawny man is, Batman states that this is a man who likes to beat his women and he intended to murder his ex-wife with that puny blade. The dark knight departs and plans on returning for the man after a couple days. Maybe his trip to Paradise Island will change his perspective on how he treats women.

Gotham can sleep easier tonight so the dark knight travels back in time to the night where he lost is parents to a mugger named joe chill. The pain is still fresh as if only a day had passed since Bruce Wayne lost his mother and father. His sadness quickly turns to anger and Bruce demands the chair to take him to Joe Chill.

Gotham state penitentiary, an angered god has arrived to confront the man who killed his parents. Joe Chill is frightened nearly getting a heart attack. He screams for the guards but Batman placed barriers around the cell so no one will interrupt their meeting. He brings the man that murdered his folks to the ally where the incident occurred over 20 years ago. Joe relives that epic night where he felt power. He controlled the lives of the Wayne’s in his finger. As per history, Joe Chill gunned down the innocent man and woman. Out of pity, maybe reluctance, he let the boy survive. Batman shows his interest towards this murder committed by chill. When asked why, the dark knight god unveils his mask and he states Because, I am Bruce Wayne.

Justice League Darkseid Wars Batman #1 Review/Recap. The God Of Knowledge

Filled with anger, Bruce intends to murder this puny man where he crawls. But that would be mercy. Instead, he conjures up a more fitting punishment. They return to joe chill’s cell. Batman informs the convict that most of the inmates are in here because they crossed paths with the dark knight. A simple whisper from cell to cell, in the cafeteria, across the rec yard, and in the showers will be enough to create a living hell for joe chill. Joe Chill Created Batman.

Joe has been frightened in the past, but he never went face to face with the boy who lost his family because of his past actions. That boy is now a god and this is personal. He screams for help but to no avail. Batman grabs the convict and states forget everything we spoke about, you don’t know who batman is and you never will. Bruce boomtube’s away leaving joe chill grovelling on the ground with no idea as to why.

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The bat cave, Batman returns home and his butler is waiting. Blood ran down his face due to the chairs displeasure of how batman had been utilizing it. Metron only observed, but batman did much more. With this cosmic chair, Batman can finally narrow his focus from the many to the one.

Justice League Darkseid Wars Batman #1 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing the justice league Darkseid wars batman. So before jumping into this story arc, I didn’t realize that it will spin off into multiple one offs but at the end of justice league issue 45, we see that there will be a total of 6 issues spinning from the Darkseid war. we got batman, flash, green lantern, superman, shazam and lex luthor. I don’t know if I am able to cover all of these one offs but I’ll definitely try my best but after reading the batman spinoff, I knew I had to cover it. so let’s start with batman’s relationship with Jim Gordon. I always thought their friendship worked well but it gets really interesting when the two starts to disagree. Both of them have a really good point. Batman saved a lot of lives by locking up these criminals but of course they can’t be held in jail if they never committed a crime.

We obviously saw this plot development in the tom cruise movie minority report so it’s nothing special or new. But because of this fact, he took the law into his own hands by trying to educate the criminals in his own twisted way. The first few guys are thrown into a sub-freezing environment and the next guy who likes to beat on women gets thrown into an island dominated by women. That’s just cruel irony or poetic justice.

So the big chunk of this issue deals with Bruce Wayne and his relationship with the man that killed his parents, Joe Chill. I loved every part of this scene. Bruce belittles Joe and treats him like dirt. As you guys may know, Batman is my favourite super hero ever since I was a kid. Even though Batman went through a few retcon’s, his origins remain pretty much the same. There’s always a man that killed his parents and in this issue, we get to see how he would treat that man when he has godlike powers. I can never imagine what goes through the mind of someone who lost his parents to a criminal but I can imagine it took every moral bone in his body to NOT kill Joe chill so for batman to only toy with chill out of pleasure might be the most heroic thing that he could do. Hypothetically speaking, could you imagine facing the man that took your parents life and you had the powers of the chair? What would you do? I would probably spread that whisper.

And then we got a very interesting cliff hanger. So batman practically admits that he is obsessed with the joker. From one of the previous issues, Batman discovers the identity of the joker and by his reaction; he knows who the joker really is. The conflict between these two is one of my favourite relationships in all of comics so I hope this new revelation takes their rivalry to another level. There was something I remember about the joker in one of his incarnations either in comics or on tv. The joker said that they need each other. Batman needs the joker. They complete each other. Was this from Nolan’s dark knight movie with heath ledger? Damn I gotta watch that movie again lol.

This last page pretty much breaks the continuity as well. As far as we know, the joker is dead after the events of Batman Endgame. So if we try to place the Darkseid war into continuity then this event would happen before endgame, before superman lost his powers, and before relic attacked OA.

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But remember guys, DC’s new branding of DC YOU promises great story telling at the expense of continuity. So I guess we can’t place this event anywhere. Maybe it’s a self-contained story arc that happens in another universe? I highly doubt that but this comic raises that one question that Arden tackled in his video continuity vs. creativity. You can check out that video by clicking on the screen. So that’s my question for you, Do you prefer an average comic book story that respects continuity, or would you rather have a great story that breaks continuity? Please let me know in the comments below, and as always, if you enjoyed this video, please like, subscribe and I’ll see you next time in the Darkseid wars issue 46.

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