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Marvel Super Hero Origins/Bio: Spider-Man 2099 On Youtube

Marvel Super Hero Origins And Bio Synopsis.

Miguel O’Hara was born in the future, at a time long after the modern heroic age of super-powered crime-fighters.   America is now under control of large companies like Alchemax, who control everything including public services like police.   Miguel was a young genius who managed to earn enrolment in the Alchemax School for Gifted Youngsters in Westchester.  Here, he makes friends with Xina (SH-eye-NAH) Kwan, who helps defend him against a bully named Kron Stone, son of powerful Alchemax executive Tyler Stone.

As adults, Miguel and Xina began to date until Miguel cheats on her with a girl named Dana.  Eventually, Miguel and Dana would become engaged.  Miguel at first is an arrogant man who only trusts his apartment’s holographic program, Lyla, an AI programmed by Xina.

Miguel eventually becomes head of a genetics program at Alchemax intended to make new super powered soldiers similar to the now historical super-hero Spider-Man.  After a human test subject dies, Miguel tries to quit Alchemax.  However, his boss Tyler Stone instead tricks him into taking a drug called Rapture.  This drug rewrites a person’s genetics and is thus cripplingly addictive and only Alchemax can legally produce more of it.

Not wanting to be blackmailed, Miguel realises he can use his lab to restore his genetics to their original state.  However a jealous subordinate sabotages the machine and Miguel’s DNA is rewritten with Spider genetics.  With new abilities, and using an old costume from a Day of the Dead festival, Miguel O’Hara becomes the new Spider-Man of the year 2099.

At first Miguel is focused on curing himself, but comes to realise he has been ignorant of the world and the suffering mega corporations have caused.  Realising the inspiration Spider-Man brings to the people around him; Miguel embraces his new identity and publically declares himself an enemy of the corporations that control this world.

marvel super hero spiderman 2099

Marvel Super Hero Spiderman 2099 Cont!

However Spider-Man would not be the only hero to rise up and fight the evils of this future, and would go on to team up with the new versions of the Punisher, the X-Men, and what is implied to be the original Dr. Doom.  Miguel would eventually team up with the original version of Spider-Man to defeat a time-travelling Hobgoblin.  He would team up with Peter Parker again in the events depicted in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time to fight villains both without and outside of his own time period.

Dana and Miguel would eventually break up as she become interested in Tyler Stane and he asks Xina to repair Lyla for him, while Xina and Miguel became friends again.  Miguel also eventually finds out that Tyler Stone is his father, and leaves New York to travel with Xina

When he returns, he finds that Doom 2099 has taken over America.  Doom offers Miguel the job of working as the CEO of Alchemax, and, wanting to change the company for the better, Miguel accepts.  With his new position of power, Miguel orders the police to leave Spider-Man alone and let him help protect the people of New York.

marvel super hero spiderman 2099

Miguel speaking to his Hologram butler Lyla

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As CEO of Alchemax, Miguel would go on to face the original Venom.  The symbiote has changed in a hundred years and now has acidic blood and saliva.  Possessing Tyler Stone’s son Kron, Venom was responsible for the death of Miguel’s ex Dana and nearly killed Tyler Stone as well.  A new version of the Goblin also appears.  This Goblin is Miguel’s brother and acts out of jealously for Spider-Man’s success and fame.  Miguel would have to deal with other threats to the future as well, including bio-engineered versions of the Atlanteans, a futuristic version of the Vulture, and the techno-organic alien nemesis known as the Phalanx.  Dr. Doom, who was eventually removed from power in the US, is forced to sacrifice himself to defeat the Phalanx.

Miguel is destined to one day work with a reawakened Steve Rogers to rebuild Earth after the Phalanx attack.  Worthy of using Thor’s hammer, and with the help of Ghost Rider 2099, Miguel reopens Alchemax and ushers in a new era of peace and enlightenment.  Once an arrogant kid, Miguel will one day become a respected galactic leader and hero to all of humanity.

Recently, temporal anomalies emerge in 2099.  To investigate this, Miguel travels back in time with Lyla but winds up stranded thanks to Tyler Stone.  Working with the Superior Spider-Man, Miguel helps to defeat the Goblin Army.  Miguel remains in the present for two reasons.  First, to keep an eye on the recently started Alchemax Corporation.  Second, Miguel wants to keep an eye on his grandfather Tiberius Stone and make sure he stays safe.  Donning the name Micheal O’Mara, he gets a job working at Alchemax.  He is soon attacked by another time traveller, who claims that Miguel and Alchemax executive Liz Allen are destined to have a significant impact on the future.  Liz Allen realises from this attack that Miguel is Spider-Man 2099, and uses this knowledge to force him to continue working for the company and keeping Tiberius safe.  They have recently begun to sell Spider-Slayers to despotic nations around the world but Tiberius has a change of heart after he is kidnapped by desperate citizens who would have been slaughtered by the robots.

marvel super hero spiderman 2099

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Miguel is a powerful superhero.  Already possessing a genius-level intelligence as well as an intimate knowledge of future technology, Miguel also gained a number of powers after his genetic alterations.  This Spider-Man has enhanced strength and is able to lift up to 10 tons and can jump at least 30 feet into the air.  He also posses speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes on a level far beyond what a normal human is capable of.  Miguel’s vision is so well enhanced he can see in the dark and detect a person’s body heat, but because of this he is often required to wear sunglasses during the day, even when indoors.  Spider-Man 2099 can heal wounds faster than a normal human and his body has enhanced resilience to being damaged.  He also possess talons, fangs, and organic webbing.  Though he can hide his fangs, they make it difficult for him to speak at times.  Though untrained in fighting, Miguel is able to use a freestyle technique that makes the most out of his strength and agility.  This version of Spider-Man does not normally have Spider-Sense and is therefore slightly easier to take by surprise.  The Spider-Man 2099 costume is made of unstable molecules that resists tearing and damage from his talons.  It also produces a low-gravity air foil that allows Miguel to glide on air currents.

Marvel Super Hero Spiderman 2099 Thoughts.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Comic Island.  My name is Arden, and this is my origin and bio for Spider-Man 2099.

So this was a fun one to do.  I have read Marvel 2099 before and I did like this line.  With a very strong anti-authority sentiment, the stories usually worked quite well for me.  There’s a lot of interesting stuff in these stories.  I like the idea of Rapture as a drug that rewrites your body’s genetic code so that you NEED the drug to live.  That’s an interesting idea.

marvel super hero spiderman 2099

Spiderman costume design from shattered dimension

Of course there are some things I could do without.  Miguel is supposed to now have 50% spider DNA.  But that’s insane of course, as even a 1% change in your genes would make you farther from human than a chimpanzee and would almost definitely kill you.  It’s also a little annoying how everything in Miguel’s life is tied to Alchemax.  It fits in with the overarching theme of the story, where everything in 2099 is corporate controlled and therefore it makes sense that Miguel can’t do anything without running into Alchemax, but it does get annoying after a while when this is all you ever hear about from the character.

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But I digress.  Spider-Man 2099 is a cool character and definitely checking out.  Peter David wrote both the original Spider-Man 2099 arc and the current ongoing series, and they are both definitely worth checking out for you.  I also really enjoyed the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and while I have heard good things about Edge of Time I haven’t had a chance to try that myself.  I’m also looking forward to whatever role Miguel will have in the upcoming Spider-verse event as this should be a lot of fun.

So what do you guys think of Spider-Man 2099?  Are there any other origins and bios you would like me to do in the future?  Let me know in the comments section, and, as always, if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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