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Marvel Comic Books: All New X-Men #33 Recap


Below the surface world, the moleman and his army attack the x-men intruder. Young iceman manages to create ice clones of him to battle in his place offering much needed time for iceman to escape back into the surface world. But the battle is not over yet. A gigantic mole creature bursts from the ground blocking iceman’s escape.

Somewhere in the arctic region, Angel finds his comrade x-23. He attempts a hug but is firmly rejected. X-23 arrives at the front door step of the hidden xavior school but notices that the doors are frozen shut and that it appears that no one has been there in a very long time. A man arrives and informs the two ta step away from the door, immediately. They square off ready for battle but instead, the mysterious man with a resemblance to wolverine leads them into the school. He explains that this place was the origins of mutants and that his name is James Hudson, wolverine’s son.

Latveria, hank McCoy wakes up in a strange dinner room. Sitting across from him is Victor van damme and he is very curious as to where McCoy came from and how he got to this dimension. McCoy attempts and escape but is caught by Victor’s robots. After being forced to sit down at the dinner table again, McCoy is again encouraged to tell Von Damme the details of his earth and how he got here.

new comics: all new xmen #33

hank McCoy having dinner with Dr Doom

Elsewhere, Miles Morales brings the young jean grey to his friend Ganke’s house. After acquiring Ganke’s mom’s car, they drive off to the Xavior School in Westchester in order to use cerebro to find her friends. After taking only a few steps inside the front door, the two are detected by this universe’s incarnation of the x-men.

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Marvel Comic Books: All New X-Men #33 Review

Whats goin on guys, welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today, we are reviewing the all new x-men issue 33. So it appears as though all 4 of the team are thrown into different locations in the ultimate universe. I believe iceman is somewhere in the new york underground. Hank is in Latveria, and Angel and x-23 is in Canada? Now this part doesn’t make sense to me. Angel was in the savage lands which I believe is in the south pole. They arrive at the secret xavior school or the weapon X facility which is in Canada. Can angel fly that fast? And how did Wolverine Jr manage to keep up with angel?

This issue gives quite a lot of attention to miles morales and jean grey but my favourite moments were of young iceman. I think I’ll just call him iceboy moving forward. I love the present day iceman and having iceboy around is soo refreshing. Seeing him create ice hulks was just awesome and I hope that the ultimate iceman gets to meet iceboy. I can only imagine how fun that would be.

new comics: All new xmen #33

iceman creating ice hulks

New Comics: All New X-Men #33 Cont!

So we get to meet victor van Damme, this universe’s Dr Doom. I got to be honest guys; I never got into the ultimate universe. That being said, I don’t know a lot about the heroes within them. The 616 is big and hard enough to follow so I told myself to try not to get into too many ultimate universe stories. So I assume that Victor Van Damme is similar to his 616 counterpart. I love how he is so diplomatic and violently forceful at the same time. The 616 Dr Doom has done good things in the past so with someone as intelligent as Hank McCoy, I bet these two could figure out how to get home. Or Dr Doom could just use Hank’s intellect for his own personal gain. Whatever it is, I see a lot of potential in pairing these two together.

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Ok so at the end, we meet the ultimate x-men. I don’t know much about them.  But just from a glance, I can spot Jean, Storm with her signature Mohawk, iceman in the back, firestar, rogue, and I assume the purple hair girl is phylocke. I wonder where all the guys in the x-men are.  I think this new story plot has tons of potential and I wouldn’t mind being introduced to the ultimate universe this way. But in my opinion, the story has been moving quite slow thus far. The 4 young x-men are all separated so telling a story that highlights where each one of them are is quite time consuming, and I’m not a fan of x-23 teaming up with the all new x-men. I feel like her presence is very forced.  She could be replaced by any young female super hero and it wouldn’t even matter. That being said, I missed having young Cyclops as part of the team, but I don’t think he is coming back any time too soon.

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