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Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #3 Recap

Deadpool drags Iron Man away from the heated battle between the team of super villains and the Adamantium Sentinels.  As Deadpool discusses the finer nuances of being lumped in with the rest of the villains, Iron Man demands to know where he is being taken.

The villains meanwhile prove a strong match for the Sentinels, as they have not been built with these foes in mind.  Doom and Loki look on as Carnage rips out one of the Sentinel’s eyes, and the two villains proceed to thrash the Sentinel themselves.  Meanwhile, Quentin Quire is the only telepath left on the field, and is struggling to keep the Red Onslaught’s powers at bay.  Evan has nearly finished recovering from his wounds and asks Quentin to hold out a little longer.

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Meanwhile, Mystique manages to distract Onslaught by disguising herself as Steve Rogers.  Using this time, the Enchantress is able to use a love spell on the villain and brings him to a halt.  However, the spell is soon broken by one of the Sentinels, and the spellcaster is taken down.

During this time, Magneto manages to free Dr. Strange and Wanda, and they agree to try their original plan of inverting the personalities of the Red Skull and Charles Xavier.  However, Quentin Quire falters, and can no longer block the Red Onslaught’s telepathy.

Elsewhere, Deadpool asks if Tony thinks he is Avengers material.  Iron Man replies that even in circumstances like these, Deadpool would never be an Avenger as long as Tony lives and demands to know where he is being taken.  Though Deadpool’s feelings are hurt, he explains he has taken the Avenger to be powered up.

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With his telepathic abilities no longer being blocked, Onslaught has taken control of the super villains just as Dr. Strange and Wanda finish their spell.  They are almost killed, and Dr. Strange is knocked out, until saved last minute by Evan, Iron Man, and Deadpool.  With Iron Man once again blocking out the Red Skull’s telepathic powers, Dr. Doom arrives and states he will help Wanda cast the spell.  They succeed, and everyone is knocked unconscious.

The heroes awaken and emerge from the destroyed Sentinels.  With the exception of Deadpool and Magneto, the villains have disappeared.  The Red Skull is unconscious and has returned to his original state.  Confused, the Avengers and X-Men turn on one another.  Worried that Xavier is now trapped in the Skull’s body, the X-Men want to take him with them and care for their mentor, however the Avengers agree that he is far to dangerous for the villain to leave SHEILD custody.

Evan appears, and has transformed into an adult Apocalypse.  He says that there is nothing left of Xavier in the Nazi and that he isn’t worth their time.  Havok agrees to let the villain go, but resigns from the Avengers.  X-Men and Avengers depart, unified no longer.

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #3 Review (Marvel Comic Books)

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Evan facing down The Red Skull

Hello and welcome to Comic Island.  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #3.

So this was, in my opinion, probably the first truly weak issue of AXIS.  On the whole I have enjoyed this event in spite of some problems.  And there is a lot that works here.  The humor once again is not over played but is genuinely funny and I’m glad it’s there.  My favorite is this exchange between Absorbing Man and Enchantress:

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“Damn, Skull, you gone to all this trouble to build up these perfect Sentinels an’ you didn’t even consider us?”

“That’s the kind of oversight that gets you uninvited to fondue parties”

I had a good laugh at that.  This comic is also great when you have characters like Carnage and Mystique in action here, and that is just awesome.  It’s the best part of this issue and I wish there was more of it.

The problem is in a lot of the art.  Look at Wasp’s face on this last page here.  I don’t like how poorly defined it is, and considering the emotion weight it’s supposed to have, this whole rift between the Avengers really falls flat.  This felt really forced, even more so than Avengers vs X-Men.  The idea of the Red Skull going back to Westchester is crazy.  Like the X-Men are crazy for thinking that’s okay.  Would that be okay with any villain, for any reason?

Oh well, I’m still interested to see what happens next, and I had a feeling the momentum in AXIS was going to break sooner or later.  It’s just a shame because this issue starts out so strong, and then it feels like at the end the AXIS story has just slammed on it’s breaks.  It’s not surprising, but disappointing just the same.  Momentum is important in events like this, and we just lost all of it.


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