New Comics: Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Recap/Review

New Comics: Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Recap/Review On Youtube



New Comics: Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Recap

It is 1939 and the magnificent mysterio demonstrates his death defying skills on stage. Soon after, mysterio meets with kingkin to understand how spiderman got his powers. It is revealed that during an operation in Africa, the golbins men opened a case full of deadly spiders. These spiders killed a man by crawling all over and injecting their poison into him. Soon after, a man obtains this case and the vigilante hero known as spiderman began making appearances the day after.

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The two villains arrive at Felicia hardy’s house. Because of her past relationship with spiderman, she is kidnapped and put on one of the mysterio’s Broadway shows in hopes of attracting the spiderman. The plan works as noir spiderman arrives to rescue a friend. Mysterio utilizes an unknown gas to subdue the noir spider. Encased in a glass coffin, spiderman utilizes his web shooter to hold a pocket of air. With his regained strength, he breaks free and takes the fight back to mysterio.

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The battle is won and the noir spider saves the day but unbeknownst to him, another villain will make his appearance. The masked mysterious villain has arrived to claim the life of another spiderman. Suddenly, the superior spiderman makes his appearance and within seconds, he teleports away with noir spiderman. With a quick explanation of the events transpired in the last few days, noir spiderman is greeted by a growing army of spider costumed heroes from the multiverse.

New Comics: Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 Review


Whats goin on guys welcome to comic island, my name is joey and today we are reviewing and recapping the edge of spiderverse, noir spiderman. So this issue happens right before the superior spiderman issue 32. We get to see a bit more of an incarnation of spiderman that we don’t know too much about. I love getting this back story of how noir spiderman got his abilities.

I also love the time era that he grew up in. I’m not the best at knowing the different incarnations of spiderman from the multiverse so I can’t say i know too much about noir spiderman. My first exposure to this hero was from the shattered dimensions game which had a great story. I also noticed that Noir spiderman carries a gun with him. Guess he is more of an anti hero than the wise cracking friendly neighbourhood spiderman that we all know and love.

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So i quite enjoyed this issue. My only complaint was that the issue focuses more on mysterio than i would like. We get a good amount of noir spiderman but I wanted to know more about him.

but then when the masked killer arrived, I was like, o boy, this is gunna get real good. Right after, the superior spiderman appears and I nearly jumped for joy. I totally geeked out since the superior spiderman is now such a hot commodity due to his death back in issue 30.




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