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New Comics AXIS: Carnage #1 Recap

Our story begins at a restaurant in New York.  A man enters, and is recognized as someone from the news.  However, a masked man soon appears, and shoots the newsman dead.

Elsewhere, Carnage swings through New York City.  Things used to be much simpler for the sociopath.  There were no rules, and he was good at it.  Now, Carnage is one of the good guys.  He hears a woman in trouble.  Though his initial thought is to cut the woman in half, he knows that isn’t right.  He’s seen this on TV, and the woman is a damsel in distress.

Carnage swings in to save the day, and punches the attacking man’s eye out.  Another man attacks Carnage with a knife, but the symbiote can do knives too, and cuts the man’s arm off.

Marvel comic books carnage #1

Carnage getting knifey!

Carnage wonders if this was too much, and laments his new conscience.  The woman meanwhile, is very upset, and attacks Carnage, as the man with the knife was her pimp.  Realizing the woman is also a criminal, he knocks out out.  As both her eyes stayed in her head, Carnage considers this perfect super hero work and is quite pleased with himself.  However, he is dismayed when a crowd gathers and reacts with terror.

Elsewhere, a man enters a massage parlour, but is approached by a gunman.  The attacker is Sin-Eater, though he claims to be a different person.  The man struggles and manages to pull off Sin-Eater’s mask, revealing a gruesome skull before Sin-Eater shoots the man dead.

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Marvel Comic Books Carnage #1 Cont!

We then go to a news report, revealing that the man who was just shot was an anchor on this channel.  The woman reporting it, Alice Gleason, tears up over her co-worker being killed before stating how it now appears that there is a criminal murdering newscasters.  Watching her, Carnage admires her emotion and concludes she is a good person.  However, when the cameras cut, it is revealed Alice was just acting and was crying to earn ratings.  Wanting a promotion, her boss says she needs to bring in news regarding a super hero or villain.

Given that there is a killer targeting newscasters, Alice gets a police escort home.  However, the cop soon notices they are not alone in the apartment.  Sin-Eater quickly murders the police officer, and then absorbs his sins.  As he is about to kill Alice, Carnage bursts in.  Happily singing, the former villain grabs Sin-Eater’s gun and pulls it to the shooter’s own head causing Sin-Eater to shoot himself in the face.  Alice faints and Carnage takes her away, not realizing that Sin-Eater is still alive.

Alice wakes up some time later to see Carnage staring her down, asking her for help.  Carnage wants to be a great hero, and needs Alice to teach him how.  Realizing she is tied up on the side of a bridge, the report lets out a terrified scream.

New Comics AXIS: Carnage #1 Recap

Hello and welcome to Comic Island!  My name is Arden, and this is my recap and review of AXIS: Carnage #1.

So when I asked which tie-ins of AXIS you guys wanted to see covered, this was by far the most requested.  I was a little ambivalent about this tie in before I read it.  Carnage in a lot of ways is not a very strong character in my opinion, particularly when compared to some of Spider-Man’s other villains.  The best example of this was in AXIS #3.  He did have a lot of cool fight scenes, but out of all the villains I felt his dialogue was by far the weakest and felt like it dragged on a bit.

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In this comic though, Carnage is a lot of fun.  The idea of a sociopath suddenly developing a conscience is a pretty interesting one, and boy does Carnage react in a funny way.  This street fight was just amazing and hilarious.  And my favourite part by far is when Carnage is just so pleased with himself for not knocking any eyeballs out of the prostitute.  That really sold this comic for me.

Marvel comic books carnage #1

Carnage Rules

Everything else in this comic is quite well done.  The characters are interesting, and I like the choice in setting up Sin-Eater as the villain, as he should be a good foil for Carnage.  Alice is also an interesting character, as she is clearly somewhat amoral herself, and will probably work well with Carnage, in a way that I’m looking forward to seeing. I also really like the art used for this comic.  Look at this panel with Sin-Eater shooting himself.   I just love the background and the brutality in this panel, and it reflects the comic as a whole.  I enjoyed, and highly recommend Carnage #1.

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