Marvel Comic Books Death of wolverine #4 Review/Recap

Marvel Comic Books Death of wolverine #4 Review/Recap On Youtube

Marvel Comic Books Death Of Wolverine #4 Recap


Paradise Valley Nevada, the issue begins with Wolverine cutting down military contracted personelle to get to Dr Cornelius. But Logan was not ready for what he will bear witness to. He enters a room full of test subjects going through the exact same experiment that he went through when they bonded adamantium to his skeleton. At the end of the room is Dr Cornelius behind a glass window. We discover that the Dr is trying to perfect his weapon X project creating an army of obedient killing machines. But he is missing something that only wolverine has: The healing Factor. That is why Cornelius put the hit on logan to be brought in alive. Wolverine cuts himself to demonstrate that he has lost his healing factor. Surprised and deeming logan to be useless, Dr Cornelius calls for his enforcer to kill the wolverine. The enforcer is tricked into breaking the glass window, the only barrier Cornelius has against logon. Meanwhile, the Dr activates the adamantium injection into one of the patient.

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Marvel Comic Books death of wolverine cont.

Wolverine takes out the enforcer by crushing his head in. With his DIY claws gone, Logan releases his real claws to be ready for another battle. Dr Cornelius escapes but instead of chasing him down, wolverine cuts open the adamantium tank attempting to save the patient. This evidently backfires and logan gets covered in extremely hot adamantium material. But this does not stop the original Weapon X.

Upstairs at the helipad, Dr Cornelius runs toward the pilot instructing him to be ready to leave. Suddenly, the Doctor notices that a shard of glass has penetrated his abdomen. He falls to the floor in deep pain while the adamantium covered wolverine arrives on scene. With his last breath, Dr Cornelius states, I tried to make something; I tried to change the world. What did you ever do but kill people, what did you ever do. Wolverine takes a moment and reflects in the past: All of his accomplishments and all of his happiest memories. Logan stumbles away from Cornelius’s corpse and into the setting sun. With his mission complete, Encased in adamantium, James howlett Logan is finally ready to meet mistress death.

Marvel Comic Books Death Of Wolverine #4 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to Comic Island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the death of wolverine issue 4 of 4. Wow so this is the end, this is it. Death by adamantium. I would never have guessed that he would die in such a way but it was done perfectly. Except for the fact that he accidentally caused his own death. This would be my only complaint. I mean take a look at this scene. In my opinion, If wolverine was a bit more careful then he could have avoided the splash of adamantium.

So I didn’t actually noticed that his claws were fake until they were chopped off. I was a bit confused for a moment thinking how can this guy cut off adamantium. But then he pulls out his claws with all its blood and glory. Coming into this series, we knew that he would most likely die. Having this in mind, we know we won’t get to see Logan pull out his claws much anymore so this claw scene was just that much more satisfying.

Ok so we find out why Dr Cornelius wanted wolverine brought in alive: For his healing factor. But then we find out that the Dr was unaware of logan’s loss of rapid healing. I thought this was a bit lame since quote-unquote word on the streets is that wolverine is now vulnerable. I mean everybody seems to know this in the marvel 616 universe. Heck even those no name bouncers at the hellfire club knew. How does Dr Cornelius not know this? He even mentions how he keeps tabs on Logan and yet he doesn’t know about the loss of healing factor.

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Alright let’s end this review on a good note. I love this little flashback on logan’s life. The one thing that is consistent is the fact that wolverine is happy in all of these shots. His love with yuriko and Jean Grey and also when he is a professor at the jean grey school. Heck even when he is about to kill these hand ninjas, logan is happy and I love this.

So what is next for marvel comics after wolverine’s death? Well we are treated to a 7 issue series called death of wolverine, the logan legacy. We explore how the death of wolverine will affect the world especially those closest to him such as daken, x23, sabretooth and deathstrike.

Alright so even though I found problems to his death, I still really enjoyed this 4 part series covering Logan’s last few moments on earth. But that’s just my opinion; I wanna know what you guys thought about this 4 part issue as a whole. Please let me know in the comments below. so thank you soo much for watching my review of the death of wolverine issue 4 and as always, if you enjoyed this issue, please like, subscribe, and I’ll see you next time in another comic review.




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