Marvel Comic Books: The Death Of Wolverine #2 Review/Recap

The Death Of Wolverine #2 Review/Recap On Youtube

Marvel Comic Books: The Death Of Wolverine #2 Recap


Madripoor, the issue begins with Logan conning his way into a meeting with madam viper. She notices him immediately and sends her subordinates to immobilize him. Logan takes them down one by one.

Wolverine comes seeking answers. Why does viper want him brought in alive? We discover that madam viper is only the middle man. Her client paid her a ridiculous amount of money to bring in the wolverine, ALIVE. Logan asks who the client is. Viper pulls on a set of chains and says, beat my dog and ill tell you everything.

A vicious Sabretooth comes out ready for another battle with an old foe. The two go at it. Blow after blow, blood spills to the floor. Sabretooth takes out wolverines eye. Logan stabs Sabretooth right through the chin to his head. Suddenly, lady Deathstrike tackles Sabretooth to the ground. She unleashes a flurry of jabs to his spine. But just before she deals the death blow, Logan says no. Sabretooth will die but not today. Creed, overmatched, stumbles away while stating that Logan is selfish and wants to be the one to end Sabretooths life.

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We discover that lady Deathstrike came to wolverine’s aid because she is also targeted along with those similar to wolverine. But Sabretooth is off the list thanks to madam hydra. After a brief conversation, Deathstrike notices that wolverines eye isn’t healing. She deduces that Logan is defective. She prepares her adamantium claws and states that he is no help to her. But perhaps he might exchange his life for hers. He dies so that she may live.

Suddenly, kitty’s arm reaches through her stomach. She states i really wouldn’t.


Marvel Comic Books: The Death Of Wolverine #2 Review

Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing and recapping the death of wolverine issue 2. Ok so l wanna start by saying it’s been 2 for 2 so far. This issue builds upon the last and im at the edge of my seat so to speak. Excellent art, excellent facial expression and excellent use of blood.

I skipped over the beginning where wolverine uses a borrowed iron man helmet to trick an underling into meeting with madam hydra. But that is the only thing i felt was not important to the overall story. And yet i still enjoyed it. I love this picture of Logan looking like Hugh Hefner.

Alright so let’s discus the progressing story. We discover that madam hydra is not the one behind all of this. So this raises a question. Who is her client that wants wolverine brought in ALIVE. Hopefully he will reveal himself in another issue or 2.

new comics, the death of wolverine

Logan meets with madam Viper in Madripoor

Ok so the next thing i want to discus is the awesome battle between wolverine and madam hydra’s subordinates. He takes them down so easily making Logan appear very badass. But i wanted more. And I got more. Sabretooth is up next and this battle makes up for the disappointing battle they had in wolverine issue 12.

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Now i hated the last battle and pointed out what the fight needed in order for it to be a true Sabretooth vs wolverine battle. This issue gave me what i wanted and expected. The art changes in this one panel just to give it a shock value and prepare us for an awesome rated R fight.

I love this little part where we see 2 reflections in wolverines 3 claws. Then wolverine goes and jabs his claws right under Sabretooths chin all the way to the top of his head. This is what i am talking about and this is what i want when i pick up an issue of wolverine.

Now lady Deathstrike makes her appearance and mentions a hunter named lord ogun. I don’t know who this is so someone smarter than me can probably enlighten us in the comments below.

Lady deathstrike vs kitty pride

kitty pride phases through Lady deathstrike

So let’s recap on what happens so far. Wolverine lost an eye and finds out that a mysterious figure is out to capture him. Not kill him. Everyone like him is also a target. But who else is like wolverine besides Deathstrike and Sabretooth? I can think of daken, wildchild and Romulus. That being said, im gunna put in my guess that Romulus is the client that hired madam hydra to capture wolverine. Now Romulus is not a villain that marvel uses very often but I loved this guy and hope he will be coming back real soon.

Now i wanna show you the cover art for the upcoming death of wolverine issue 3. I assume the girl wielding the blade is kitty pride. Looks like the next destination for Logan will be in Canada as well. Maybe he will meet up with his old group alpha flight.

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