Mighty Thor #13 Comic Book Review/Recap

Mighty Thor #13 – The League of Realms Rides Again!

Mighty Thor #13 Comic Book Recap (Script)

Two days ago, Jane Foster helped a woman shave her head.  She reassured her they would get through this together.  They would beat this.  They would win this fight.

Once, she probably wouldn’t have been able to even name all ten realms, even though she had been to a few herself.  But war can change things.  Malekith and his Dark Elves have occupied Alfheim, home of the Light Elves.  Today, her and some friends are here to save a life.

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Yesterday, in Nidavellir, land of the dwarves, Thor had an unofficial meeting.  With complicated relations between the ten realms, this group cannot openly meet an ally.  The group is on their own, but they have accepted this risk.  Together, they are going to re-form the League of Realms.  With Sif of  Asgard, Sir Ivory Honeyshot of the Light Elves, Screwbeard of the Dwarves, Angela of Heven, Ud the Troll, Ro Bloodroot of Vanaheim, Titanya Vaetilda Vinnsuvius the Mountain Giant, and Roz Solomon, Agent of SHIELD, these heroes have gathered together to face Malikith once and for all.

Mighty Thor #13 – The League of Realms Rides Again! Angela

In the present, our heroes work their way through Dark Elf Forces towards their goal.  Angela breaks into a prison cell containing Queen Featherwine of the Light Elves – however this is just an illusion, and the League of Realms has fallen for a trap.  Dark Elf forces begin to mobilize as our heroes begin a fierce battle against their many numbers.  Ro Bloodroot then has a disturbing warning – they’re here.  They’re coming.

Malekith greets the new League of Realms, and, with Loki at his side, he’s happy to introduce them to the new Kurse.

Mighty Thor #13 Comic Book Review

So this was a Patreon requested review, and I’m quite glad I got it.  With Joey covering Unworthy Thor at the moment, I figure this would be cool to check in on how the other Thor is doing these days.

And I was pretty happy with what I got.  It’s been a while since I reviewed a comic written by Jason Aaron, which served as a useful reminder for just how well this guy can write.  When he’s not being distracted by silly things like which the new Thor is or what did Nick Fury whisper into Thor’s ear all those years ago, he’s telling a big, fantasy epic that’s really worth your time and money.

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Because man, is this issue fun.  The new League of Realms seems like a great team and they all had a solid introduction here.  It’s a nice mix of new characters as well as old, blended together in a neat way that reflects the different realms and what they have to offer.  There is a bit of a concern that I haven’t read any of these Thor comics for twelve issues yet I feel like I’ve hardly missed a thing – the same characters are still around and Malekith is still a threat, somehow, but that’s okay because he’s a fun villain and the story offers up enough new content that I enjoyed reading this and am excited to see what happens next.

As always, the art is a huge selling point of this comic.  With Steve Epting as the guest artist and Frank Martin on colours, this comic is a pretty well drawn piece.  The characters are drawn well, but it’s the action and sweeping landscape panels that really sell me on this thing.  The best word I can describe it is rich – in the detail and colours, there’s this certain stoic quality to the art that makes these comics feel like the big fantasy pieces they are.

It’s amazing what a good Thor issue can do and always a lovely treat when I get reminded of this.  I recommend The Mighty Thor #13.

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