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Marvel Comic Books: AXIS Hobgoblin #3 Recap

The Goblin King attacks the police as he holds children hostage.  Luckily help arrives, in the form of everyone’s favourite new hero, the Hobgoblin!  But as the children look over their two Goblin themed options, they scream in terror.  The Hobgoblin pins the King into the wall before taking a picture of himself saving the kids.  The children are then rescued by Missile Mate, one of the new heroes created by the Hobgoblin.  The Goblin King is furious, and attacks Kingsley.  But the Hobgoblin does not seem interested in the fight, and instead just offers the King a copy of his new book.  The King demands that he get a portion of Hobgoblin’s earnings, but Kingsley refuses to talk business outside of his office.

The Hobgoblin leaves, and out of frustration, the Goblin King levels the building.  The police remark that their work is done here thanks to the Hobgoblin, and wonder what crazy adventures he’ll get up to next!

“The Hobgoblin in… “Music to my ears!””

The Hypno-Huslter has hypotised children into giving them all the money made from the school dance.  But the Hobgoblin makes quick work of his hypnotic music, and the children turn on the villain.  Bullying isn’t cool!

“Sticking up for your friends is the right thing to do. So don’t make good manners a chore.  Make ’em a Hobby!”

Back at headquarters, the Hobgoblin has a meeting with his newly created heroes.  When Missile Mate remarks that cameras make it hard for him to crack skulls the way he prefers, Kingsley threatens him and says that as long as Missile Mate wears the costume Kingsley designed, nobody is to tarnish the Hobgoblin’s new image.

Marvel Comic Books Hobgoblin #3 Cont!

Phil Urich, the Goblin King arrives, and quickly takes out the Hobgoblin’s henchmen.  The king repeats his demand from earlier, but Kingsley has no interest in sharing his wealth.  When Phil threatens the Hobgoblin, Lily Hollister, in a new outfit and identity called Queen Cat, says he will have to go through her.  Lily beats up Phil who is shocked and says they had a pact together.  But the Hobgoblin’s team of heroes prove to be a strong match for the Goblin King, so he flees, leaping out the window and flying away, but not before leaving a message for Lily.

marvel comic books hobgoblin #2

Lily is confused as she has no memory of this, but Kingsley tells her that even if Phil knows anything, he’s probably the cause of her memory loss.  The Hobgoblin then says it’s time to put on his good face for the public.

“The Hobgoblin in… “Don’t Bank on it!”” Not an advertisement.

The Tinkerer prepares a bank robbery, but the Hobgoblin arrives to stop him.  However, this won’t be easy as the Tinkerer knows all the Hobgoblin’s old tricks and says he is ready for anything.   Luckily, the hero has his all new “Hob-Stoppers,”  which come in three different flavors.

“Wow.  These are good”

“Mmmmm.  The flavor lasts forever.”

“Good!  ‘Cause that’s how long you’re going away for.”

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Back at his headquarters, Phil Urich returns, outraged at the Hobgoblin’s actions.  However a visitor arrives soon after, and Phil thinks that Lily has returned.  Instead, it is Missile Mate.  He says he has no loyalty to the Hobgoblin and that he can help the Goblin King.  But Phil says that he already has an army made up of half of the villains the Hobgoblin had created and abandoned.  Phil demands to know what Missile Mate can bring to the table.  Missile Mate replies that he has the other half of the abandoned villains.

Marvel Comic Books: AXIS Hobgoblin #3 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap and review of AXIS: Hobgoblin #2.

Now this was a fun comic.  Just like last issue I love that this comic just goes all out with all things Hobgoblin.  This time fake ads were used and I really liked them.  I also enjoy the fight scenes in this issue, as they are basically nothing but the Hobgoblin avoiding attacks while trolling the Goblin King.  It was a lot of fun and really enjoyable overall.

marvel comic books hobgoblin #2

The art is the only thing that is kind of so-so for me.  On the one hand, I’m really not a big fan of a lot of the facial expressions.  But the art does do a really good job at conveying all the humour and jokes, which is no easy task.  On the whole, it works for a comic like this, which isn’t really meant to be taken all that seriously.

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Other than that, I do like this comic’s story.  Sure, it’s all mostly just for laughs, but there is also an interesting story and I do find the jokes really funny.  There isn’t much else to say.  This comic just works for me, and I totally recommend it.

Let me know what you think of AXIS: Hobgoblin #1 in the comments section.  And, if you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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