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Thor #1 Recap

We open in the depths of the Norweigian Sea.  Two scientists are investigating an anomaly.  They see what appears to be a mountain moving towards them, before a giant hand appears right in front of the two men.

We cut to a Roxxon Sea base located nearby.  They lose contact with the scientists and detect movement at the perimeter of the base.  Realising whatever is out there is far too big to be the lost scientists; the Roxxon employees deploy their attack sharks.

One of the sharks is quickly killed, and Roxxon realizes they are under attack by frost giants.

Marvel Comic Books Thor #1

Thor #1, new comics

We then go to the moon, where the new kingdom of Asgardia floats above it.  The Asgardians have gathered around Thor.  The god of thunder has not moved from where Nick Fury left him following the events of Original Sin.  With only a whisper, Nick Fury has made it so Thor has been unable to lift his hammer.  Since then, Thor has refused to eat, sleep, or leave the moon’s surface.

Marvel Comic Books Thor #1 Cont!

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Odin, who has recently returned to the Asgardians, approaches Thor and demands an explanation.  The other Asgardians state they too were unable to lift the hammer, so Odin himself tries.  But even the great all-father is unable to lift Mjolnir.

While Freyja comforts Thor, Odin’s crows arrive, and thell him of the frost giants attacking Earth.  When asked for orders, Odin says they should do nothing, while Freyja says they are to prepare for war.  While they argue, Thor gets up.  His mother asks where he is going, to which Thor states he is going to get a weapon, and then return to his home.

After Thor leaves, Odin tells Freyja she is no longer in charge of Asgard and that it is time she remembers her place in the world.  As the Asgardians leave, Freyja looks at the hammer, and says, “Yes… perhaps it is”

Meanwhile, the Sea base lies in ruin.  Only a handful of employees are still alive in the command centre.  Malekith emerges from the walls and asks for something.  When the employees say they don’t know what he is talking about, he kills two of them before the last one agrees to help him find whatever he is looking for.

Soon Thor arrives, riding a ram as without his hammer, he cannot fly.  In a weakened state, Thor is no match for Malekith and the frost giants.  Malekith mocks Thor for losing his hammer and then says “Look at the bright side, Thor: without that big heavy Mjolnir to lug around all the time… you’ve no need for so many cumbersome arms.”  He then proceeds to cut off the god’s arm, and Thor sinks into the murky depths of the sea.

Back on the moon, a voice states, “There must always be a Thor.”  She lifts the mighty hammer, and the goddess of thunder is born…

New Comics: Thor #1 Review

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Thor, issue 1.

So if you go and review Captain America #25 that, to me, was an intro to a character I found just didn’t work.  The humour fell flat, there wasn’t any surprise to it, and it involved a great deal of bad story telling.

Thor #1, on the other hand, feels like a good example of how to launch a new version of a character.  There’s a lot I like about this comic.  The story telling is smart, and it feels big and epic, and has me excited to see more of the new Thor.  I like the use of characters, with Odin being very angry at everyone and using his crows to get news of the nine realms, while Thor is still the character we know even if he doesn’t have the power of Mjolnir, Maletkith is sinister and a major threat, and Freyja is very much the strong, intelligent leader her character has been established as in recent events.

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And we still don’t know who the new Thor is, or what exactly Nick Fury whispered to make Thor lose his hammer in the first place.  I get that this might be a bit frustrating, but it’s very nice to have some actual mystery for once.  That’s what really damaged the reveal of Captain America.   Now these answers can actually be told through the story, which is a way better route and has me more excited for future events.

That being said, Freyja’s actions in this comic make me think it’s either her, or somebody acting on her behalf.  The way she looks at the hammer on this page makes me think so, but we’ll have to see as I am just speculating here.

Marvel Comic Books Thor #1

Marvel Comic Books Thor #1

The art is also worth mentioning.  It does a really good job at conveying both action and emotion, and it works really well to facilitate the story.  Also, in what I’m going to start calling the “Nazi dinosaur phenomenon” from Magneto #10, sometimes cool things make comics automatically awesome for me.   In this case, “attack sharks” pretty much make this comic great and invalidates any potential negatives points I would have about this comic.  Yeah, some of the dialogue was a little out of character for some of the Asgardians and Malekith, but who cares, because Roxxon has sharks that are trained like attack dogs!  Not to mention the fact that Thor is outright mutilated in this issue.

Overall, Thor #1 was a great comic.  A lot of big things happen here, and the art and writing live up to it in a solid read that I really enjoyed as a whole.

Finally, I should probably talk a bit about what I think of having a new Captain America and Thor to begin with.  My approach to it is basically if this can be done to tell a new, fun, or interesting story, then I don’t mind the change.

So far, I have been giving Marvel the benefit of the doubt and hope that cool stories will emerge from these changes.  But it’s certainly possible nothing will come of this.  Captain America being Sam Wilson now, for example, I don’t really see the point of.  Falcon is, in the end, a character just like Steve Rogers.  These are both people who are self-sacrificing, brave, and of outstanding moral character.  I doubt they’re really going to do much in terms of telling a story they wouldn’t be able to tell without just using Steve Rogers to begin with.  On the other hand, I am a little interested in seeing an older, depowered Steve Rogers work as a contact for the Avengers.  That will be pretty cool to see.

The female Thor, on the other hand, could lead to a different story they wouldn’t be able to tell with the male Thor.  Unfortunately that would a story we’ve seen many times before.  I can easily see Odin though being all “What?!  A woman, serving as Thor!  Preposterous!”  On the other hand, this was a stellar issue and shows a lot of promise.  If nothing else, I expect we’ll at least get a very good story out of this series.

With both Captain America and Thor, we can only wait and see just how things go from here, for better or worse.  Of course, sooner or later the originals will come back.   That’s a matter of when, not if.  Nobody expects otherwise.  But hey, if cool stories, like the one in this comic, come out of these temporary changes, then why not just enjoy the ride?  I certainly will be.

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