Marvel’s Death Of X The Complete Story

Marvel’s Death Of X The Complete Story

Marvel’s Death Of X The Complete Story Review

This mini story arc was very entertaining and it seems to be the last big event for x-men leader scott summers. Say what you will about cyclops, you either hate him or love him. I started off disliking his status quo because, let’s face it, we don’t like change – especially when it comes to such an iconic character. But the truth is that cyclops got a bit boring being the Boy Scout goody toe shoes. This new status quo of him being a revolutionary is exciting. He is basically an amalgamation between Charles Xavior and Magneto.

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Death Of X #2. Prelude To War

His death was pretty lame but the execution following his death made a memorable expression on me so great job marvel comics.

Regarding the story arc itself, I still feel no love for the inhumans much like most of you guys in the comment section. This story arc acts as the introduction to a much bigger story arc titled inhumans vs x-men. Like I said before, the struggle for Marvel is that they need to get fans more invested into the Inhumans coming into this next big event. But I believe Marvel failed to do so which concerns me. Personally, I will be rooting for the X-Men and I think 90 percent of you are with me.

This big event will be compared to the avenger’s vs x-men, which did really well. Fans were split in half, you are either with the Avengers or X-Men. The marketing was brilliant when they gave comic book stores either Avengers or X-Men marketing material. Fans responded in a positive way but this time around, marvel is struggling with their marketing especially coming off of a big event CIVIL WAR II.

That being said, I still plan on covering the inhumans vs x-men and I hope you follow me in this new journey.

Death Of X #4. Cyclops Fate Revealed!

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