Marvel Super Hero Origins/Bio: Spider-B#%$@ Ashely Barton

Marvel Super Hero Origins/Bio: Spider-B#%$@ Ashely Barton

Marvel Super Hero Origins And Bio Synopsis

In the alternate reality of Earth-807128, the heroes of this world we defeated long ago after the villains banded together.  With the heroes gone, the villains quickly took over the world and divided it amongst themselves.  On the west coast of the United States, the Hulk has long conquered and taken over the Abomination’s territory and has become a sadistic, merciless land lord.  To pay for his bills and avoid the wrath of the Hulk’s children, a bankrupt and retired Logan agrees to make an important delivery across the country with the former Avenger Hawkeye.

Their journey proved perilous as the United States has become a hostile and dangerous country.

Villains and criminals do as they please, while dinosaurs from the Savage Land roam the states as wild animals or are kept as exotic pets.

marvel super hero ashley barton

ashley barton taking her rage out on kingpin

In the city of Hammer Falls, named as it is the last resting place of Mjolnir, Logan and Hawkeye encounter Tonya Parker, Peter Parker’s youngest daughter and Hawkeye’s third ex-wife.  Tonya and Hawkeye had a daughter together named Ashley Barton, but Clint is shocked to learn that she formed a team of superheroes to fight against the Kingpin, who is in charge of Hammer Falls.   Ashley was  captured and set to be executed by the Kingpin, but together Clint and Logan manage to rescue the young woman.

But it turns out Ashley was not interested in becoming a super hero.  Now free, she decapitates the Kingpin with a shotgun handle.  As a result, Ashley becomes the new Kingpin, giving her the opportunity to take control over his resources and territory.  With her new power, Ashley orders the death of her father, but Logan and Hawkeye are able to successfully escape.

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During the currently ongoing Spider-Verse event, Ashley was recruited by the Superior Spider-Man to help fight the Karn and the Inheritors, a vampiric family hunting spider themed super heroes across the multiverse. Now going by the moniker Spider-Girl, her history and back story have made her a natural fit with the more violent, pragmatic, and aggressive Spider-Men she encounters, and they agree to do whatever is necessary to stay alive.  Her final fate will be revealed in the upcoming ending of Spider-Verse.

marvel super hero ashley barton

ashley barton joins the superior spiderman in the spider verse

Ashley appears to have inherited her grandfather’s abilities, but it is not currently known what the extent of her super powers are compared to other versions of Spider-Man.  It is clear she has super strength, as she was able to decapitate the Kingpin with a shot gun handle.

Marvel Super Hero Ashley Barton Thoughts

Hello, and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my Origins and Bio for Ashley Barton, also known as Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, Kingpin, or, my personal favourite, Spider-Bitch!

So this is an interesting origin and bio.  As a small character who has only appeared in a nine issue mini series and big crossover event, this is without a doubt one of the shortest origins we’ll ever do.  But I wanted to do this one because I thought it was pretty cool that an obscure character was being given a part in this story, and it felt like a fun story to cover, however short that story may be.

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marvel super hero ashley barton

marvel super hero: Ashley Barton

I just love Ashely’s ruthlessness.  This is a flawed character from a broken world, and both the Old Man Logan mini series and Spider-Verse event have done a good job showcasing her aggressive nature.

If you’d like to read more about Ashley, I do recommend Old Man Logan.  It’s a big weird mini series, and though it has a lot of really dumb and really odd parts to it, I also love this story for some of the most awesome and iconic imagery I’ve ever seen come out of Marvel.  And yes, that is Venom with the coolest looking host I have ever seen.  At only nine issues, it is worth reading, though I will warn you that this series tends to be on the costly side and I’ve seen the trade paper back go for as much as $80 Canadian at conventions.

Spider-Verse has also been a big, fun event that I’ve been really enjoying so far, and would also recommend.  If you need help catching up on this crossover, our website has a great reading order list for the event.  You should check that out as Joey has been doing a really nice job covering this story and I’m really interested in seeing how this story ends.

We also have a Facebook page where we post all our videos and the latest and greatest in the world of comics, which you also can find in the video description.  And finally, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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