Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1 Recap/Review

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1 Recap/Review: Green Lantern, Year One


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1 Recap

Not long ago, Rita Repulsa invaded our world, intent on conquering it.  With a legion of monsters in tow, Rita ushered in a new era of crisis and terror.  But while that day lingers in the memory of the world with fear, some see it in a different light.  For on that day, the world also got heroes – the Power Rangers.

The world doesn’t know who they are, where they got their powers from, and where, exactly, they hide those giant robots, but Rita and her minions have thus far been no match for the Rangers.  So Rita created a Power Ranger of her own – the Green Ranger.  For a time, this Green warrior and his mighty robot the Dragonzord appeared to be unstoppable.  Two days ago, that all changed, and the world once again entered a new era.  The Dragonzord and the Power Ranger’s Megazord teamed up, and now, all six Rangers appear to be working together.

The Green Ranger is named Tommy, and though he is having trouble adjusting to his new role as a Power Ranger and a student at a local high school, the Pink Ranger is encouraging, and the two agree to go out on a date later.  But there’s one catch – they’ll have to get through the day first.

The Black Ranger, Zack, is caught sleeping in class.  Though the Red Ranger, Scott, tries to defend his comrade, the teacher is not impressed and assigns both of the boys detention.  While the two will be busy with that this evening, the other Rangers agree to run diagnostics on the Dragonzord, hoping to figure out why Tommy is having trouble operating the mighty robot.

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Meanwhile, the Green Ranger is looking for a seat to eat lunch.  He is taunted by an image of Rita, who mocks her former servant and plays up on the young man’s insecurities.  But Tommy is unmoved by her words.  He’s stronger than her, and now, he’s a Power Ranger.  His teammates offer him to take a seat with them, but the bell rings and the others have to leave, meaning Tommy is left to eat alone.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1 Recap/Review: Green Ranger, Year One

Outside, Scott and Zack are interviewed by two students named Bulk and Skull, who are fans of the Power Rangers.  When asked about the Green Ranger, the Scott and Zack think the new Ranger deserves a second chance.  Far away, Rita is preparing a crystal to fulfill her sinister plans.  But in order to bring it to full strength, they will need more power.

Later, the Green and Pink Rangers are completing a holographic training program.  Green is distraught for accidentally leading some civilians directly into danger during the exercise.  The Ranger’s mentor, Zordon, explains that the training program was designed for failure – to see how the Rangers would act in the face of certain defeat.  Because Tommy did his best, the training program must be viewed as a success.   Regardless, the Green Ranger insists on running the program again, canceling on his date with the Pink Ranger, upsetting her in the process.

That night, Tommy returns home, wondering what the Power Rangers mean to him.  A woman appears before him, saying that’s a good question.  With a blade to his throat, she says he only has moments left to answer it.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap, and review, of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1!

Alright, so this was an interesting comic.  I had a hole open up in my schedule for various reasons and sort of stumbled onto this comic after reading some good reviews of it online.  And unlike most franchises turned comic books, this is actually a realm of fiction that I am quite unfamiliar with.  Yeah, in spite of Power Rangers having been a thing for years and years, I never really got into it as a kid.  It was never on when I was watching TV and the few times I did see it never stimulated much interest in me in my youth, so consequently, I really couldn’t tell you much about the Power Rangers.  I knew about the basics, who Rita was and the fact the Power Rangers can turn into a giant robot, but the rest was completely foreign to me prior to reading this comic.

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With that in mind, I was curious whether or not this comic could be a solid introduction for the Power Rangers franchise as a whole.  Now this will be a different sort of review, as unlike the big two super hero comics, I can’t reasonably compare this to similar stories, past or present.  But I will tell you as somebody who didn’t know much about the Power Rangers other than the most basic of information, I gotta say, this was a pretty awesome introduction for me.  The comic openly acknowledges the need to explain things to new readers and does a really good job at starting you from the basics and explaining what you need to know for this story.

That’s great, and you know what?  I could get into this comic.  It’s got excellent art and writing, thus far seems to feature a nicely balanced team of characters, and on the whole, this deserves a solid recommendation.  In particular, I know a lot of parents watch our videos, and this seems like a solid title for younger readers as well.  Oh, I’m sure adults can enjoy this too, but this really just seems perfect for kids in my eyes.  It’s competent story telling mixed with colorful action and fun, and seems to make good use of a well-balanced team of characters.  A worthy read for inspiring younger comic readers and an entirely fun story on the whole, this also seems like a great comic for girls and boys to get more into reading and to stimulate imaginations.  The mini-series running right now focusing on the Pink Ranger also looks great and might be worth consideration too.

All told, yeah, you should check this comic out for yourself.  It is deserving of your time and money, and hey, it’s always nice to support the comic companies not named Marvel and DC once in a while.  So thanks for watching this video, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and keep reading comics.

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